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Volkswagen on Track for 10 million Vehicle Sales this Year: CEO

Germany automaker Volkswagen sold more than 7.5 million passenger cars and heavy trucks between January and September, Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn said on Wednesday at the Paris auto show, reported Reuters.

Eur‎ope’s largest automaker is “well on the way” to achieving a target of 10 million vehicle sales this year, four years earlier than originally planned, the CEO said at a group event on the eve of the Paris show.

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Chrysler Reports U.S. Auto Sales Jump 19 Percent

Chrysler Group LLC on Wednesday reported its third straight month of double-digit gains in the U.S. market, selling 19 percent more vehicles in September than a year ago, an indication that industry strength continued as summer waned, reported Reuters.

A Reuters survey of nine industry analysts showed expectations of a 10 percent rise to about 1.25 million vehicles sold in September industrywide.

Chrysler was the first major automaker in the U.S. market to report sales. Most other automakers will release their results later Wednesday morning.

Sales of Chrysler’s Jeep brand shot up 47 percent, while Grand Cherokee dropped 14 percent, and Ram pickup truck sales rose 30 percent. Sales of the Chrysler brand rose 14 percent, the Dodge brand fell 9 percent and the Fiat brand rose 6 percent.

Chrysler is a unit of Fiat SpA, and in mid-October is expected to debut as the merged Fiat Chrysler Automobiles on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Nissan U.S. September Sales Rise 18.5 Percent

Nissan Motor Co reported its U.S. sales for September rose 18.5 percent at 102,955 vehicles, beating analysts’ expectations, reported Reuters.

Nissan’s namesake brand showed sales were up 22 percent at 95,118 vehicles and its luxury Infiniti brand sales fell 13 percent at 7,837 vehicles.

Analysts surveyed by Reuters had expected Nissan’s sales to rise 13 percent for the month.

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Ford’s sales down 3% in September

DETROIT, Mich. – Strong sales of transit vans, Fusion model and Lincoln-brand cars were not enough to offset managed F-Series volumes and planned reductions in daily rental volumes, as Ford Motor Co. reported a 3 percent decline in year-over-year U.S. sales to 180,175 units in September, reported Michigan Live.

The Dearborn automaker said in a release that daily rental sales were down 40 percent in September, while overall fleet sales fell 14 percent to 42,878 units.

At the same time, Ford Fusion had its best September since launching in 2005, as year-over-year sales of the model rose 9 percent to 21,693 vehicles.

Sales of the Ford Explorer were up just 1 percent year-over-year to 13,770 units, but it marked the best September performance for the SUV since 2006.

Transit Connect sales grew 30 percent to 4,132 vehicles, marking a record September.

Lincoln sales were up 12 percent to 7,257 units for the brand’s best September result since 2010.

“Fusion is selling strong, with five straight months of record performance and California driving more than 20 percent of our retail growth this year – more than any other state,” John Felice, Ford’s vice president of U.S. marketing, sales and service, said in the release. “Lincoln produced its best sales results in seven years with the recent introduction of our all-new Lincoln MKC.”

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Don’t Forget To Close The Sale!

Oops! You forgot to close again…

Sometimes salespeople assume the buyer is so ready to buy, that everything will just take care of itself, and they won’t have to close the sale. Sorry – that doesn’t work very often.

Even when most salespeople attempt to close and get some kind of objection and then think they handled the objection (issue), they still forget to ask another closing question.

Remember these three points about todays new buyers…

1. People aren’t shopping much any more. Sure, some still stop at four or five or ten dealerships. But on average, buyers today stop at 1.5 to 1.8 dealerships to make their purchase. When you have a customer on your lot, you need to assume they came to buy today from your dealership, and that if you do a good job, you’ll make the sale.

2. 78% … eight out of ten people you talk to this month will buy a vehicle, and that isn’t a question. 90% of them will buy it within a week, and that isn’t a question, either. If you don’t have the skills to close the sale, a salesperson down the street probably doesn’t either, but eventually customers give up and just buy in spite of their fears or objections.

3. Some of your customers are so afraid they’ll make a bad decision that 80% who really want a vehicle you have in stock will still leave without buying if you don’t know how to nudge them to buy with effective closing skills.

Remember these points, too, about closing in today’s market…

4. 80% of the sales are closed after the 5th attempt to close. I’m not talking about handling tough objections; it’s just that one or two closing questions isn’t enough to get the average person to say, “Sure, let’s do it.” That means if you don’t know enough ways to close the sale or if you only ask a couple of times, eight out of ten will buy down the street.

5. If you don’t even try to close the sale, their answer defaults to “No” and eight out of ten who leave will buy from a salesperson down the street –and they will get the commission.

6. If you only try to close a couple of times and then whip out your business card, eight out of ten who leave will buy down the street and that salesperson will get the commission.

7. When you ask a closing question or get an objection and hear a “No” in any form –if you think “No” means “NO”, you’ll miss most sales. “No” just means, “Based on what you’ve told me so far, I’m not ready to say ‘YES’ yet. Give me a few more reasons to buy and ask me again, later.”

8. 50% of the people buy on the spot when they get a good presentation and demonstration. That means if you’ll follow the eight steps every single time and learn a few easy closing and objection handling methods, you can easily deliver a vehicle to every other person you talk to this month.

You’ve worked hard – closing is the final step,
so don’t stumble now – you’re almost there.

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New Car Sales In The U.S. Rise 6 Percent In August

Total auto sales were up 5.5 percent year-over-year to 1,582,675 units in August, fueled by heightened demand for pickup trucks and smaller SUVs, reported Michigan Live.

For the Detroit Three, Chrysler Group easily had the most impressive results, selling 19.8 percent more vehicles on an annual basis last month. GM’s sales slid by 1.2 percent, while Ford’s results edged up 0.4 percent.

For other carmakers, Nissan posted an increase of 11.5 percent in sales, Toyota’s sales grew 6.3 percent and Honda’s sales were up 0.4 percent. Volkswagen’s sales were down 1.5 percent on an annual basis in August.

Analysts said looser lending standards for new cars have helped play a role in new car sales as of late, while the seasonally adjusted annualized pace of sales last month topped 17 million.

“August was once again a strong month for the automotive industry in terms of sales,” said Akshay Anand, an analyst with Kelley Blue Book. “Between rising incentive spend, higher subprime lending, and longer loan terms, there is certainly pause for concern and reason to think the massive growth should eventually slow down.”

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