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Escape the Complacency Trap Is Technology Your Tool or Your Replacement? The Shoulder Bone Is Connected to the Back Bone
Escape the Complacency Trap

Escape the Complacency Trap

As 2016 drew to a close, new-vehicle sales were expected to top out at 17.1 million, a slight decrease from the record 17.7 million units sold in 2015. Experts say...

Is Technology Your Tool or Your Replacement?

Is Technology Your Tool or Your Replacement?

Any agent who has been in the business more than 10 years can remember the old routine: Wait till the close of the month before scheduling any visits. Show up and...

The Shoulder Bone Is Connected to the Back Bone

The Shoulder Bone Is Connected to the Back Bone

Many of you may be familiar with the children’s sing-along song called “Dem Bones” or “Dry Bones.” Most verses recite the connection between the bones:...

Meet the Executive
An Interview with Patrick Brown
AE goes worldwide with Patrick Brown, the new president and CEO of IAS.

In September, IAS expanded its leadership team by appointing Bob Corbin to the role of executive chairman and hiring Patrick Brown as president and CEO. Citing Brown’s experience as an entrepreneur and executive, Corbin describes Brown as “the right person at the right time.” Agent Entrepreneur caught up with Brown less than a month into ... Read More »

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F&I Training Basics for New Agents

So you’ve started a new agency. Congratulations! Now, as a trainer, I have to ask: What does your F&I development program look like? If your answer is “I don’t have one,” well, don’t...

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Atkinson and Mélon Team Up for Agent Summit Sales Session

LAS VEGAS — AUL Corp.’s Jimmy Atkinson and Eric “Frenchy” Mélon of IAS have teamed up to present “Selling Dealers: What Prospects Want to Hear” at the upcoming Agent Summit, organizers...

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Duck Dynasty Determination!

Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame was raised in abject poverty. His boyhood home had no electricity, toilet or bathtub. Food was anything they grew in their garden and whatever meat they...

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