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15 Ways to Get Organized

One of the things that I have personally discovered about the most successful agents is their ability to handle a variety of daily challenges, tasks, problems, issues and responsibilities, all at the same time, and still come back for more tomorrow.

This would not be possible if they lacked personal organizational skills!

I don’t wish to confuse anyone, but please keep in mind that I am not talking about time management here but personal management. What you can do in a framework of passing time is just manage all the “stuff” — decisions, problems, resources, customers, employment, successes, failures, risks, paperwork and reporting — as well as all the activities and matching issues in your personal life.

I will take this opportunity to list my Top 15 suggestions to help you improve your personal organization:

  1. Start with a written list of what you want to accomplish for a given time period.
  2. Go back through and prioritize the tasks on the list you made.
  3. Stay focused on your plan by completing each task according to its priority.
  4. Eliminate all clutter in your normal daily routines — if you have not referenced it in the last 10 days to obtain your objectives, why keep it around?
  5. Do not pursue anything on the list that you are not truly passionate about completing.
  6. Get up earlier and go to bed earlier.
  7. Organize your personal workspace — be it your desk or your vehicle — so you can be more productive.
  8. You must learn to say “No” much more often.
  9. If you catch yourself procrastinating on any task on your list, ask yourself why.
  10. Consider enlisting a mentor (or two, or three) to help you prioritize and complete tasks.
  11. When you say “Yes,” mean it.
  12. Respect and value your quality free time away from the job or assignment. Play when it is time to play and work when it is time to work, but do not mix the two.
  13. Have fun and enjoy life as well as this crazy profession you have chosen.
  14. Learn to make the client a friend. Prioritize relationships over transactions.
  15. Use all the available technology at your fingertips today as a tool, not as a crutch.

I realize No. 15 might be challenging for some. It has become much too easy to rely on technology as a sales tool to contact and reach out to new clients, maintain current and past clients, handle your sales and service issues and handle many routine daily functions. But at what cost?

In my personal opinion, business relationships, especially in our industry, are all about the basic concept of dealing one-on-one and face-to-face with people! Our clients want and need, as well as expect, that personal contact.

How often do you shoot over an email or text message instead of dialing that cell or office number and speaking to a client or friend personally?

Please understand that I am not against technology. I do believe it lets us get more done daily and is definitely faster, and I am amazed at the endless capabilities the future holds. But nothing can replace the “warm-and-fuzzies” that are created with a great smile, a firm handshake and a true sincerity to be helpful to the client — in person.

Neither the hottest new iPhone, the fastest computer nor the award-winning website can convince a client that you really do care about their success. Go ahead and label me “old school” or, better yet, “technologically challenged,” but humor me and try the following for the next 30 days and then monitor yourself:

  • Personally call one prospective client every day instead of shooting them an email.
  • Personally call one previous customer every day — not to sell them anything, but just to say “Hi” and ask how the world is treating them.
  • Personally call a relative or a close friend, just to tell them that you were thinking about them and extend warm wishes.
  • Finally, do not always assume that every client you are dealing with is as technologically advanced as you are.

Better personal organization will directly relate to improved effectiveness and increased productivity. Improved effectiveness as well as increased productivity directly relates to a more positive attitude. Positive attitude directly relates to a higher and more rewarding quality of life!

And after all, isn’t that the No. 1 priority on your written list of daily tasks to be accomplished?

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10 Common Mistakes Made by Outside Sales Agents

Before you can start selling more products & programs than you are selling right now, you have to change some of the mechanics that you are doing right now.

To know what areas of the selling process that you need to change, you need to make the most difficult evaluation and that is to evaluate yourself- and do it honestly!

Thought for the Day…

“You will only perform as well as the example you set for yourself”

Set your priorities daily … and live by them!

In my field agent training classes I like to refer to self-evaluation and how you can spot areas of weakness that need your immediate attention. The answers to all of your self-evaluating questions should be a simple “Yes” or “No,” there are no middle of the road answers when evaluating.


If the answer to the question about whether agents sell more products after their first initial visit to the client is “Yes,” then instead of making excuses for your current results, shouldn’t you be figuring out a way to develop more be-back visits and presentation opportunities?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to be smart or cute. But when someone calls something to our attention that falls into the category of good old-fashioned (sales) common sense, it seems that we should make excuses about the way that we have always done it, or better yet, the way it was taught to us. Just pay some attention to the results of your personal self-evaluation and every time you make an excuse you are closing your mind to new thoughts and that can cost you hundreds of dollars every day.

Please keep in mind that human nature is to reject any kind of change coming. We have all been doing some things so long that we’re confused and not sure about what and how to change it. We have all forgotten that “CHANGE,” (now let’s say “tweaking”) is how we got to where we are today.

All that I ask is that you listen to everything you hear objectively so that you can weigh the facts and make an intelligent decision. Since we are all in this “sales” game together, I believe that keeping an open mind is critical to your future success as an outside sales rep in the field.

Let me ask you this …

“Are you selling your products and programs in the same manner and procedure that you did last year?” If you are, then you are losing ground. Can you afford to lose one sale to your competition?

Let’s take a closer look at some specific examples and see where you fall in this self- evaluation process by answering the questions honestly!

Mistake # 1- Do you take each customer seriously?

Do you call on any perspective client that is not really in need of your programs, services and expertise? Do you pre-qualify potential clients? Do you list the same old entry (excuses) on your daily report expressing the status of your visit? Are these just descriptions and terms that you use to describe the potential clients that you let slip through your fingers? Please understand that every potential customer that you talk to today, in person or on the phone, at a business social gathering or connected to on social web sites is a potential client of yours. With this mind set you will begin to sell more products and programs.

Mistake # 2- Do you qualify customers properly?

Qualify = Investigate professionally & ask the proper questions to determine needs.

If you are not finding out your customers wants and needs before you make your presentation and you are closing 8 to 12 deals a month now, I am telling you that you’re losing that same number in extra sales a month!

The only way that you can find out customers wants and needs is to ask the right questions. I am not sure what is worse; not qualifying your customers at all, or only qualifying them on price alone? Since your presentation should be based on their needs, if you are not qualifying on the above-mentioned category that means you are missing more sales that you’re making.

Mistake #3- Do you conduct normal conversation or interrogation tactics?

Establish some common ground with the customer, relax the customer, and try to establish trust and confidence. The key to your entire sales approach should be that every customer gets the “red carpet treatment.” Let me ask you this, how much tip did you leave the last waitress that was rude to you and did not ask you for your wants and needs? Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. The first five minutes should be spent in making the customer your friend, instead of rushing right in to your sales presentation

Mistake # 4-  Do you always ask for the order?

It really seems too simple, does it not? Make sure that you at least attempt to close everyone that you present to.

Now, do you have any questions?

I know you will say to me, “Why should I bother and try to close these people that have already told me they aren’t buying today? This is just a waste of my valuable time.” Well as soon as you learn not to cross hair (pre-qualify with no facts) a customer (deciding whether you have a live one or not) and instead ask everyone for the sale during your best presentation, you will soon realize that even some people who say they aren’t buying … will buy on the spot.

Mistake # 5Who controls the selling situation?

Who is the pro here with regards to the selling situation? Do you listen to the conversation that is taking place during the presentation process and ask yourself, “Who is controlling this situation?” Is it the salesperson or the customer? Getting the client involved in the presentation by control is the key to a successful close. Remember, soft commands can help you maintain control.

Mistake #6Staying average

The average outside field sales rep usually presents to 3 to 4 customers a day, and does not follow up religiously, does not prospect in off time, does not attend more than 6 hours of sales training a year, closes about 6-8 clients a month, and blames all sales results and income results on something or somebody else.

Remember if you are still closing the same number of clients a month this year that you sold last year…you’ve quit growing. You’ve averaged out and you’re standing still with no forward momentum.

Caution: Standing still is the first step to heading backwards.

Mistake #7Do you truly understand “Sales”?

“Selling is the lowest paying easy work … and the highest paid hard work that I know” – Author Unknown

Every sales “job” has its limits. That is why it is so great to be in an actual profession and not just a job. In a truly professional sales job, all the limits have been removed and there is no limit to what you can earn or the levels of success that you can reach.

Make a decision- Decide if you want your territory sales at the bottom, in the middle, or on top of your company. Real success is only up to one person- (surprise) … That’s you!

Mistake #8- Do you plan and schedule your day, week, month, & year?

Work on your sales objectives daily- Break down your monthly sales objective according to the number of selling days in the month.

Keep a personal planner (App or program) – Using this type of tool effectively can be your most effective organizational tool. (It will actually become your boss.)

Schedule cushion times during the day– Take a walk around the building, have a bag lunch at the park, relax on lunch time and enjoy your surroundings, etc. Make it an hour or so of your time to recharge.

Focus on high priority sales objectives– Certain goals and objectives have to have a higher priority than others, these ones should get the larger percentage of your workday. Select goals and objectives that inspire you and put your goals in writing, and then picture your feelings when you achieve the end results. Look at daily and routine assignments with eagerness, to make it a more professional working atmosphere.

Set priorities on your ‘to-do’ list for the day and keep a running master list of to do items- Adding and changing priorities daily.


Mistake # 9Do you motivate yourself and others daily?

Discover who or what really motivates you. You should want to do what you have to do daily, with positive energy, enthusiasm and a contagious attitude. Give yourself and others around you plenty of positive reinforcement by being a mentor to mold themselves after.

Make prospective clients you meet feel like the most important people in the world, because they are!

Mistake #10Have you embraced proper follow up techniques?

Most follow up systems require the salesperson to follow up owners periodically for no apparent or logical reasons. When the salesperson follows up buyers in a haphazard way, they eventually contact a buyer who is sore about a problem, or possibly feels as though they received discourteous treatment from someone within your company. At this point the salesperson gets “chewed out” for something that he had no control over. When this happens a couple of times, the salesperson usually no longer wants to conduct customer follow-ups.

Secondly, most salespeople fail to realize that one of the great secrets of outside sales success lies in a salespersons ability to continue to do the same good things, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Remember: Successful salespeople are the ones who are continuously persistent, and to some this is extremely difficult and boring. Real losers in our industry are the ones who continually jump from one project, company, or sales process to another. In reality, they get bored doing what it really takes to become successful in the field.

Every field rep should develop and work with a program that is designed to retain at least 90% of his/her clients. In my opinion, there is only one way. You must become involved with the buyers personally as well as emotionally. Or in other words- KNOW WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.

In Conclusion:

If you are really interested in dominating your market, or if you are just interested in increasing your current sales and commissions, Take this self-evaluation today! Tomorrow may be too late!

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Sigma Payment Solutions Forms National Marketing Alliance with KISS Concepts Group

Fort Worth, Tex.– Sigma Payment Solutions, the first and only auto loan payment processing provider to also offer a full menu of advanced payment channels nationwide, has announced an alliance with KISS Concepts Group to market their solutions to auto dealers in the buy-here-pay-here industry, as well as finance companies, credit unions and banks throughout the United States.

Through this new alliance, KISS Concepts Group’s nationwide business development managers will act as the outside sales force for Sigma’s entire suite of products and services. This offering includes Sigma’s new pay-by-text solution as well as their pay-by-phone (Interactive Voice Response, or IVR) system, automated payment kiosks, online customer payment portal, and more.

“Payment collections is the most important element in operating a successful buy-here-pay-here dealership or subprime auto finance company,” said Rod Heasley, KISS Concepts Group President and Chief Relationships Officer. “Our team is honored to partner up with Sigma because their solutions are specifically designed to ease payment collections with numerous programs. The collection part of our industry is in desperate need of these programs, which simplify and streamline clients’ operations.”

Susan Perlmutter, Sigma’s Chief Revenue Officer, added, “One of the key aspects of our automated payment technology – like the IVR or payment kiosk, for example – is that these technologies enable customers to serve themselves and make payments without any involvement from employees.”

Perlmutter said this approach frees up collections teams to focus more time and energy on chronically delinquent customers, and waste less time going after customers who would pay anyway. “This is a major benefit in the independent market, where efficient collections is so crucial,” she said.

In addition to their suite of automated payment technology, Sigma Payment Solutions also offers payment processing services for all major debit and credit cards, virtual terminal support, and a number of other payment-related services. Many of their technology solutions can be white-labeled with the client’s own branding, which ensures a consistent experience for customers.


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Heasley Forms Nationwide Dealer and Financial Services Agency

LUMBERTON, N.C. – Rod A. Heasley, a 37 year auto Industry veteran announced the formation of KISS Concepts Group, a master agency serving independent agents of the automotive and prime and sub-prime finance industry throughout the United States. Corporate headquarters are located in North Carolina with the operations office in Fort Worth, Texas. Twelve affiliate offices have been established in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia.

KISS (short for “Keep It Simple Successfully”) offers new and unique programs in the automotive, subprime and prime finance industries as well as auto sales training and dealership consulting services nationally, including BHPH.

“KISS Concepts Group is the master agency nationally for new and exciting programs coming down the pike for the auto and finance industries, as well as nationally recognized and established programs in need of a street level outside national sales force, Heasley said.” “To date 130 individual agents and agencies representing 31 states have joined the group.”

“We have assembled some of the most respected and recognized independent agents and agencies in the country who have professional reputations already established and are well respected by their various clients and associations. We have executed contractual arrangements with national powerhouses in our industry and those announcements will be forthcoming in the immediate future via press releases.”

Kiss Concepts Group will operate under a corporate mantra of “Relationships Not Transactions”, with a focus on providing the type of products, programs, services and prices dealers and lenders have come to expect from national agencies group rather than individual agents.

The company will also feature “Green Pea University,” a program that will offer intense basic automotive sales training seminars for the automotive salesperson with less than one year in the business. Another program has been specifically designated for corporations with an outside sales force that are in need of a controlled selling day to day procedure to help their “foot soldiers” obtain corporate sales goals.

“The concept of uniting these agents throughout the country under the one umbrella of KISS Concepts Group, combined with the companies and products that we provide, will instantly establish KISS Concepts Group as a nationally recognized “super” agency with the industries we serve,” said James Peacock, a 30 year veteran of the retail and BHPH automotive sales and mangement segments, who will serve as vice president and managing partner of operations. Peacock continues,“ The assembled agents and agencies are extremely excited about the concept of a national reaching group in combination with the direct benefits that are derived in being an integral member of the KISS family, as well as the commitment to offering the latest cutting edge programs and services for all of our clients regardless of size.”

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Holiday Sales Myth?

Many salespeople and agents believe that between Thanksgiving and January 2nd, people stop buying and selling. Quite the contrary! People are in more of a buying spirit than at any other time of the year. It doesn’t matter whether you sell computers, real estate, automobiles, extended warranty contracts or portfolio services, the world doesn’t stop just because it is the holiday season!

There are several things you can do as a field agent during this period so that the bottom doesn’t fall out of your year end sales results. Your 2015 results could depend significantly on how you spend the next six weeks.

Here are a few things that I would like for you to consider as you prepare to move into your last six weeks of the year:

Time to Conduct an “Attitude” Check Up!

  1. Have you begun operating your territory under the misguided belief that your clients are going to sell fewer products or possibly none at all during this time of year?
  2. Do you slow down your cold calls and new client visit efforts for these six weeks?
  3. Do you believe that it is harder to see and get appointments with clients and decision makers during the holiday’s?
  4. Do you feel that it is necessary to cut price or offer more “deals” during this period?
  5. Does your personal motivation, energy, and commitment wane during the holiday’s?
  6. Are you too “tied-up” and pre-occupied with other activities ­– parties, shopping, etc. – to keep your selling and closing edge sharp?
  7. Do you keep learning and growing during this time of year or do you put your personal sales growth on hold as well?
  8. Do you spend some time planning your sales strategies for next year?
  9. Do you take some time to carefully evaluate all of your successes and failures of the previous year to ensure you can build on your success and not repeat your failures?
  10. Do you spend quiet time in thoughtful goal setting for the upcoming year?

Here are some suggestions for productive things you can do during the holiday season:

  1. Use this time to evaluate your territory sales results. Ask yourself where you could have done better, been smarter, faster, sooner, or been more effective with regards to locating completely new clients.
  2. Use this time to plan your activities for the new year and set realistic goals in all areas of your territory.
  3. Do not stop “prospecting” for new business.
  4. Use your networking time effectively. You may see a lot of clients and industry related people during the holidays who can help you advance your sales in some way or another.
  5. Read and/or listen to some positive self-motivation books or CDs over the holiday season. (Not necessarily about sales!)
  6. Re-evaluate your sales techniques – what is working and what is not. And then think about why or why not.
  7. Find a mentor or even a personal coach who can help you exceed your sales goals for the new year.
  8. Plan to do something different, unusual, or possibly even “outrageous” next year to get the attention of all your clients, new and old.
  9. Write down a list of ten creative actions you can take next year in your territory to guarantee the completion of your 2015 sales objectives.
  10. Pour it on during these six weeks! You are heading down the home stretch; It’s time to give it your final “kick.” See if you can get more closed deals than you thought possible.
  11. Strive to hit that HOME RUN in the bottom of the ninth inning to win the game. During the holidays, see if you can get that one client who has avoided you all year long. (Tax write offs!)

Please keep in mind one of my favorite quotes:

“Whatever you seek in life’s rewards. . . you must first earn in service to others.”

In conclusion, let me state that as a chronic student of the sale game, I am not a “Scrooge” (contrary to some popular belief!). I do believe in spending important family time with those of importance in your life who need and want some of your quality time. (That topic itself is worthy of a future article!) I am only suggesting that you do not change your sales strategies or slow down during the holiday season.

Remember, while you are letting your attitude change to a slower motion, your competition could be stealing the business right from under you because you are chilling out.

The holiday season will be over before we know it and 2015 will be a reality.  

Do not lose your momentum during this time period!!

And one final thought. . . You have a choice as to whether YOU and YOUR COMPANY will achieve record sales production in 2015 as a direct result of your effective use of time over this holiday season. . . or you can choose to hope that your competition also takes these six weeks off.

Don’t Bet on it!

As a valuable member of your company’s programs and products, let’s use some reverse psychology this year and really pour it on right up to the very end of the year, and show your boss, your clients, your competition, and especially YOURSELF, what YOU are really made of.

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Rod Heasley Signs Publishing Deal With Waymaker Learning Corporation For New Book, “Race to The Finish Line…How to Open and Run an Independent Automobile Dealership”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Rod Heasley-President of KISS Concepts Group (a North Carolina based auto dealer sales & marketing consulting agency) announces that along with a select group of the country’s leading experts, to co-write the forthcoming book titled, Race to The Finish Line…How to Open and Run an Independent Automobile Dealership. Marty Coates, recently signed a publishing deal with Heasley and the other authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under the Waymaker Learning Corporation imprint. Heasley will contribute a chapter titled, “Handshake to Handshake..The 8 Steps to a Successful Sale”

Waymaker Learning Corporation describes the book:

Getting a dealer license is just the beginning. To be successful in the business, a new dealer needs to learn from the best in the business. This book puts the tools in the toolbox of the new dealer that will help them be successful.

Race to The Finish Line is a compilation of great ideas from some of the best dealers and industry leaders. The topics and content is tough, direct and impactful.

Waymaker Learning Corporation teamed up with its client, the Carolinas Independent Automobile Dealers Association (CIADA), to produce this project. Legendary National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) driver and owner, Buddy Martin, of the famous Sox and Martin Racing Team, wrote the forward in the book. The authors included in the book do not receive direct royalties from book sales. Most of the proceeds go directly to CIADA, a non-profit organization supporting independent dealers in North and South Carolina.

The book is tentatively scheduled for release in November 2014.

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