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UDS Wins Diamond Award for F&I Training Program

Clearwater, Fla. – United Development Systems Inc. (UDS) was named the 2013 Dealers’ Choice Diamond Award Winner for F&I Training as awarded by Auto Dealer Monthly.

For the ninth consecutive year UDS has been ranked in the F&I Training category, while placing 1st in eight out of nine years surveyed. “Recognition for our dedication and commitment to F&I Performance on any level is always appreciated,” said Randy Crisorio, president and CEO, UDS. “Being named the best F&I Trainer is great. This award validates the daily efforts of the UDS team who work each and every day to train and develop F&I staff across the country.”

This is the ninth year Auto Dealer Monthly has held the Dealer’s Choice Awards, which recognize the highest rated vendors, suppliers and finance companies in the automotive industry. The awards are based on the votes of those who use the products and services every day, namely dealers and dealership management.

This year a total of 66 awards were presented to 54 companies in 27 categories of products and services. Dealers and dealership management rated providers in each category in four areas: 1) the product or service provided, 2) customer support and service, 3) the overall value for dollars spent, and 4) whether the dealer would recommend the provider.

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UDS Launches Subscription Webinar Training Series

Clearwater, FL – United Development Systems Inc. (UDS) added a subscription-based option to its ‘UDS Webinar Series,’ an F&I training program delivered via the Web in 30-minute segments every month.

Available immediately, the subscription system, located at Webinars.UDSTraining.com, delivers a minimum of 12 topical webinars annually that promise to improve total F&I Performance.

“When we launched the ‘UDS Webinar Series’ for our dealer partners nearly three years ago, we knew the quality and convenience would be a hit. The time has come to expand and deliver our proven F&I solutions to the masses,” said Randy Crisorio, UDS president and CEO.

The ‘UDS Webinar Series’ consists of monthly online sessions covering a variety of F&I-related topics. Planned topics will range from ‘The F&I Introduction,’ to ‘Lender Relations,’ ‘F&I Ethics & Compliance’ and ‘Menu Strategies’. Each webinar will last 30 minutes or less.

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AAGI Announces 2013 Course Schedule

Arlington Heights, IL – American Auto Guardian Inc. announced its 2013 quarterly course schedule.

In an effort to accommodate as many participants as possible, 2013 has prompted AAGI’s Performance Services to add a fourth class. AAGI’s Performance Services department, through its partnership with United Development Systems Inc., will host quarterly courses, each lasting five days. The program will include a focus on presentation skills and techniques, lender relations and advanced management skills. Additionally, participants will engage in role playing and critiquing of their performance by UDS staff.

Jeff Teuscher, vice president of sales and head of AAGI’s Performance Services, said, “We are thrilled with the vast number of agents and F&I managers who are striving to increase their knowledge, or simply refresh what they learned in the past. Gerry Gould brings a high level of excitement and expertise to each session and enables attendees to make the most of their career.”

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United Development Systems (UDS)

19321 US Highway 19 N.
Clearwater, FL 33764

T: 800-282-1154

United Development Systems (UDS)

United Development Systems, Inc. Es una empresa con sede central en Clearwater, Florida y esta dedicada a maximizar el rendimiento de las operaciones de financiamiento (F&I) de las franquicias de automóviles.

UDS fue creada con la visión de ofrecer una formación especializada y un desarrollo diseñado a iluminar las operaciones de financiamiento (F&I) de las franquicias de concesionarios de automóviles. Durante casi 30 años, UDS ha estado asociado con las franquicias de concesionarios de automóviles con un enfoque en la maximización de las operaciones del departamento de financiamiento. (F&I) y al mismo tiempo, mantener el mas alto nivel de ética, cumplimiento de regulaciones y satisfacción del cliente.

Soluciones prácticas de formación han sido siempre la base solida de las operaciones de UDS. Nosotros reconocemos que el Conocimiento = Confianza, la Confianza crea Entusiasmo y el Entusiasmo Vende! Nosotros hemos diseñado un menú de cursos galardonados con el premio “Diamante” siete veces. Estos cursos están disponibles para Usted y su personal y son ofrecidos en sesiones en vivo o a través de la red cibernética.

  • Sirviendo a la comunidad desde el año 1982 con sede en Clearwater, Florida
  • Operando en el sudeste de los Estados Unidos como una fuente de servicios completos para nuestros asociados.
  • Operando a nivel nacional como fuente de información y entrenamiento de (F&I)
  • Reconocido por siete años consecutivos como el proveedor numero uno de formación de F&I de los Estados Unidos por el voto de los concesionarios y de la gerencia.
  • Formación y Desarrollo consta con siete módulos principales, y tres programas de certificación de el personal los cuales son presentados mensualmente en su concesionario, en clases formales of por la red cibernética.

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United Development Systems, Inc.

19321 U.S. Highway 19 N.
Suite 502
Clearwater, FL, 33764

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