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Dealertrack and F&I Express Expand Relationship to Deliver Improved Workflow Solutions For the Automotive Retail Market

Lake Success, N.Y.– Dealertrack and F&I Express announced today they have strengthened their partnership through the introduction of F&I Express’ Express Recoveries Solution. The offering provides lenders and consumers a refund of the unused portion of their aftermarket contracts. The service will be available through Dealertrack to lenders on October 1, 2016.

“The Express Recoveries Solution will expand Dealertrack’s offering to its more than 6,800 lenders, helping to bring aftermarket providers and lenders together and facilitate the management of aftermarket recoveries for dealerships,” said Mark Furcolo, senior vice president, Lender Solutions, Dealertrack. “The integration of Express Recoveries Solution will help lenders and dealers strengthen their relationship when it comes to aftermarket recoveries to consumers. This will ultimately enable better workflow and greater efficiencies, much needed in today’s dealerships.”

In addition, Dealertrack and F&I Express will join forces to provide dealerships with additional access to F&I product providers through the Dealertrack platform through Dealertrack eMenu and the Dealertrack Aftermarket Network. Through this workflow on Dealertrack, dealers will be able to access product rates, generate contracts and remit contracts to the providers. In the coming months, Dealertrack will provide more information about when providers and their rates will be added to the Dealertrack Aftermarket Network.

“Our aligned vision to provide powerful, innovative solutions to dealers to enhance workflow is a primary reason why we feel so strongly about our partnership with Cox Automotive, and expanding our relationship with Dealertrack is an important aspect of that,” said Brian Reed, President and CEO of F&I Express. “To include our award-winning Express Recoveries Solution on Dealertrack’s platform means lenders have increased and improved access to F&I providers for product cancellations.”

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Dealertrack Adds New Connected Solutions to Product Lineup

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. — At the 2015 National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA 2015) Convention & Exposition in San Francisco last week, Dealertrack showcased its latest connected technologies and services that are driving today’s online to in-store convergence in automotive retailing.

“2015 is going to be an exciting year for the automotive retail industry,” said Raj Sundaram, co-president of Dealertrack, prior to the convention. “We know from our data and our experience in working with clients that there is a growing demand from consumers to take time and complexity out of the car buying process. At NADA, we will show dealers how our connected solutions can create a better overall car buying experience for customers and help drive profits, by adding clarity and simplicity to what was previously a time-consuming and stressful process for shoppers.”

The company showcased a number of mobile, digital retailing, digital marketing, F&I, inventory, and dealer management solutions that demonstrated how the online and in-store processes and experiences converge. The new solutions featured at NADA included:

  • Mobile eContract Review and Signing: Dealertrack has introduced eContracting mobile review and sign functionality for iPad and Android tablets. With this new capability, eContracting has truly gone mobile, removing the need for tethered signature pads or use of expensive installed display pads that confine dealers and their buyers to the F&I office, officials said. The ability to review and sign documents on an iPad or Android-based tablet helps to significantly streamline the contracting process and improve the overall customer experience. The use of eContracting within the dealer and lender communities continues to grow. Dealertrack has processed more than three million eContracts, and the company expects the number of lenders adopting and launching Dealertrack eContracting to increase in 2015.
  • Digital Retailing App: Over the past several years, digital retailing tools have helped many dealers achieve milestone closing ratios for website leads compared to third-party leads and standard website leads. At NADA, Dealertrack introduced a new tool that leverages the power of digital retailing right from an iPad in the showroom. The new Digital Retailing App will help create a faster and more efficient sales process with customers, by giving dealers direct mobile access to website leads, inventory and finance data, and the ability for consumers to submit credit applications directly from the showroom floor.
  • F&I Presentation on Websites: With ProtectionDriver, the latest innovation in Dealertrack’s line of Digital Retailing offerings, dealers will empower shoppers to explore F&I options on their website during the early stages of the shopping process. Having access to F&I product information on the website will help consumers better understand how they can protect their vehicle, all while helping to save time in the showroom. As with the complete Dealertrack Digital Retailing solution, the ProtectionDriver settings are controlled by the dealer to maximize product penetration and deal profitability.
  • Service Check-In App: The days of checking in customers on the service drive and handling a multi-point inspection with a pencil and paper are gone. Dealertrack is launching new functionality that will allow dealers to gain increased day-to-day efficiencies through the use of a new Service Check-in App. Service Check-in enables advisors to check in customers at their vehicle, review and recover previously declined services, and consistently capture more upsell opportunities in the service department. Along with this new Fixed Operations product offering, Dealertrack has rebranded Dealertrack ASR Pro as Dealertrack Service Pro. The new name helps to unify the product line as the company continues to expand on this platform. The new Service Check-In App will work on any current generation iPad, and fully integrates with Dealertrack Service Pro. It will be available to Dealertrack DMS clients immediately, and other DMS providers coming soon.

All the new functionality shown at NADA will be available to dealers in the first half of 2015.

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8 Essential Security Strategies for Small Businesses in 2015

In the past year a bevy of big-time companies like Sony, Target and Home Depot were hit with data breaches. Amid the chaos, it might be easy to overlook the fact small businesses are just as vulnerable if not more so than their large-cap counterparts, reported Fox Business.

Larger companies typically have stronger security measures in place to ward off intruders, but independent businesses often can’t afford these expensive protections. Either way, small businesses still have access to a vast trove of client information, which makes them ripe for hacks.

In fact, Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) recently found more than half of all small- and mid-sized enterprises have been hacked at some point, and 72% of those affected by breaches were unable to restore the stolen data.

Fred Touchette, senior security analyst at AppRiver, which specializes in SMB security, has pinpointed eight essential strategies small businesses should implement to strengthen their data defenses.

1. Always Run Anti-Virus and Firewalls

“Firewalls are important as they typically act as the first line of defense against network attacks, while anti-virus solutions serve as a strong last line of defense,” Touchette says.

2. Update All Devices with the Latest Patches

“Attackers and researchers continually find vulnerabilities in software, and a patch, or hot fix, is designed to correct those security flaws,” Touchette explains. “And if unpatched software is left on a device, it makes it easier for an attacker to leverage them. The same rule applies to all software.”

3. Always Use Complex Passwords and Mix It Up

“Make sure your password is lengthy and has a healthy mix of symbols, characters, lowercase and uppercase letters,” he says, adding that using the same password across multiple sites and devices gives the attacker “immediate access” to everything. Therefore, “by utilizing different passwords for every account, the user is limiting the effectiveness of an attack to a single compromise.”

4. Protect Your Personal Information

“Remember, do not advertise sensitive information online,” Touchette warns. “Tighten your security settings on social media” by limiting the personal information (birth dates, addresses) you provide. “This information can be used to fuel custom attacks or [help decode] account security questions,” he says.

5. Be Mindful of Your Digital Foot Print

And be careful what you post online. Touchette says it’s best not to “post anything online that you wouldn’t want everyone in the world to see. Really.”

6. Only Visit Trusted Sites

“There are roughly 252 million registered domains and a large portion of those domains are malicious. Some are quite obvious while other, legitimate sites can be compromised to host malware within its pages,” he says. Sticking to well-known, established sites, the security expert adds, increases “the odds of staying safe online.”

7. Think Twice Before Opening Attachments

“This is a very, very common method for attackers to use — delivering malware straight to your inbox, which is both convenient and highly effective,” Touchette explains. “Do not click on an unsolicited link or open an attachment unless you know it is reputable.”

8. Review Financial Accounts Regularly for Suspicious Activity

“By monitoring accounts on a regular basis, you raise your chances of catching an attack before it causes too much damage … and possibly even catch the attacker,” he says.

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