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Reinsurance Symposium Returns to Agent Summit

LAS VEGAS — Organizers of the upcoming Agent Summit have confirmed the 2017 event will feature a Reinsurance Symposium for the fifth consecutive year. The four-day event will begin on the evening of Sunday, May 21, at Paris Las Vegas, with the Reinsurance Symposium scheduled for the following afternoon.

“The Reinsurance Symposium has been an indispensable source of information and education since it was launched in 2013,” said David Gesualdo, show chair and publisher of Agent Entrepreneur. “Agents are rightfully invested in the topic and deserve a clear explanation of the options available to their agencies and their dealer clients.”

This year’s Reinsurance Symposium schedule includes a lunch with sponsors, a panel dedicated to controlled foreign corporations (CFCs), a second panel on non-controlled foreign corporations (NCFCs), and two networking breaks.

Portfolio and SouthwestRe are the lead sponsors for the symposium; CNA National, GSFSGroup, Protective Asset Protection and The Tribal Domicile are premier-level sponsors. Cornerstone Financial Consulting (div. Raymond James), Goodwin & Speirs Investment Group, J. Huell Briscoe and Associates, MarksNelson and SunTrust Reinsurance Trust Services are general sponsors.

Registration for Agent Summit is open at the event’s website. Attendees who register by April 21 will enjoy a $100 discount. To discuss sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, contact David Gesualdo at 727-947-4027 or via email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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Agent Summit V Wrap Up

To all who attended – thank you for making Agent Summit V the best yet. Since its inception, the number of attendees has increased with each passing year – and with close to 900 attendees, this year was no exception. Agent Summit was launched in 2010 and was designed to provide Independent Agents, who serve as an extension of F&I product providers, with a forum to come together to network, share and learn. Today, many now regard Agent Summit as the one must-attend industry event of the year. This year’s show highlighted the latest training techniques and addressed the newest trends and most pressing challenges that Agents face as they serve their dealer clients.

Attendees were welcomed to the show’s upscale new location at the Venetian Palazzo. Complete with cobblestone streets, footbridges over canals, blue skies, and gondolas, attendees couldn’t help but feel as if they had just stepped off the plane in Venice, Italy. Jaws dropped as Agents who had taken advantage of the Agent Summit room block entered their stunning suites. Words like “lavish” and “spectacular” were heard describing the Palazzo as Agents arriving on Sunday evening gathered for welcoming cocktails.

Much like the Palazzo’s five star reputation, show sessions featured “five star” industry experts with every detail of the show sessions ultimately spelling “Profit!”

The third annual Reinsurance Symposium once again preceded Agent Summit; this year featuring two expert speakers. Greg Petrowski, senior vice president, GPW and Associates Inc., and a veteran speaker at Agent Summit, returned to the stage, and was followed by Brian Feldman, executive vice president, Spencer Re – a seasoned executive who has been a part of just about every facet of the reinsurance space.

With more than 20 years of industry experience each, Petrowski and Feldman shed light on the often confusing benefits of controlled foreign corporations (CFCs) and non-controlled foreign corporations (NCFCs).

At the conclusion of the half-day Reinsurance Symposium, Randy Crisorio, president and CEO, United Development Systems Inc. (UDS), and returning advisory board chair, got the show underway with the official opening address.

This year’s show focused on four major areas, 1) Selling to dealers; 2) Training; 3) Coaching and development; and 4) Technology. Each topic was explored first in an individual feature presentation, and was then followed by a panel session.

Morning presentations featured strategies for closing more business and practical steps for getting in front of dealers. Jimmy Atkinson, COO, AUL Corp, stated, “You have to look at a dealer’s DNA – ‘Dealership Needs Analysis’ so you can provide them with products and solutions to meet those needs. This requires pre-call planning and a targeted presentation.” His mantra for agents was “Be prepared. Be flexible. Be confident.” AE readers can look forward to Atkinson’s further expansion of this topic in an upcoming issue.

Days one and two closed with a cocktail reception in the Expo Hall. Throughout the show, crowds filled the expansive Expo area as agents took advantage of the buffet of networking opportunities. With more than 75 tabletop exhibitors and just shy of a hundred sponsors, the exhibit hall was full to overflowing. Exquisite breakfasts and lunch were served alongside the Expo Hall, thanks to show sponsors.

Known as the “World Greatest Closer,” keynote George Dans jump-started day two out with a bang. Dans was a whirlwind of energy, as he crossed the stage, leaving a flurry of excitement and emotion in his wake. He shared personal stories of both success and failure. In his fast paced, energetic address, Dans got the audience pumped up with a revitalized enthusiasm for closing every single deal. He encouraged attendees to be at the top of their game, “We become what we think about all day. You need to say to yourself, ‘I’m good. I’m gifted. I’m talented. Fear, doubt and worry are behind me.’” Dans urged attendees to step out of their comfort zone and to change their way of thinking so they could come out not just ahead, but at the front of the pack. After his presentation, Dans signed hundreds of copies of his book, Just Close It… Ask and You Shall Receive, which were available to all attendees.

Day two also featured two sessions on training, which emphasized the foundational importance of establishing good relationships in order to get buy in from all parties. The sessions covered themes, frequency, and the needs of retail personnel in service, sales, desking and F&I management.

“As an agency,” stated Ron Reahard, president, Reahard & Associates Inc., “you have to help your F&I managers address the challenges they face on a daily basis, and give them the skills, the knowledge, and the confidence to be successful… Performance doesn’t improve because you or a dealer demands it, it gets better because you put a plan in place to ensure it happens.”

A panelist urged, “Make sure the dealer and GM see you as a partner, and know that you are there to make them better.”

Joe St. John, director of training, Innovative Aftermarket Systems (IAS), and seasoned academic, delivered the feature presentation on coaching and development titled, “Xs and Os – Brain Science for Better Coaching.” This dynamic presentation was definitely an audience favorite. St. John’s unconventional yet proven approach focused on the “why” that drives a customer’s decision to make a purchase. He used a lively combination of humor, experience, and science to demonstrate how to reframe common scenarios for success and forge a unique roadmap for the road to the sale.

The coaching and development panel session explored topics ranging from dealing with underperforming veteran F&I managers, strategies for facilitating collaboration between the sales department and F&I, and how agents can ensure their efforts are recognized by dealers. ”Communication,” urged panelists, “is key.”

After a lunch that rivaled any Vegas hot spot, names were drawn for two $500 gift cards, courtesy of Old Republic Insured Automotive Services, and two weeklong deep-sea fishing trips, thanks to Performance Automotive Management. The lucky recipients of the gift cards were Glen Tuscan, president, Dealer Commitment Services, and Greg Liverett, vice president of marketing, SGI Services. William Kelly, partner, Automotive Development Group, and Anna McMillan, president, The Milby Group, were thrilled to win the fishing trip prizes.

Jim Maxim Jr., president, MaximTrak, showed agents how to use cutting edge technology to set themselves apart from the competition, increase profits and operate more easily and efficiently. In addition to examining today’s technology landscape in industries across the board, he presented innovative technology solutions for agents and explained how they could be integrated into everyday business.

The technology panel session dissected topics ranging from the impact of compliance on menu usage, to data analytics, and the increasingly popular move towards customer driven presentations in F&I. Panel members were in agreement that in any type of business, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

The day concluded with a drawing for a Surface Pro 3 sponsored by Endurance Dealer Services. Tom Clark, the owner of Prosperity Dealer Services, was named the prizewinner.

Day three of Agent Summit ushered in the second annual agent principal only session, featuring round table discussions during a sponsored breakfast. The new format was informative and engaging with top agents brainstorming solutions for common issues agents face in their day-to-day business operation. Agents entered the room on high alert as they scanned topics by table to decide which one was most relevant to them. After thoughtful collaboration, each table captain shared their group’s recommendations for making the most of the given challenges. Discussion topics included selling in the service drive, provider relations, dealer expectations, effectively managing a remote sales force, staffing, competition and more. As one table captain took the podium, he pointed out the vast amount of wisdom and experience in the room, stating that his table alone represented more than 81 years of collective industry experience.

Show sponsor, ECP, ended the third day by sending several attendees home with new timepieces. Tension filled the room when names were drawn for the recipients of a Tissot Sailing Touch watch, a Luminox Deep Dive watch, and a Rolex Explorer II. Derek Doberstein, account executive, Back End Builders, took home the Tissot; Brian LoBaugh, partner, Auto Group Services pocketed the Luminox; and Mark Swannie, president, Karbiz took home the grand prize Rolex.

At the end of the show, Crisorio shared his thoughts on Agent Summit V with AE, “The feedback I’ve received is scary. We’ve set the bar so high that future Summit planning will be challenging. Nonetheless, I was told over and over again that Agent Summit V was the best industry event EVER! That says it all and is a credit to the industry professionals that left their knowledge and talent on stage.”

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Petrowski, Feldman to Lead Reinsurance Symposium

LAS VEGAS — Organizers of the annual Agent Summit have announced that Greg Petrowski of GPW and Associates Inc. (GPWA) and Brian Feldman, executive vice president of Spencer Re, will headline this year’s Reinsurance Symposium, which is scheduled for Monday, March 2, at the Venetian Palazzo Las Vegas.

The Reinsurance Symposium will kick off with a Meet & Greet With Reinsurance Sponsors at 12:30 p.m. At 1:00 p.m., Petrowski, who serves as GPWA’s senior vice president, secretary and treasurer, will lead a session on controlled foreign corporations (CFCs). He helped spark interest in reinsurance education among agents in 2012, when he appeared in a Q&A-style presentation with Randy Crisorio, president and CEO of United Development Systems Inc., at that year’s Agent Summit. The first Reinsurance Symposium was held the following year.

“Greg is an expert and a thought leader in the reinsurance segment, and we appreciate his continued support of Agent Summit,” said David Gesualdo, show chair and publisher of Agent Entrepreneur and F&I and Showroom. “He is one of the main reasons Reinsurance Symposium is a standing room-only event.”

After a sponsored refreshment break, Feldman will take the stage at 2:10 p.m. to deliver a presentation on non-controlled foreign corporations (NCFCs). A 20-year veteran of the automotive insurance and reinsurance industry, Feldman held executive positions with GMAC Insurance and Allstate Dealer Services before joining Spencer Re.

“Limitless demand from dealers creates limitless opportunities for agents,” Gesualdo said. “Brian is uniquely qualified to get our attendees up to speed on this important component of a mutually beneficial reinsurance program.”

Feldman’s session will conclude at 3:00 p.m., shortly before the commencement of Agent Summit, which will continue through midday Wednesday. The symposium is open to any Agent Summit attendee holding a full show pass.

Crisorio, who also chairs the Agent Summit advisory board, added that he was enthused about the content of the reinsurance presentations, as they will include information that will be new to many in attendance and, as a result, agents will be well-armed to return to their markets with a better-defined strategy to sign more deals.

To register for the event or for more information, visit AgentSummit.com. Attendees who register on or before Feb. 6 will enjoy a $100 early-bird discount. For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, contact Eric Gesualdo via email hidden; JavaScript is required or call 727-612-8826.

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Reinsurance Symposium Boosts Agent Summit Registrations

LAS VEGAS — Organizers of the third annual Agent Summit say the announcement of the first-ever Participation & Reinsurance Symposium has led to a surge in registrations.

“I believe we’ve upgraded our one-of-a-kind event with a one-of-a-kind pre-conference event,” said David Gesualdo, show chair and publisher of F&I and Showroom magazine. “The level of interest from around the industry is truly unprecedented.”

The four-hour symposium is scheduled for Monday, March 4. It will begin at 1 p.m. and conclude shortly before the official opening of Agent Summit, which runs through midday on March 6. The schedule will include four workshops: Retros, Dealer Obligor and Dealer-Owned Warranty Companies, Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs), Non-Controlled Foreign Corporations (NCFCs) and Investing the Cash.

“This single afternoon leading up to the launch of Agent Summit 2013 is clearly a don’t-miss event,” said Randy Crisorio, president and CEO of United Development Systems Inc. and head of the conference’s advisory board. To watch a two-minute video about the symposium featuring Crisorio, click here.

For information about exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, contact David Gesualdo via email hidden; JavaScript is required or call (727) 947-4027.

Click Here to Register Now!

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Reinsurance Symposium to Precede Agent Summit 2013

LAS VEGAS — Organizers of the third annual Agent Summit have announced that the 2013 conference, scheduled for March 4–6 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, will kick off with a half-day reinsurance symposium. The symposium will begin at 12 p.m. on Monday, March 4, and end at 5 p.m., before the opening-night keynote and reception for Agent Summit.

Show chair David Gesualdo said the addition of the reinsurance symposium was spurred by an overwhelming response to “Reinsurance: Painting the Right Picture for Your Dealers,” a one-hour workshop at Agent Summit 2012 that was helmed by United Development Systems’ Randy Crisorio and Greg Petrowski of GPW and Associates.

“Reinsurance is well past the ‘hot topic’ stage in our industry,” Gesualdo said. “It has grown to accommodate more dealers and more types of products. Dealers are profiting. Agents are profiting. And the demand cannot be ignored: We had a packed house for the workshop in March, and the online version is still getting hits.”

The symposium will be emceed by attorney James S. Ganther, Mosaic Compliance Services. “The variety and potential complexity of participation programs make this symposium worthwhile,” said Ganther, “and the enormous level of interest in this topic makes it timely.”

Agent Summit 2013 is scheduled for March 4-6 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Registration will open October 22nd. For information about exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, contact David Gesualdo via email or call (727) 947-4027.

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