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MBPI Program Innovation Generates Waves with Partners, Dealers and Consumers

Lee’s Summit, Mo. — Mechanical Breakdown Protection Inc. (MBPI) produced a major profit opportunity for its dealerships and agents with its “Add on Wrap Plus” program. The program has been gaining momentum in the vehicle service contract industry due to its sale date start, extended terms, comprehensive coverage and affordable pricing.

Traditional wrap plans mirror a manufacturer’s powertrain warranty, but they offer additional component protection and go beyond the manufacturer’s expiration date. The drawback is that they can have limited terms due to their in-service date start. Agents and dealers have been attracted to the concept of a sale date start wrap plan, which is now offered by MBPI’s Add on Wrap Plus program. Now, with the Add on Wrap Plus program, a four year old vehicle can receive up to five years of wrap coverage, rather than a maximum of three to four years for most other plans. Furthermore, consumers are able to enjoy the benefits of comprehensive coverage, which protects all mechanical components aside from a few named exclusions.

Boosted by the advantage of a sale date wrap, MBPI’s dealerships have seen a significant rise in contract sales. MBPI agents are also reporting significant intrigue from potential dealerships as a direct result of the Add on Wrap Plus program. With this new profit opportunity and value that MBPI’s Add on Wrap Plus program is offering, the expectation is that more will be drawn to MBPI’ service contracts.

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Efficiency Expected to Soar for MBPI Vehicle Service Contract Partners

Lee’s Summit, Mo. – Mechanical Breakdown Protection Inc. (MBPI), an extended vehicle service contract provider for the automotive industry, enhanced its agents’ efficiency and profit potential with its new agent/dealer portal launch, called Protection Connection. Protection Connection brings agents 24/7 mobile, desktop, and tablet access to real-time analytical and client focused data for their dealerships.

Improved efficiency is expected for all participating MBPI agents due to the readily available dealership information regarding sales trends, contract activity, claims history and loss ratios for MBPI Preferred and Extra vehicle service contracts, GAP and DentGuard. Agents now have the ability to access real-time month to date and year-to-date data for all of their dealers from their mobile device, desktop or tablet 24/7. Analysis of monthly and yearly sales trends, claims and loss ratios are presented in clear numeric and graph formats, letting agents manage their accounts more efficiently and with greater impact.

Furthermore, rate card requests, supply requests, company news, marketing materials, training materials and the ability to leave feedback are all available directly through Protection Connection. As a result, time spent resolving issues and managing everyday responsibilities at current dealerships will be reduced. MBPI’s national sales manager, Barry Kindler, said, “The expectation is that the cutting edge Protection Connection model will allow agents to spend less time managing accounts and more time acquiring new accounts.”

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Online Identity Could Yield Big Dividends for MBPI

Lee’s Summit, Mo. – Mechanical Breakdown Protection Inc. (MBPI), an extended vehicle service contract provider for the automotive industry, launched a new client focused and consumer focused online presence. This new synergy of an enhanced Web site, a new Facebook presence, and a new LinkedIn presence is expected to drive brand awareness and enrich client and consumer engagement with MBPI.

What MBPI’s new online identity brings to the table is an enhanced user interface and a more expansive source of product knowledge that will allow for a more fulfilling online experience for dealerships, agents and consumers. While prominent in certain sectors, MBPI anticipates its preferred vehicle service contracts, extra vehicle service contracts, GAP coverage and dent coverage will gain a more widespread brand notoriety due to the increased visibility that their online identity will bring. Product features and benefits are now more accessible than ever before, creating additional ways for consumers, agents and dealers to engage with MBPI and discover how MBPI can benefit them.

“Our online visitors will now experience a more pleasing and information-filled site,” said Kevin Orr, president. “Our new home in cyberspace creates a more rewarding experience for consumers, agents and dealers, who now have the opportunity to really see the strength of our products and our brand.”

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