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Alpha Warranty Release Limited Lifetime Warranty and New Wrap Protection

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Alpha Warranty Services Inc. announced the release of its DriveEasy Limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty and DriveEasy Wrap Protection.

The DriveEasy Limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty provides powertrain coverage to customers on more than 50 components for the life of the vehicle at no additional cost to the customer, according to the company. The warranty will also allow customers to receive service email reminders and provide an account page on the DriveEasy website that allows them to view additional maintenance needs, vehicle specific recall information, and exclusive coupons from their dealership.

“The DriveEasy Program is the industry’s first lifetime program that is built in a way to ensure the customer has a great experience from the dealership while at the same time driving retention and profitability for the dealership,” said Jeremy Lindsey, Alpha Warranty’s COO. “This program allows our dealerships to stand out from the crowd, increase vehicle sales, increase service drive revenue, improve CSI, and improve customer retention.”

The company’s vehicle service contract, DriveEasy Wrap Protection, is meant to complement the limited lifetime powertrain warranty by providing protection to the components not covered by the limited warranty.The DriveEasy Wrap Protection provides up to five years and 100,000 miles of additional coverage. It also includes roadside assistance, rental coverage, and day one coverage.

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SouthwestRe Introduces Powertrain Wrap Vehicle Protection

Albuquerque, NM – SouthwestRe announced today the release of First Automotive Powertrain Wrap, a new vehicle service contract meant to be sold in conjunction with its First Automotive Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty program. Powertrain Wrap “wraps around” Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty to provide dramatically increased coverage for the consumer.

“Powertrain Wrap works hand-in-hand with our Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty program,” said Jamie Jerabek, Vice President of Underwriting and Product Development for SouthwestRe. “While Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty covers a vehicle’s powertrain components, Powertrain Wrap covers all of the mechanical and electrical parts of the customer’s vehicle during the term of their Powertrain Wrap contract. Although there are certain necessary exceptions, the combination of protection offered by these two programs covers the vast majority of the customer’s vehicle. It’s a definite win-win for vehicle owners.”

First Automotive Powertrain Wrap also provides contract holders with a number of valuable benefits, including:

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance up to $80 per occurrence
  • Rental Car Reimbursement, up to $30 per day for up to 5 days, with optional upgrade
  • Towing Coverage up to $80 per occurrence

First Automotive Powertrain Wrap is available for both new and used vehicles, and can be sold by franchise and independent dealerships with licensed repair facilities.

“Powertrain Wrap is a direct result of the valuable feedback we have received from our agent partners,” Jerabek said. “This is just the latest example of how SouthwestRe responds to meet the needs of agents, dealers, and vehicle owners.”

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CNA National Reaches Three Million Contracts in Force

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—CNA National has announced that as of August 2015, it now has more than three million contracts in force across its product lines, including vehicle service contracts, GAP, tire-and-wheel protection, and warranties.

“This is a wonderful accomplishment for everyone who is part of CNA National,” said Joe Becker, president and chief executive officer. “Passing the mark of three million active contracts is a testament to the quality of both our products and our customer service. We appreciate our agents, dealers, and staff who all contributed to helping us reach this milestone.”

Founded in 1982, CNA National has always strived to be not the biggest but the best service contract company in the industry. It has grown exponentially over the past 30 years, from a two-person operation to over 250 employees. The company offers a host of F&I products primarily through franchised automobile dealerships, as well as a variety of participation programs. Through dealership votes, the company has earned a record total of 18 Dealers’ Choice Awards, including 11 consecutive first-place finishes. In addition, CNA National was a finalist in the 2015 BBB Business Ethics Awards for Arizona.

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Fidelity Warranty Services Maintains Highest Rating From Better Business Bureau

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL – Fidelity Warranty Services, Inc. (FWS), provider of extended service and pre-paid maintenance contracts for vehicles, was rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). FWS, which has continued to meet the BBB accreditation standards since 2009, received its rating based on customer satisfaction surveys, financial standings and its commitment to resolve consumer complaints.

“Our client relationships are our number one priority, and receiving this top rating from the most trusted consumer resource agency demonstrates our continued commitment to delivering exceptional service,” said Fred Brown, vice president of Customer Services, FWS.

With a nationwide network of more than 3,100 dealers and 5,000 authorized service centers, FWS manages over two million calls each year with claim centers located in Deerfield Beach and St. Louis, Mo. It has a computerized network in 50 states and Puerto Rico and provides assistance within an average response time of 18 seconds. In 2011, FWS paid out over $190 million in claims supported by a team that includes more than 200 associates, of which 60 percent are ASE-certified analysts and nearly 30 percent are Master Technicians.

BBB accredits United States and Canadian-based businesses when they meet their Code of Business Practice and complete the application procedures. The Code is built on a set of principles called the BBB Standards of Trust, which encourages sound advertising, selling and customer service practices to help enhance customer trust and confidence. To receive accreditation, a business or organization affirms that it meets the criteria and will abide by the following eight standards:

  • Build Trust: Establish and maintain a positive track record in the marketplace.
  • Advertise Honestly: Adhere to established standards of advertising and selling.
  • Tell the Truth: Honestly represent products and services, including clear and adequate disclosures of all material terms.
  • Be Transparent: Openly identify the nature, location, and ownership of the business, and clearly disclose all policies, guarantees, and procedures that bear on a customer’s decision to buy.
  • Honor Promises: Abide by all written agreements and verbal representations.
  • Be Responsive: Address marketplace disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith.
  • Safeguard Privacy: Protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud, collect personal information only as needed, and respect the preferences of customers regarding the use of their information.
  • Embody Integrity: Approach all business dealings, marketplace transactions, and commitments with integrity.

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Toyota Extends Warranties, Pledges Repairs

DETROIT – Toyota Motor Corp. said it will extend warranties on about 235,500 RAV4 vehicles and address steering complaints on as many as 500,000 late model Matrix and Corollas in the United States, Reuters reported.

Toyota is taking the action to repair vehicles outside the channel for recalls tracked by U.S. regulators because it does not consider the reported problems to be safety issues.

Drivers of 2001 to 2003 model year RAV4s equipped with automatic transaxles may experience a “harsh shift” or have a dashboard light turn on indicating a malfunction, Toyota said in a notice to U.S. dealers.

Meanwhile, drivers of about a half million U.S. Matrix and Corolla vehicles from model years 2009 and 2010 may experience steering drift, the company said.

U.S. Toyota dealers will fix the steering for owners who complain, said Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons. He said the matter was not a safety issue but one of customer satisfaction.

In February, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had opened a preliminary investigation into complaints over steering issues on the Corolla and Matrix.

At the time, NHTSA had received 168 consumer complaints about the steering issue linked to eight crashes and 11 injuries.

Toyota has said Corollas made in Japan and Europe had different parts for steering than the affected models sold in North America.

Lyons did not provide an estimate of how much the repairs would cost Toyota.

The automaker estimated that fixing the steering would take about four hours representing a labor bill of about $350 per fix based on average dealer costs.

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GM Touts Volt’s Long Battery Warranty

General Motors Co. introduced an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty on the Chevrolet Volt’s new lithium-ion battery Wednesday, calling it a show of confidence in the technology’s capability, The Detroit News reported.

The warranty program — three years longer than GM’s standard powertrain warranty — is designed to reassure consumers worried about buying a vehicle that relies on first-generation battery technology, one which executives hope will transform the public’s perception about GM.

“This is really a major statement of our confidence,” said Vice Chairman of Global Product Operations Tom Stephens.

The announcement came on the eve of President Barack Obama’s visit to a battery plant in Holland — one stop in the administration’s nationwide promotion of electric vehicle developments.

The lengthy warranty is necessary to convince consumers the Volt’s technology will work and be durable for the lifetime of the vehicle, said Ivan Drury, an analyst at Edmunds.com, an auto research website.

“It can only raise consumer confidence,” Drury said. “It’s almost a must for a vehicle seen as the showcase for Chevrolet, and therefore GM. There’s been so much hype. If the Volt fails in any way, it’s a disaster.”

GM’s warranty is similar to the long warranties offered by other manufacturers of advanced-technology, clean vehicles. Toyota Motor Corp. offers an eight-year, 100,000-mile battery warranty for its Prius hybrid in most states and a longer, 10-year, 150,000 mile warranty in California and other states that have adopted California’s stricter clean vehicle standards.

Because GM has not had the Volt certified yet in California, the California Air Resources Board has not determined the warranty it would need to obtain partial zero-emission vehicle credits.

GM announced its warranty program ahead of a key competitor.

Nissan has not announced warranty plans for its all-electric Leaf, which goes on sale late this year. Tesla Motors, meanwhile, offers a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty on its electric Roadster sports car.

Large batteries are very expensive, ranging in cost from several thousands of dollars up to tens of thousands. GM would not disclose its battery costs Wednesday.

Many automakers, including GM, offer similar — or stronger — warranties on hybrids.

Ford Motor Co. offers an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty on its Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner hybrid batteries and components. Toyota offers the same warranty on its hybrid vehicles.

Honda Motor Co., meanwhile, offers eight-year, 100,000-mile battery warranties on its Insight hybrid for cars sold in states that don’t follow the California Air Resources Board emissions standards. In states that do follow the standards, Honda offers a 10-year, 150,000-mile warranty.

The Volt, which will get up to 40 miles on electric power alone, will have a range of 300 miles on its gasoline engine. The Volt’s engine kicks in after its battery is drained by about 70 percent to sustain the remaining charge and keep the car running.

GM plans to produce 10,000 Volts for the 2011 model year before eventually expanding to as many as 30,000. Its warranty announcement was made Wednesday during an event at GM’s battery assembly plant in Brownstown Township, where regular production of battery packs begins in August.

The automaker also gave updates on validation and testing of the lithium-ion battery and details on the start of regular battery-pack production.

GM has performed more than 1 million miles and 4 million hours of validation testing on the battery packs since 2007. GM tests include short circuit, dust, impact, water submersion, crush and penetration and extreme temperature swings. The battery is designed to work, while plugged in, at temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 122 degrees.

The warranty, which is transferable to another owner, will cover 161 battery components and the thermal management system, charging system and electric-drive components.

GM’s warranty should soothe any customer fears about the expensive technology’s durability and GM’s commitment to fixing and replacing any faulty batteries, dealers said.

“With anything new, you’re going to have a whole bunch of questions rolling in, so I think this will be huge,” said Chris Cabana, new car manager at Mark Chevrolet in Wayne. “I think it goes to show how much time and effort GM has put into the vehicle and technology and how GM is standing behind the product.”

Unless consumers tamper with the battery, GM will replace it within the eight years and 100,000 miles, Stephens said. He expects the battery will suffer only slight degradation over the life of the warranty. After 10 years, the battery could still be operating at 70 percent capability.

And Stephens conceded the Volt won’t get 40 miles on electric power in extreme cold and heat. The Volt will “lose significant range” in extreme conditions and if drivers are draining the battery by using the vehicle’s heating and cooling system.

“We are susceptible like any other manufacturer,” he said.

GM already is working on second- and third-generation lithium-ion batteries, Stephens said.
The vehicle will be sold initially in Michigan, California and Washington, D.C., late this year — as well as Austin, Texas, and New York City.

Other launch markets — New Jersey, Connecticut and the rest of Texas — will begin receiving Volts in early 2011. The Volt is expected to cost about $40,000 before a $7,500 tax credit.

GM is receiving about $241 million in federal grants, including $106 million for its battery pack assembly factory, the first such facility in the United States operated by a major automaker.

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