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ZERO Plan Announces New 36-Month Terms

OAK PARK, Ill. — Universal Lenders LLC, creators of the ZERO Plan and winner of a 2018 Dealers’ Choice Award for F&I Financing, announced enhanced funding guidelines to allow customers to choose up to 36 monthly installments, allowing for more affordable payments.

“With credit tightening we thought this would be an excellent time to launch, which happens to be an industry first and could be a game-changer for dealers,” said COO Phil Rosenberg. “ZERO Plan is now the only premium payment plan provider offering installments up to 36 months, the ability to finance multiple products from different administrators on one installment agreement and true collection efforts reducing cancelation rates.”

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Universal Lenders LLC Lowers Zero Plan Fees Charged To Its Retailers

OAK PARK, Ill. – Universal Lenders LLC and the ZERO Plan®, a leading provider of 0% installment payment plans to the transportation industry, released their 2017 ZERO Plan® Fee & Guideline Schedule to its network of retailers and agents with an effective date of January 1st 2017.

Facing near term market interest rate increases the ZERO Plan® not only did not raise the cost to their retailers but, in fact, was able to reduce the fees charged on the most popular customer terms.

Jeff Jacobs CEO and founder of Universal Lenders LLC added “By working with our retailers and creating greater efficiencies we were able to reduce our retailer’s transaction expense in a higher interest rate environment”

For more information on the ZERO Plan® please visit www.the-zero-plan.com

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F&I Express Adds Universal Lenders – Zero Plan to Its Aftermarket eContracting Platform

Southlake, Texas – F&I Express announced that Universal Lenders LLC’s premium finance product – The Zero Plan – joined its aftermarket eContracting platform. Auto dealers across the United States will now have the ability to prepare, process and register all Zero Plan premium finance contracts for the dealers who are part of the Zero Plan dealer network.

“The Zero Plan provides consumers the ability to finance the purchase of their aftermarket products. With F&I Express, The Zero Plan’s dealer customers can offer an easy, error-free financing process to help speed the vehicle delivery process,” said Brian Reed, president and CEO, Intersection Technologies Inc. and F&I Express. “The Zero Plan is committed to providing flexible payment options to customers. Being a part of the F&I Express platform supports that commitment.”

“The ZERO Plan and F&I Express – What a perfect partnership!” said Jeff Jacobs, CEO, Universal Lenders LLC. He went on to say, “The ZERO Plan is the only installment plan that allows multiple F&I products to be financed on one installment agreement. With the wealth of F&I products offered on the F&I Express platform our mutual dealers will experience seamless integration and increased revenue while receiving their funding within 7 days.”

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