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EasyCare Adds Connected Car Expert

NORCROSS, Ga. — Connected car expert Bob Dziadosz has joined EasyCare as a dealer performance driver. The Boston-area native and Babson College graduate is based in New England, where he is already working with dealers to introduce SAVY, EasyCare’s dealer-branded mobile app suite designed to bridge the gap between the customer’s online and in-store car-buying experience.

“Having experience with connected car technology aligns well with my priority at EasyCare, which is to help New England dealers succeed with SAVY,” said Dziadosz. “I’m fortunate to have relationships with dealers who are finding great value in this technology, which significantly expedites the sales process and provides customers a connected vehicle experience that drives them back to their dealership.”

Dziadosz brings a wealth and diversity of experience, EasyCare officials said, including tenures with Unilever, Polaroid and most recently LoJack, where he’s spent the last 16 years of his career. In addition to connected car technology, he has expertise in product launches, category management, business development and channel marketing.

Dziadosz demonstrated SAVY this past March at an exclusive event held during the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) annual convention in Las Vegas, where former J.D. Power CEO Finbarr O’Neill spoke to a room full of dealers about the importance of the customer experience in this age of technology. “SAVY is being so well-received in the marketplace, our goal is to make sure we can get these dealerships launched as quickly as possible,” Dziadosz said.

Scott Jacobsen, national director of business performance for SAVY, added; “We are confident in Bob’s leadership to introduce SAVY in a key market. His expertise in the connected car experience and vehicle telematics will help drive success for EasyCare dealers in New England.”

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Spireon’s Kahu Provides New Revenue Stream for Dealers

IRVINE, Calif. — Spireon Inc., an aftermarket telematics company with more than 2.5 million connected vehicles on the road, announced the release of Kahu, a new service sold exclusively through used-car dealers that allows customers to link their vehicles to their smartphones.

The Kahu service includes a device that connects with the car’s location and trip data once installed. It then relays all of that information to a user’s smartphone app. The Kahu app then displays real-time vehicle information, providing users with access to theft recovery services, driving alerts and more.

“Kahu is the first aftermarket connected vehicle service available exclusively from car dealers,” said Shawn Hansen, Spireon’s CMO. “The thousands of car dealers that use GoldStar GPS for collateral and lot management can easily add Kahu to increase profits, as well as help any car buyer connect their car to the Internet.”

While most connected car services offered today rely on the user connecting a device into a car’s onboard diagnostics port (OBD-II), which can be easily removed by a thief and sometimes voids car manufacturer warranties, the Kahu device is professionally installed by the car dealer, streamlining the setup process so consumers can simply download the app and connect their smartphone to their car.

They service can also be used by dealers to track and manage inventory. They simply partner with Spireon on a one-time install of the GPS tracking device. Dealers can then sell the Kahu mobile app service as an add-on feature, which company officials said would more than cover the installation of the GPS tracking device.

For consumers, the mobile app offers the following services:

  • 24/7 Vehicle Location: The Kahu service is always on, providing quick access to vehicle location through the mobile app.
  • Theft Recovery: Kahu will immediately locate a customer’s vehicle if its stolen. It can also alert local law enforcement authorities. According to company officials, the average recovery time of a stolen vehicle is 26 minutes.
  • Smart Alerts: Kahu offers a geofencing feature that allows users to enter their vehicle’s location, create a geographic boundary around the vehicle and then receive alerts if the car crosses that boundary. Alerts can also be set for specific speed limits or vehicle issues such as low battery.
  • Insurance Discounts: Users can save up to 25% on insurance premiums that offer discounts for cars equipped with theft-recovery devices, according to officials.

For more information, visit www.spireon.com.

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Maximus Auto Group Extends Brand Loyalty For Dealers

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Maximus Auto Group (MAG), the first company of its kind to connect its services to customers via smartphones, has added custom, white-label branding to its patent-pending app, MyCar Mobile. This new feature will allow dealers to match the app’s branding with their dealership’s brand.

“Since we thrive on the loyalty of our agents and dealers, we wanted to help dealerships build customer loyalty as well,” said MAG president Dean Harrison. “The best way to do that is to keep their brand in front of their customers.”

As a national administrator that provides vehicle protection products to dealers nationwide, MAG is the first company in its field to launch an app. Now, any new or used car buyer who purchases a MAG product can download MyCar Mobile; once they open the app, the program will have the familiar appearance of their car dealership and they can use the interface to:

  • View and manage their contracts
  • Connect with their dealership
  • File a new claim
  • Oversee existing claims
  • Communicate with MAG claim reps directly through the app
  • Call emergency roadside assistance

“We want our products to be appealing to agents, dealers and, ultimately, consumers,” Harrison said. “Custom branding was a natural next step toward achieving this goal.”

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A1 Software Announces Mobile Focused CRM

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A1 Software Group announced its new dealership CRM, Selly, a mobile focused, lightweight CRM for automotive sales. Selly is designed for small to medium sized dealerships and was initially distributed as a mobile app.

“The majority of vendors have built complicated systems that have been selling for years with minimal updates and modernization,” said Zach Klempf, CEO of A1 Software Group. “Selly for Automotive will have a simple SaaS pricing structure at a fraction of the cost of other dealership CRM tools.”

Selly automates much of the data entry process by using social media integration and is accessible through the cloud or offline. Because of the mobile nature of the software, the CRM can be used while out in the lot. It is also localized in nine different languages to cater to bilingual sales reps.

A1 is currently looking for small and medium sized dealerships to participate in the beta test for Selly. In order to participate in the program, visit SellyDealer.com.

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NAC Partners With Directed to Provide Smartphone CRM App & Revenue Generator

Columbus, Ohio – NAC, an administrator of vehicle programs and online business solutions, and Directed, a designer and marketer of aftermarket consumer-branded vehicle control and security systems, formed a strategic partnership.

The AutoMate Commercial Auto Program from Directed allows dealers to deliver content and real-time information to their customers. The app, which is customized and branded for each participating dealership, is cloud-linked and includes marketing tools to send e-mail, in-app messaging and SMS service reminders to customers. Value-added features, including one-touch roadside assistance, “SmarkPark,” which helps locate a vehicle in a crowded parking center, dealership inventory search/display and social media buttons help dealerships build loyalty and retention while improving the ownership experience.

“This program energizes an impactful connection between the customer, the dealership and the vehicle using one of the customer’s most valued possessions – a smart phone,” said David Richardson, Commercial Auto Team, Directed. “It’s more than just an app to be used as a dealership marketing tool. The real game changers are the consumer features; the app connects to the vehicle’s fundamental operation and provides safety and other great convenience services, which makes it an app that will be utilized daily!”

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Directed,” said Christina Schrank, president, NAC. “Their innovative products are a staple in the automotive industry. Now, NAC’s agency partners will be able to bring Directed’s loyalty-building, communication tool – The AutoMate App Commercial Auto Program – to all of their dealership clients!”

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RouteOne Releases Updated Mobile App

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mi. – Enhancements to RouteOne’s free iPhone app include the ability to forward ‘sent’ applications to a new finance source, securely text message with supporting finance sources, get payoff quotes, and capture leads into the Lead Manager within RouteOne. This enhanced functionality is also already available on the RouteOne Android app. Also, the app now is optimized for the iPad, making browsing long lists and filling out forms easier.

The additions enhance the base functionality of the app, which allows users to view and manage RouteOne deals and leads and request and view credit scores instantly, whether in the F&I office or outside the dealership. Also, the app will be optimized for use on the iPad and for use with Apple’s Retina displays. In addition to the iPhone app, RouteOne offers a suite of mobile tools, including apps available for use on the Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPod and Windows 7 Phone. RouteOne.net is also compatible with the mobile browsers for Android devices, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and Internet Explorer on Windows Phone.

Users can update their app today or install it by searching for RouteOne in the Apple App Store.

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