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Joe Verde Distributing Free Books To Australian Dealers

ORANGE COUNTY – Legendary U.S. automotive sales training expert and author, Joe Verde, is now distributing to Australian dealers complimentary copies of his book that helped countless North American dealerships survive and grow in the wake of the recession.

When Verde wrote “A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery & Growth In Today’s Market” in in the first quarter of 2009, it quickly became a lifeline to an industry reeling from months of economic bad news and cautious prospects. It did not matter whether a dealership was located in New York, Texas or British Columbia, countless dealers and managers used the book to jumpstart their growth.

“I’ve held training workshops in Australia and it’s clear the issues affecting dealers are the same as dealerships in the U.S. and Canada,” said Verde, president, Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. “Dealership personnel are looking to their dealer for the vision of how to increase sales and my book is a step-by-step guide that provides them with a practical, repeatable plan of action that leads to immediate, and dramatic results.”

Verde started in the car business in the early 1970s as a salesperson. He has been a manager, a dealer principal – and for the last 25 years – head of the largest automotive sales and management training company in North America.

In addition to his sales and management training books and workshops, Verde also pioneered virtual sales training in the automotive business with JVTN.com, which is available worldwide. JVTN® provides dealerships with quick and easy access to a complete training program for all their employees in sales, sales management, finance, service and administration.

JVTN® subscribers have 24/7 access to the new Version 10 of the best sales and management training content online, including such essential Joe Verde content as “Closing The Sale & Overcoming Objections”, “Fast Start to Selling Cars For Salespeople” and “How To Follow Up, Prospect And Retain Customers In Today’s Market.”

In addition to sales, management, finance and service training content, JVTN® features Role Play Sessions where students can practice on virtual customers, fun and competitive timed Power Drill Games and management reporting tools.

Australian dealerships can expect to receive their free book in the mail by the first half of April, 2011. Dealers and managers who did not receive their complimentary book can order a copy online at www.joeverde.com/australia. To get a free 72-hour test drive of Verde’s online sales training network visit www.jvtn.com or call (949) 489-3780.

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Joe Verde Releases Pocket-Sized Weekly Planning Guide

ORANGE COUNTY – There is nothing more discouraging for most salespeople than working long hours, forgetting appointments and missing sales because of one simple reality: they struggle to organize and plan their daily activities. It is exactly for this reason Joe Verde created his new Weekly Planning Guide (WPG) for salespeople.

“Here’s a reality check for salespeople,” said Verde. “If you don’t learn much about selling and just hang around, wait for an ‘up’ and wing it every day, you’ll end up putting in brutal hours, and selling cars will be one of the lowest paying, toughest, and most frustrating jobs you’ve ever had. But when you organize your day, you’ll immediately start selling more units and earning bigger paychecks and spend less time doing it.”

Verde said the WPG is easy-to-use because it was designed to fit into a shirt pocket and allows salespeople to quickly record prospect contact info, log sales and keep appointments. The WPG also serves as a weekly ‘on the lot’ companion to Joe Verde’s Monthly Planning Guide (MPG) and his Web-based automotive CRM, the Virtual Sales Assistant® (VSA®).

The VSA®, along with the MPG and now the WPG, are the result of the tried and proven methods Verde learned as a salesperson selling cars.

“I spent five years struggling to average eight units a month, quit, took two years off, then learned how to sell and manage my career in sales,” Verde said. “When I started selling cars again, I sold more units and earned more money in just seven months, than I had sold and earned in my first five years combined.” Verde added that the planning system he developed in those years – which ultimately became the VSA®, MPG and the new Weekly Planning Guide – was the key to his success selling cars.

To learn about Joe Verde’s virtual automotive sales training programs online, visit www.jvtn.com or call (800) 445-6217. For information about Joe Verde workshops and training products, visit the Web at www.joeverde.com.

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Joe Verde To Speak About ‘New Basics’ At Digital Dealer

ORANGE COUNTY – Consumers have had to adapt to a rapidly changing market and car buyers in the nation’s showrooms are no exception. Automotive sales training expert and author Joe Verde will outline how to sell to this new buyer during his workshop at the 10th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition April 19-21 in Orlando, Fla.

The Conference will be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Verde will conduct a workshop titled, “The New Basics™ of Selling,” on Tuesday, April 19 from 3pm to 3:50pm in room #123. The workshop is designed to help attendees learn The New Basics™ of selling so they can help their salespeople turn more shoppers into buyers, and ultimately, into loyal repeat customers.

“‘Old school’ selling skills and methods don’t work today – and dealers and managers at Digital Dealer understand this,” said Verde, President, Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. “The problem is, the term ‘Old School’ now refers to how dealerships were selling and managing just 3 or 4 years ago, not 10 or 20 years ago. Dealerships that implement my new 8-step process will sell more units and with a higher gross profit per vehicle.”

Some of the highlights of Verde’s workshop will include why dealerships need to change how they sell, how customers have changed in the last three years and what The New Basics™ of selling are and why managers and salespeople need to know them.

Convention attendees will also have an opportunity to pick up complimentary copies of Verde’s new book for salespeople, “Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars – Every Year”, along with his newest book for dealers and managers, “A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery & Growth”.

Last fall’s Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas, Nev., drew more than 850 dealership attendees from 48 U.S. states, from Canada, Brazil and the Netherlands. In addition, the 2010 fall conference hosted 70 sessions, including a workshop by Joe Verde.

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Joe Verde to Debut New Automotive Sales Book at NADA

Orange County – Joe Verde will debut his new book for automotive salespeople, Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars – Every Year, at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention and expo in San Francisco, Feb. 5-7. Attendees can pick up a free copy of the book at the company’s booth #3629N.

Verde is the top sales trainer in the car business and he wrote this book to help new and experienced salespeople earn six figures selling cars. The book will be free throughout the month of February as a way of giving back to the industry he’s been involved with since the early 1970s.

The new book is a companion piece to the book Verde published in 2009 for dealers and managers, A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery & Growth In Today’s Market. “I wrote ‘Recovery & Growth’ in 2009 as a way to help dealers and managers plan for long term, continuous growth in the wake of the recession,” he said. “With my new book, I switched my focus to salespeople – 80% of which never receive any training before they hit the lot. I wanted to help them develop their daily selling activities so that they can sell more units each month and start earning big pay checks.”

In addition to the free book, NADA attendees will have the opportunity to win a free Apple iPad tablet computer at the company’s booth #3629N. The iPad comes pre-loaded with a variety of Joe Verde training content, including E-book versions of “Recovery And Growth,” and “Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars – Every Year”, along with easy desktop access to JVTN.com, the industry’s first virtual sales training network.

Beginning Feb. 1, 2011, visitors to www.joeverde.com can preorder a free copy (shipping cost not included) directly from the home page. Shipments will begin after the NADA show.

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Joe Verde Named Keynote Speaker For Agent Summit

LAS VEGAS – Trainer and author Joe Verde will serve as opening keynote speaker for the first-ever Agent Summit, to be held in Las Vegas in March 2011. The president of the San Juan Capistrano, Calif.-based Joe Verde Group is expected to discuss the role played by general agents in the auto retail marketplace.

“We are honored to have Joe set the tone for our first agents-only show,” said David Gesualdo, show chair and publisher of the event’s media sponsor, F&I and Showroom. “He has spent the past 25 years working directly with dealers and agents across the country, and he understands how important those partnerships have become.”

A former salesperson, manager and dealer, Verde counts more than half of the United States’ Top 500 dealers and most of the Top 100 Internet dealers among his clients. He also founded a pioneering virtual training resource, JVTN.com, and has authored two books, A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery & Growth and How to Sell a Car Today.

“I’m looking forward to seeing everybody next March at the show,” Verde said. “We’re going to talk about helping your dealers from recovery and into growth and covering the processes for leadership, sales management, professional selling, closing and negotiation — all the tools they need to move their teams to greater success, year after year.”

For more information please visit: www.agentsummit.com

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Retaining Customers Starts with Retaining Good Salespeople

In this market, more dealerships are beginning to realize the value of building a customer base. When the economy went south, dealers started looking harder at expenses and realized the real cost benefits and additional profits from working within their existing customer and prospect base instead of trying to ‘buy’ more people on the lot through expensive traditional advertising.

Oops, as usual, there’s a problem: there are a couple of catches to retaining customers. A CRM tool and an effective follow-up process are a great start, but many other areas still affect retention. Follow-up, by itself, is insufficient to control growth.

So this month let’s take a closer look at how your turnover in the sales department affects the total retention in your dealership.

One reason walk-in traffic is so much tougher to close is because those potential customers you got to your lot through your expensive traditional advertising don’t like you, don’t know you and don’t trust you, at least not when they first walk on the lot. Knowing, liking and trusting you are feelings that have to be developed.

That’s why the sales process is so critical. For example, Joe Verde’s Training Network is designed so that salespeople can take each customer they meet through a step-by-step process of making a great first impression, building rapport, investigating to find that particular customer’s buying wants and needs, and then through an effective presentation and closing process, turning 57 percent of them into a buyer 100+ minutes later.

Every time you lose a salesperson, though, two things happen:

  1. You lose the follow-up and retention skills that person had.
  2. You lose that like, trust and respect bond your customer had with that person.

The end result of both problems means you become trapped in the “high ad expense/low sales percent to traffic volume/minimal retention” cycle almost every dealership is in today.

Why do you lose sales with turnover?

Again, the answer is in the statistics: 71 percent buy because they like the person they deal with. And other studies have shown that people consistently buy from people they are most familiar with even whey they don’t really like them. Remember that old saying about “The devil you know…”

In fact, if you’ll think back to when you were selling, you’ll remember many customers who came on the lot asking for “Bob.” You said, “Bob isn’t with us any longer. How can I help you?” They said, “Oh, that’s OK, we were just driving by – no big deal, we’ll stop in some other time.”

Why did they leave and buy down the street? Because even if you could easily outsell Bob, they were comfortable with him and not with you, so they made an excuse and left.

Turnover of salespeople happens for the following reasons:

  • Poor recruiting, interviewing and hiring processes lead to too many mis-hires and you end up with people on the line who shouldn’t be in sales, or shouldn’t be working with your team and your philosophy.
  • Lack of effective initial training for new hires (experienced and inexperienced) on the three areas that totally control your sales and profits, which means they won’t sell enough to keep working for you. Those three critical areas:
    1) Learning to develop business on their own to put more ‘expense free’ traffic on your lot.
    2) Selling more of the people who are on your lot now to generate more sales with no new expense.
    3) Retaining 75 percent of your customers forever to provide an endless supply of future traffic, sales and profits.
  • Virtually no continuing education on a daily or any other regular basis to even maintain, much less continue to improve, their skills.
  • No daily tracking to monitor salespeople’s activities, which means you can’t manage their activities to increase their production.
  • No daily coaching by management to maintain or improve their skills.
  • No accountability to do their jobs.

How do these problems create turnover?

Turnover means you fire them or they quit, and turnover is almost always tied directly to production; they don’t earn enough personally, so they quit – or they don’t sell enough and you fire them. Look back through the list above and circle every area that will affect the salesperson’s production and you’ll spot why they don’t sell more and why you have turnover.

Every problem on the list is actually a management problem, not a salesperson problem. Managers never received their initial training, continuing education or coaching by the dealer or upper management – so even if you and your managers recognize a problem above, they can’t fix it because they don’t know how. When you look to the core of virtually all of your problems, it’s always management and never the market, the weather or your salespeople.

Managers have to get proper education on their core skills, too. To be productive, every manager on your team has to learn how to

  • Establish the processes and procedures that will help you reach your goals today and to ensure continuous growth. This isn’t rocket science; it is just establishing common sense best practices on how salespeople should do their job. Right now, with no processes and no requirements, almost every salesperson is just doing their thing until you fire them or they quit. Again, this is about their overall lack of production.
  • Recruit, interview and hire qualified people who can be taught and managed each day to follow those best practices. Managers hire the wrong people because they don’t know how to find, interview and hire the candidates most likely to succeed.
  • Train every new hire initially before they start selling, whether they’re new or have 20 year experience. They have to teach everyone how to sell based on the “best practices” you adopt for your dealership.
  • Become effective coaches, not bosses. Bosses don’t develop their people and drive continuous improvement – only coaches can pull that off. Bosses swear they’re working with a bunch of idiots – coaches know what to do so they can turn them into professionals.
  • Track and monitor every activity salespeople are supposed to accomplish each day. If salespeople don’t follow up with working prospects, it’s because they don’t know how, nobody’s looking and/or there’s no accountability.
  • Set clear, realistic and achievable goals for the dealership and then train and manage the salespeople on the specific skills and activities they’ll have to accomplish to reach those goals.
  • Motivate, rather than de-motivate, salespeople. During training sessions, I ask dealers and managers to consider whether they motivate or de-motivate their salespeople and it comes out to about five to one; that kills your chances of greater success.

What’s the immediate solution?

Teamwork and leadership are the two critical traits you need to start growing and improving. The common problem is that because things have been “how they are now” (status quo) in your dealership for so long, 99 percent of you can’t and won’t develop the teamwork and leadership you need without a third-party influence. You need somebody else to remind your management team of why it’s critical and how to pull it off in spite of the internal perceptions your management team works with now.

All of our most successful dealerships start with management training. You can easily improve your sales and profits as long as you’re willing to personally grow and improve. A good start is to get copies of my free book for every manager on your team.

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