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Study: Dealerships Missing Out With Facebook Messenger, After-Hour Leads

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Only 16% of the 1,500 dealerships mystery-shopped by Digital Air Strike responded to internet leads within 15 minutes and 18% didn’t respond at all. The findings are part of the social media firm’s 2018 Mystery Shop Study, which was conducted over a four-month period and included leads submitted on a dealers’ websites and through Facebook’s Messenger app.

While the remaining 66% of dealers did respond to the test leads submitted, Digital Air Strike noted that industry best practices indicate that a customer is three times more likely to visit the dealership when a lead is responded to within 10 minutes.

“We wanted to get a better understanding of how dealers truly respond to leads,” said Alexi Venneri, co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike. “The results reveal a tremendous opportunity for dealerships and manufacturers to improve their lead responses, including increased use of Facebook Messenger combined with the power of Facebook Marketplace, and to leverage more engagement tools such as financing calculators, vehicle photos/video and after-hours quoting tools that can bridge the gaps we found in automotive consumer interactions.”

As part of its mystery-shop, the social media firm sent tested dealers a specific vehicle request that included questions that required specific answers. The top dealership ranked by OEM that responded with the information requested and did so within 15 minutes included Fiat at 34%; Toyota at 20%; Mercedes at 18%; Ford at 17%; and BMW at 16%. The average time across all stores and all OEMs to respond to a lead was more than 24 hours, with some dealers taking up to four days to respond. Additionally, only 36% of dealers shopped responded to requests submitted afterhours.

“This potentially represents lost business as multiple manufacturers have stated that up to 40% of all consumer leads are submitted when dealerships are closed,” the firm noted in its press release. “Consumers are shopping after work when no one is at the dealership to respond; however, there are innovative tools that can provide intelligent responses to consumers even after hours.”

The mystery-shop also revealed that 64% of dealerships didn’t respond to leads on Facebook Messenger, which 1.3 billion consumers use as a direct line to reach business. Making that connection even more relevant is Facebook Marketplace, which allows pre-owned vehicle inventory to automatically be showcased to consumers closest to dealerships.

“Whether it is a lack of knowledge or ability to leverage this powerful tool, many dealers are missing sales if they don’t respond to consumers on Facebook,” the firm noted. “Consumer use of Facebook Messenger is exploding and, according to Facebook, “autos” is one of the most popular categories on Facebook Marketplace with millions of Americans looking at vehicles each day.”

According to study results, only 25% of dealerships provided pre-owned vehicle options, and only 15% provided additional new-vehicle options. That means that 85% of dealerships are missing the opportunity to give customers options that may be better suited to their budgets.

“According to multiple industry sources, up to 45% of all consumers end up purchasing a different vehicle than the one they originally inquire about, so providing multiple vehicle choices in a response to a consumer has been shown to increase the chances of closing a deal with that consumer,” Digital Air Strike noted.

Additionally, 53% of dealerships shopped by the social media firm did not respond with a price or any vehicle information despite requests for that information. And only 31% of those that did provided included lease and rebate information.

As for content included in dealers’ responses, only 19% included vehicle photos and only 1% included video in their response. The firm pointed to findings in its sixth annual Automotive Social Media Trends Study as evidence that content does matter, with 48% of car buyers saying a faster and more detailed response that includes actual vehicle photos and video would make them buy from one dealership over another.

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CDK Global, CarGurus Partner on New Marketing Solutions

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. — CDK Global today announced a strategic relationship with online automotive marketplace CarGurus. Through this collaboration, users of CDK websites will gain exposure for their inventory on CarGurus.com as well as leads from CarGurus shoppers.

CDK will also leverage CarGurus’ anonymized, aggregated data in its suite of automotive digital marketing solutions, allowing the company to create personalized shopping experiences and cross-site consumer behavior attribution.

“We are excited to be able to offer our dealers more leads and more inventory exposure through CarGurus based on our new integration,” stated Max Steckler, product officer for CDK Global. “The CDK Customer Cloud becomes that much more powerful in being able to deliver more targeted and personalized messaging with the addition of CarGurus data.”

The integration also allows dealers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of anonymous in-market consumer behavior across the CDK website eco-system, the CarGurus.com website, and manufacturer, regional and group websites. Car dealers with CDK websites will now be able to precisely target personalized content on their own websites to interested shoppers who previously visited CarGurus – even if they never looked at a specific car on the dealer’s site.

CarGurus uses proprietary technology and data analytics to help shoppers search more than five million car listings and quickly identify great deals from top-rated dealers in their local areas. CarGurus.com now attracts more than 23 million monthly unique visitors in the United States, positioning CDK dealers to reach a significant audience of in-market shoppers.

“Car shoppers rely on CarGurus for transparency and validation, and we are excited to be working closely with CDK Global to enhance that experience,” stated Marty Blue, senior vice president of business development at CarGurus. “Through our relationship with CDK Global, we’re able to unleash even more power to assist shoppers and drive dealers’ business results.”

As an approved participant in the CDK Global Partner Program, CarGurus reporting will be integrated into the CDK Dealer Command Center. Dealers can expect the integrated solutions to be available in early October.

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Cory Mosley Launches Online Training Center

SHORT HILLS – Mosley Automotive Training has launched a new series of internet-based courses designed to help dealers sell more cars and earn higher gross.

The 90-minute sessions, offered through the company’s Online Training Center, include: power phone skills; newbie sales strategy: seven steps to a successful career; new-school sales management; internet/BDC sales 101; internet/BDC sales advanced strategies; and internet/BDC management.

Each class includes course materials, and attendance is limited to 25 per class. The later will allow for an interactive experience with Cory Mosley, principal of Mosley Automotive Training and the F&I and Showroom’s Sales Driver columnist.

To save $50 on any one event in April, attendees can enter discount code SAVE50 upon checkout. Additionally, team members who are unable to be away from the store to attend industry conferences can participate in sessions remotely via computer.

“Outselling the competition begins with understanding what car buyers want and consistently delivering the engaging sales experience that drives them to buy from you,” Mosley said. “The new-school fundamentals we teach keep the dealership focused on customers so we can get them into the store and win the deal.”

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SunTrust Partners With TrueCar

SANTA MONICA – A week after adding a former dealer association exec to its management team, TrueCar announced that it has forged a relationship with SunTrust Bank to provide the bank’s customers with direct access to its auto buying service.

The SunTrust Auto Buying Service will be located at www.suntrust.com/autobuyingservice. It will be made available to the bank’s existing customers, reported F&I and Showroom magazine.

“SunTrust prides itself on providing our clients with easy access to the best financial products and services available,” said Jeff Hooper, head of consumer lending at SunTrust. “This partnership with TrueCar is a natural extension of our commitment by providing an easier auto buying experience along with SunTrust’s attractive auto financing options.”

On Monday, TrueCar issued a press release announcing the addition of Pat Watson to its management team. The former executive vice president and CEO of the South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association will oversee all relationships with dealer association at the national, state and metro level.

“I have an immense amount of respect and admiration for the team at TrueCar and the innovative service they have built to benefit dealers and consumers alike,” Watson said. “I look forward to working with ATAEs (Automotive Trade Association Executives) across the country in an effort to create relationships that will further advance the understanding and value of TrueCar’s service and vision.”

Watson’s appointment comes after TrueCar’s business model came under fire from state dealer associations, state regulators, dealers and a group of dealer advocates led by the magazine’s columnist Jim Ziegler. “TrueCar is committed to partnering with and serving dealers. Having Pat join our team is symbolic and extremely meaningful,” said Scott Painter, founder and CEO of TrueCar. “His is a true advocate for dealers and will help TrueCar stay focused on making sure that our dealer partners’ needs are met.”

As for the company’s new relationship with SunTrust, Bernie Brenner, chief strategy office for TrueCar, said: “SunTrust is one of the most respected companies in financial services. This partnership expands the range of services for their clients. We look forward to helping their clients enjoy a hassle-free car buying experience.”

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