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New Firm Focused on Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention and Growth

Chicago – Extended warranty and insurance veteran Mike Frosch launched a new firm to support retailers, manufacturers and affinity companies. The new company, Personal Safeguards Group LLC (PSG), collaboratively develops and implements solutions utilizing warranty and specialty products, designed to support customer acquisition, customer retention and growth.

“In looking across the industry it became clear to me that an opportunity existed to create a new company with a broad reach in the areas of warranty and affinity,” said Frosch. “Today, the industry is broken into individual silos with few truly integrated solutions. I wanted to build a company that brought the best providers for each unique opportunity: the best call center, the best underwriter and the best services firms for example.”

One of the core strengths of PSG is its ability to develop new products to serve retailers, manufacturers and affinity companies through a wide array of partnerships that support warranty and specialty programs. For its partners, PSG provides an outlet to take existing products into new channels and extends beyond traditional extended warranty to include factory warranty, extended warranty and specialty solutions.

PSG helps organizations:

  • Enter a new geography
  • Expand into new product lines
  • Evaluate financial and compliance structures
  • Develop new warranty and affinity products
  • Insource/outsource warranty process areas
  • Benchmark operational and financial structures

Frosch brings more than 25 years of experience in the warranty and specialty products industries. Prior to forming PSG, he was president of The Warranty Group (formerly Aon Warranty Group) and Virginia Surety Co. Inc. He has also served as executive vice president of Niteo Partners, a professional services arm of NEC Corp. of America, and is currently a member of the Global Warranty and Service Contract Association Advisory Board.

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