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StoneEagle and ADP F&I Results Launch Jointly-Branded Dealer Solution

Dallas, Texas – StoneEagle launched a joint initiative with ADP F&I Results that takes F&I video training and F&I performance reporting and accountability to the next level.

The StoneEagle SEcureMetrics F&I reporting application is used by 3,500 automotive retailers and provides fully DMS integrated F&I performance measurement to a dealer or dealer group. SEcureMetrics is equipped with full drill down functionality to view all details related to a specific F&I deal. F&I Results is an integrated video training solution that helps F&I departments increase product sales, improve product penetration and minimize compliance risk.

Pat Barrows, the dealer development manager for Key Royal Co.s implemented F&I Results along with SEcureMetrics at the Orr Auto Group, said, “Our training company, Key Royal, leverages the automated integration of ADP F&I Results to capture every customer transaction giving us real “game film” of what is “truly” going on during every transaction. There is nothing like sitting in front of a finance team and watching a video and being able to pause the video and say, ‘Remember the technique we talked about in training, well, you can certainly see how it would have come in handy with this customer.’ You can see in their face at that instant that they get it. Using this solution, we have realized a solid, tangible and significant improvement in both our PVR and Product Penetrations. In addition, with improved product penetrations and less reserve dollars, our net to gross has increased to 78%. The combination of ADP F&I Results video training along with SEcureMetrics performance reporting has increased accountability, profitability and most importantly in this day and age, compliance across all F&I Departments in the Orr Auto Group.”

Functionality is now available within SEcureMetrics that links the specific F&I deal directly to the ADP F&I Results video. This enables the dealer to view the entire F&I transaction to increase accountability, profitability and compliance.

“StoneEagle is committed to helping automotive retailers achieve ongoing success. Our joint initiative with ADP F&I Results will help drive performance efficiencies and facilitate increased product sales within the F&I department,” said Thomas Elliott, executive vice president, StoneEagle.com Inc.

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StoneEagle Launches New Website and Redesigned Logo

DALLAS – StoneEagle, a provider of technology solutions to the automotive and insurance industries, is pleased to announce the launch of its new corporate website and redesigned logo.

StoneEagle.com provides the latest information about StoneEagle’s innovative industry solutions, services, news, events, and partnerships. StoneEagle.com offers a user-friendly interface, along with enhanced content that outlines the functionality and benefits of StoneEagle’s suite of solution offerings.

“StoneEagle’s web presence and corporate logo have been redesigned, but our customers and partners will expect to receive the same level of exceptional customer service they have grown to know and trust,” stated Jason Gillette, vice president of sales and marketing at StoneEagle.

“We are excited to provide a user-friendly experience for those seeking information about StoneEagle and our evolving suite of industry solutions.”

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Global Administration Selects SEcureARCH Product Administration System from StoneEagle

DALLAS – StoneEagle Insurance Systems, Inc., a provider of contract administration systems, is pleased to announce that Global Administration has implemented StoneEagle’s SEcureARCH system to manage contracts, claims and reporting processes.

Global Administration, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a provider of flexible aftermarket products and services to independent and franchise automotive dealers. Global Administration has deployed the SEcureARCH system to streamline the rating, selling, and administration of aftermarket contracts.

“StoneEagle is an innovative technology provider that has a clear commitment to third party administrators of aftermarket products and services,” said Jim O’Connell, Vice President of Global Administration.

“We selected the SEcureARCH system because it will improve our efficiency and, as importantly, provide a direct interface to our agent and dealer partners. SEcureARCH met our strategic objectives and provides us with a greater propensity to be a progressive and viable challenger in a very competitive marketplace.”

“StoneEagle is committed to helping Global Administration achieve ongoing success. SEcureARCH will help drive efficiencies, facilitate superior customer service and scale with Global’s growth strategy,” said Andy Hamilton, Vice President of StoneEagle Insurance Systems.

SEcureARCH is StoneEagle’s third commercially available warranty administration system and combines decades of industry experience with the latest technologies.

SEcureARCH is built with service oriented architecture to provide administrators with extensive security, reliable data processing and intuitive reporting. It is fully integrated and compatible with all StoneEagle offerings as well an array of third party applications.

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Tier One to Use StoneEagle’s Latest Offering, SEcureARCH

DALLAS – StoneEagle Insurance Systems, Inc. has partnered with Tier One Warranty Services, LLC to provide a suite of online services.

Tier One Warranty Services, based in Houston, is a provider of flexible extended coverage and similar products in the United States and Europe.

“We have come to depend on StoneEagle’s technical expertise and ability to adapt to changing business requirements in the industry,” said Lance Davis, CEO of Tier One Warranty. “When presented with the opportunity to start using StoneEagle’s new system almost immediately, we knew that was the right choice for us moving forward.”

“We couldn’t be more excited about working with Tier One and the timing for us couldn’t be better,” said Brent Allen, president of StoneEagle. “Since we first mentioned the direction we were going with our next administration system, the interest from existing and new customers has been extremely high. StoneEagle has a unique vantage point in the administration industry with a large client base on not one, but two fully functional systems.”

SEcureARCH is StoneEagle’s third commercially available warranty administration system and it combines decades of industry experience with the latest technologies. It is fully integrated and compatible with all of StoneEagle’s other offerings as well as an array of other various providers.

Tier One will immediately start deploying the SEcureARCH system to its clients and partners for rating, selling and administering vehicle service contracts.

SEcureARCH is built on the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework and Microsoft SQL Server 2010. The front end (which includes built-in dealer functionality) is written in C# and JQuery to provide a rich user experience.

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Warranty Inspection Services Integrates with StoneEagle

RICHMOND, Va. – StoneEagle is now able to integrate inspections from Warranty Inspection Services into its SEcureARCH administration system. The integration will allow StoneEagle’s users to submit inspection requests, receive alerts when inspections have been completed and receive links to completed reports all directly from within the SEcureARCH system.

As a result of the integration, StoneEagle’s users will enjoy significant time savings and the elimination of data entry mistakes when using WIS for inspections.

“We have been working to develop an integrated module to help our third-party administrators manage outside vendors,” said Brent Allen of StoneEagle Group. “With Warranty Inspection Services’ introduction of VeriScan, we immediately recognized that our customers would want access to this new technology. Any time we can improve accuracy and save time and money for our customers, integration makes perfect sense.”

“Our VeriScan technology offers the first real advancement in the inspection industry since digital cameras became commonplace, and is potentially beneficial to every administrator in the industry. We are excited to be working with StoneEagle to get this new technology into the hands of their extensive customer base of administrators in a smooth, seamless manner,” said Chris Rand, co-president of Warranty IS.

VeriScan is a proprietary tool designed to increase the accuracy, timeliness and thoroughness of inspection reports. VeriScan facilitates encrypted WiFi/cellular transmission of vehicle data (through an OBDii interface), photos, and the inspector’s initial written report to WIS’s secure servers. This system allows the administrator to receive more data and more accurate data faster than previously possible. VeriScan gives customers the ability to see the computer data from the vehicle and to view the written report and photos while taking the verbal report. Any additional photos or report editing required can be completed while taking the verbal report, allowing for clarification of any technical issues, making the verbal report much more accurate.

SEcureARCH is StoneEagle’s third commercially available warranty administration system and combines decades of industry experience with the latest technologies. It is fully integrated and compatible with all of StoneEagle’s other offerings as well an array of other providers.

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