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F&I Express® Names Gary Peek Chief Information Officer

GRAPEVINE, Texas – Intersection Technologies Inc.- F&I Express is thrilled to announce that Gary Peek has joined the business team as Chief Information Officer. Peek will be a key contributor to the direction and planning of the strategic growth of F&I Express, including the development of expanded technology solutions to help continually drive innovation in the marketplace. Peek will be responsible for managing all aspects of information technology and shape product vision and technology strategy.

“I am excited to join F&I Express and be a part of the rapid growth that the company is experiencing and to work with Brian Reed, an automotive industry veteran,” said Gary Peek, CIO of F&I Express. “The F&I technologies that are being built for lenders, dealerships, and aftermarket providers is changing rapidly, and I am confident that F&I Express will continue to be at the forefront of companies providing software and services in this vertical.”

Peek brings more than 20 years of experience in the vertical market software industry including strategic planning, mergers/acquisitions, business development, and product and software engineering strategies to F&I Express. Before he joined F&I Express, Peek served as the Vice President of IT Business Solutions for Rent-A-Center, Inc. (RAC) where he managed a large technology team providing application development, quality control, product management, solution architecture, and enterprise data services across multiple business units. Prior to RAC, Peek was responsible for strategy, business case development, and global vendor management for technologies used by KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell restaurants outside the U.S. as the Director of Restaurant Technology Strategy for Yum! Restaurants International. Peek has also founded and grown highly successful software companies from the ground up with technologies primarily focused on the restaurant industry being used by companies around the globe.

F&I Express is also happy to welcome Mike Llewellyn to the F&I Express team. As the Express Recoveries Product Manager, he will be instrumental in supporting and leading the overall growth of the business for this complete solution for streamlined, compliant eCancellations. Llewellyn will work closely with customers and across technology and account management teams to ensure customer needs are met and solution strategies are successful.

“I am ecstatic to be part of the dynamic growth at F&I Express, joining this extremely passionate and talented team,” said Mike Llewellyn, Express Recoveries Product Manager, F&I Express. “I am focused on further enhancing one of our best-in-class solutions, Express Recoveries, enabling lenders and dealers to obtain aftermarket product cancellations and refund data, while solving business problems that arise in our ever-changing marketplace landscape.”

Llewellyn has over 20 years of experience in Product Management and a history of customer-centric focus in e-commerce environments. Llewellyn held a number of roles at Sabre Airline Solutions before joining F&I Express, from Manager, Solution Marketing Ancillary Sales to Manager, Solution Marketing Self-Service to Manager, E-Commerce Delivery. He successfully led e-commerce airline booking portals at global airlines as well as promoted new features driving an increase of ancillary revenues for airlines. Llewellyn also reinvigorated the revolutionary MySabre agency point-of-sale portal with product enhancements, increasing adoption by 57%. Prior to Sabre, Llewellyn was an Account Executive at American Airlines where he was recognized with both the Circle of Distinction and Bulls Eye awards for outstanding sales growth and visionary leadership.

“We are excited to welcome Gary Peek to our business team as Chief Information Officer at F&I Express. He will be key to our strategic growth plan to expand and improve our technology solutions at an explosive rate,” said Brian Reed, President and CEO of F&I Express. “Mike Llewellyn will be another valuable addition to the F&I Express team. We look forward to the contribution he will make to further develop the success of our eCancellation solution, Express Recoveries.”

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F&I Express Adds Portfolio to Aftermarket eContracting Platform

Southlake, Texas — Intersection Technologies Inc. – F&I Express added Portfolio to its aftermarket eContracting platform. “We are very excited to partner with a world class company like F&I Express to advance the Portfolio platform in the market,” said Dan Haugen, COO, Portfolio. “Their technology solutions and ease of integration made for rapid speed to market.”

Portfolio, a provider of reinsurance programs for more than 18 years, offers dealers quarterly cession reports for constant monitoring and growth partnership. The integration with F&I Express will now allow dealers to have a one-stop shop to electronically contract all of their aftermarket products, in addition to access to real-time customized reporting, officials said.

“Portfolio is a fantastic addition to the F&I Express,” said Brian Reed, president and CEO, Intersection Technologies Inc. – F&I Express. “The F&I Express platform will give their dealers and agents an easy way to prepare their contracts and remit their forms electronically. Like Portfolio, F&I Express stresses the deep relationships with agents and dealers that are critical in the aftermarket F&I industry.”

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Motorize Debuts Interactive F&I Menu with F&I Express Integration

Baltimore, Md. – Motorize debuted the latest product in their suite of Web- and mobile-based automotive services, the Motorize F&I Menu. The new menu for automotive and motorsports dealerships offers F&I products to buyers in a consumer-friendly manner, and at the same time increases the dealership’s PRU (per retail unit) and PPRU (product per retail unit) while reducing its overhead costs.

The Motorize F&I Menu helps automotive and motorsports dealers sell F&I products such as extended warranties, maintenance & service programs and other ownership insurance products. The menu provides sales and finance personnel a wealth of utilities to inform customers of their available products and programs to protect their new purchases, which in turn generate more revenue for the dealerships and their partners.

“One of the things that makes the Motorize F&I Menu truly unique is that we were able to combine the knowledge of F&I managers and product agents with modern user experience techniques and cutting-edge programming. In the end, this combination of knowledge and technology enabled us to create a product that has been tested and proven to increase PRU and PPRU while giving car buyers more peace of mind,” said Scott Ferber, chairman and co-founder, Motorize.

Through Motorize’s partnership with F&I Express, the menu offers product rating – not just for vehicle service contracts, but for all types of F&I products – combined with eContracting. eContracting expedites coverage for purchased products and reduces both the number of errors and the overhead costs of manual remittance, common challenges in the industry.

“The integration of F&I Express and Motorize is a win-win for dealers across the board,” said Brian Reed, CEO, Intersection Technologies Inc. “The partnership strengthens the aftermarket industry by streamlining the F&I department through eContracting, saving time and money by using one sign-on to access all F&I products, eliminating redundant data entry and producing error-free contracts every time.”

Gary Crossley Ford, one of Motorize’s inaugural clients and an early pilot testing partner dealership, has seen tangible success and increased F&I product sales which they directly attribute to the Motorize F&I Menu. “Since we began using the Motorize Menu platform eight months ago, we have increased our PRU by $400 and our PPRU by 26%. We used to use another menu provider, but we are really glad we switched [to Motorize],” said Ben Pacheco, general sales manager, Gary Crossley Ford. “Its ease-of-use and interactive nature have really hit home with our customers.”

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Intersection Technologies Inc. Closes Series B Financing

San Pedro, Ca. – Intersection Technologies Inc. recently closed a Series B Financing, led by AutoTrader Group. Proceeds from the transaction will be used to accelerate growth and continue market penetration of the company’s core products, F&I Express, ExpressTablet, and ExpressRecoveries. As a part of the transaction, AutoTrader Group will have one seat on the five-person board of directors.

“We are extremely excited about AutoTrader Group’s investment and board membership in Intersection Technologies Inc.,” said Brian Reed, President and CEO, Intersection Technologies. “AutoTrader Group’s related companies have long-standing relationships with automobile dealers, which represent a major customer segment of Intersection Technologies Inc.

“AutoTrader Group strives to invest in product and technology innovators in the automotive market and that was what drove our decision to invest in Intersection Technologies Inc.” said Joe George, Senior Vice President, Strategy, AutoTrader Group.

As part of their continued nationwide growth, Intersection Technologies recently opened a new operations center in Southlake, Texas. The company has been in business since 2008 and operates in both the United States and Canada and is dedicated to the development of new technologies that support hundreds of dealerships, more than 55 aftermarket product providers, automotive finance sources and other automotive-related companies.

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Intersection Technologies Adds Protective VSCs and GAP Products to e-Contracting Platform

PALOS VERDES – Intersection Technologies, Inc. announced it has aligned with Protective Life’s Asset Protection Division to add Protective’s finance and insurance products to Intersection Technologies’ aftermarket, e-contracting platform: F&I Express.

This e-contracting platform enhances the dealership’s ability to electronically rate and sign up a customer for one of Protective’s products during a sale.

Dealer customers of F&I Express will have online access to Protective’s VSC and GAP products through F&I Express. The process requires no redundant data entry for the dealer, and offers an intuitive user interface.

Protective was voted the 2011 Diamond Award winner by Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine positioning them as one of the premier VSC companies in the United States.

“F&I Express is very pleased to offer full e-contracting capabilities to Protective and its distribution network,” said Brian Reed, CEO and President of Intersection Technologies. “We make the F&I Express platform the easiest way for Protective dealers to e-contract their aftermarket products.”

”F&I Express has proven itself one of the premier technology providers to auto dealers,” said Rick Kurtz, VP – Dealer Services. “Their commitment to providing the highest quality service is a strong compliment to our 49-year history of service to our dealers across the Unites States and Canada.”

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F&I Express Adds NAC Vehicle Service Contracts to its e-Contracting Platform

PALOS VERDES – Intersection Technologies, Inc and its aftermarket industry leading e-contracting platform of F&I Express has entered into agreement and has added NAC Vehicle Service Contracts to its e-contracting platform.

F&I Express is an e-contracting platform for the aftermarket F&I marketplace. It provides the dealer one place to go to rate, e-contract and e-sign for all of their aftermarket F&I product administrators and providers.

The addition of NAC Vehicle Service Contracts on the F&I Express platform will enable NAC dealers to econtract NAC Vehicle Service contracts along with other ancillary F&I products that they may sell. The F&I Express process requires no redundant data entry for the dealer along with a great User Interface to make the process very easy.

Over the coming months F&I Express will be aggregating additional aftermarket administrators on its platform to make it one place for a dealer to go for all of their aftermarket products needs.

“The addition of NAC to the F&I Express platform enables both F&I Express and NAC to provide dealers more alternatives to efficiently and effectively electronically process aftermarket F&I products,” says Brian Reed CEO and President of Intersection Technologies.

“Our goal is to make the F&I Express platform the easiest way for dealers to e-contract all of their aftermarket products,” Reed said.

Commenting on joining the platform, Christina Schrank, Vice President of Marketing, with NAC stated, “NAC is excited about our partnership with Intersection Technologies, Inc as this will provide our mutual customers nationwide greater efficiency which in turn will positively affect their profitability.”

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