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MediaTrac Introduces New ‘BeBack’ Program

SAN RAMON – MediaTrac announced the launch of the BeBack Program, a vehicle sales inducement program designed to target potential buyers that might not have purchased a product on their most recent visit to the dealership, reported F&I and Showroom magazine.

The BeBack program aims to help drive lost sales opportunities back into auto dealerships by providing the buyer with an immediate, customer-centric, valuable reason to return to the store and make a purchase, according to the company.

“Our new BeBack program has been highly effective in the beta dealerships,” said Jeff Shenk, director of operations at MediaTrac. “In fact, one Toyota dealership sold 10 new Toyotas in the first 10 days on the program as a direct result of the BeBack card.”

The BeBack Program allows each dealership to select an incentive value, issue it in the form of a time-restricted, redeemable card and offer it to customers as a sales incentive to entice them to return within a specified period of time to make a purchase. The BeBack card resembles a gift card with the dealership’s brand displayed and can have a variety of different denominations. The dealership also chooses the discount value offered to each prospective buyer.

Following their initial visit to the dealership and the issue of a BeBack card, a series of communications are sent to prospects to entice them back into the dealership. The first of these communications is a quick email survey that seeks to determine why the customer did not make a purchase.

“Prospects decide where to buy in part based on the speed and quality of sales follow-up. Statistics prove that if you can get your prospects back to your store quickly, you will have a much better chance of closing the sale,” said Shenk. “We deliver the right communications at the right time to entice your customers to return. And whether it is sitting in your prospect’s wallet or purse — or even on their dresser at home — the BeBack card is a concrete reminder of the value of doing business with your dealership.”

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Ken Garff Automotive Group Selects MediaTrac’s Maintenance Program

SAN RAMON – Ken Garff Automotive Group has selected MediaTrac’s UltraCare Preventive Maintenance solution to help grow its service revenue and boost customer retention.

The UltraCare Preventive Maintenance solution can be administered and sold in the F&I and service departments.

“From the results UltraCare has shown us, this will be a great customer retention tool. It should increase customer visit frequency and our overall vehicle service contract effectiveness, while providing more value for our customers,” said Danny Cox, corporate F&I director at Ken Garff Automotive Group. “I’m very excited and look forward to the results I am certain we will soon enjoy.”

The dealer group began as a single-car dealership in downtown Salt Lake City in 1932, and now has more than 35 new- and used-vehicle locations throughout the U.S., reported F&I and Showroom.

MediaTrac, a marketing technology company, introduced the UltraCare program eight months ago and has since enrolled more than 200 individual dealerships. While current industry statistics indicate that roughly one in five customers return to the dealership for service, UltraCare plan holders are visiting their servicing dealers at a rate of 72 percent. Customers that return to the dealership to redeem their plan elements also purchase incremental retail service about 90 percent of the time. In addition to the increased visit frequency, UltraCare plan holders are averaging incremental retail service up-sell of $128 per visit.

According to MediaTrac, a dealer who writes 1,500 repair orders a month can easily sell 150-200 maintenance policies just by asking the customer. In the F&I department, it takes a 500 to 600 unit store to generate the same 200 maintenance policies.

“Our dealer clients have made UltraCare a new revenue source for the service department as more and more plans are sold in the service lane when compared to the F&I department.

Customers are more likely to purchase a maintenance plan in service when they don’t have competing F&I products to consider and the loan to value issue is gone,” said Michael Gorun, managing partner at MediaTrac.

UltraCare’s Web-based technology allows auto dealerships to create, manage and market their own branded, in-house prepaid maintenance program while holding all of the program revenue and managing the net service costs to the customer. What makes this attractive to the retail customer is that the dealer can offer a more robust, value-driven plan that customers purchase with higher frequency than those administered through an independent third-party provider.

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MediaTrac Selects SEcureData Solution from StoneEagle

DALLAS — MediaTrac LLC, an automotive retail marketing company, has selected SEcureData from StoneEagle to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely data from its clients’ dealership management systems (DMS).

Automotive dealers use the DMS according to their individual business practices; consequently, the data format is inconsistent across the market. StoneEagle’s SEcureData solution aggregates and standardizes data from numerous DMS types, and delivers it to applications such as MediaTrac. SEcureData provides MediaTrac with the data necessary to deliver effective customer loyalty programs on behalf of its client dealers.

The LoyaltyTrac customer retention program can automatically filter and market to a dealer’s customers based solely on their past purchase habits. Dealerships are now realizing that building meaningful customer relationships while providing some form of member equity will lead to long-term success. MediaTrac expects to reach the 6 million member plateau before the end of 2009.

“The ability of StoneEagle to retrieve and deliver DMS data is very helpful to MediaTrac,” said Jeff Shenk, director of operations for MediaTrac. “Our goal is to supply dealers with the very best in technology to help improve customer loyalty and we are excited to have StoneEagle as a technology partner.”

“The SEcureData solution is hosted and managed by StoneEagle to provide our clients with the highest levels of security, reliability and scalability,” said Jason Gillette, director of sales and marketing for The StoneEagle Group. “The data processing and quality assurance measures we have implemented, coupled with our ability to tailor a solution around a client’s specific business rules, provides a winning scenario for companies offering software applications to the automotive industry.”

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