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Wise F&I Integrates with Fusion Menu for Electronic Contracting

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Wise F&I LLC, a leading finance and insurance automotive product provider, integrated with The Impact Group’s Fusion Menu, an F&I menu presentation software. The integration with Fusion allows for Wise F&I products to be sold through a customizable low pressure sales presentation. Fusion helps ensure compliance while still delivering product information using a consultative approach. The integration of Wise F&I and Fusion provides a better customer experience as well as eliminating redundant data entry, reducing errors, improving customer satisfaction and increasing business.

“We are excited to have another fully-integrated solution for our clients,” said Matt Croak, President, Wise F&I. “We have continued to stay focused on advancements in technology including offering our full suite of products through our contract administration platform—ONWise and expanded menu system integrations.”

Wise F&I’s suite of products include: GAPWise, WiseCARE, THEFTWise, WiseTVP and KEYWise. All Wise F&I products are available for eContracting through Fusion. Wise F&I has a long history in the automotive ancillary product industry and continues to develop solutions to be the partner of choice.

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The Impact Group Announces Certified Interface for Reynolds and Reynolds ERA Dealership Management System

DULLES, Va. – The Impact Group’s Fusion F&I menu application, as well as the Toyota Financial Services’ FS Presentation, now are certified in the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) Program. Certification in the RCI Program enables secure and reliable integration between Impact’s applications and the Reynolds and Reynolds ERA dealership management system (DMS).

Impact’s Fusion Menu customers who use the Reynolds ERA DMS can request the RCI conversion directly through The Impact Group support team. This conversion will reduce the time necessary to extract deal information into the menu, and will help eliminate time-out errors, service outages and other reliability issues.

Certified DMS integration not only reduces administrative inaccuracies, but also allows the finance manager to transition through the various phases of their F&I process. Fusion’s e-rating, e-contracting and reporting features, as well as the general ease of use, will be positively affected by Impact’s participation in the RCI Program.

“This enhancement represents immense benefits for The Impact Group and for our dealers,” said Mark Thorpe, president, The Impact Group. “The addition of a consistently secure and reliable connection between Impact’s applications and the Reynolds ERA DMS will enrich the F&I experience for dealership finance managers and their customers, as well as allow us to better support the overall needs of our dealers and agents.”

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The Impact Group Launches ADP Approved Interface

DULLES – The Impact Group announced its latest certified interface, a direct integration relationship between ADP DMS systems and the Fusion F&I menu platform, as well as TFS’s FS Presentation. The ADP approved interface now allows Fusion and FS Presentation users increased efficiency, stability, and accuracy throughout their F&I processes with real-time and bi-directional integration.

ADP Dealers using Impact’s menu applications can select the certified integration service through their E-store account with ADP.

Dealers on the Fusion menu can also request the conversion through Impact directly. Impact and ADP will then complete a prompt and seamless transition process to the certified platform. This conversion will substantially decrease the time necessary to pull deal information into the menu, or update it following the customer F&I presentation.

“We are pleased to announce this latest addition to Impact’s offerings. We feel that the direct and certified relationship with ADP will not only enhance the user experience for our F&I managers, but continue to make the Fusion Menu and FS Presentation the most robust, stable, and viable menu solutions in the marketplace today” stated Mark Thorpe, President of The Impact Group.

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F&I Admin Announces SCS Auto Integration with The Impact Group

Chicago – F&I Administration Solutions has announced the launch of the integration of its SCS Auto administration platform with The Impact Group’s FUSION menu.

This connectivity will enable dealers working within the FUSION menu to get accurate real-time rates for service contracts and other products that are managed within the SCS Auto administration system. Typically, finance managers have a short window of time to determine the best product mix at the best price for the customer. Leveraging the F&I Admin solution, the FUSION menu can be presented to the customer in seconds.

“It is industry knowledge that the less time customers spend in the F&I office, the more likely they are to buy additional products,” said David Trinder, CEO of F&I Administration Solutions. “The integration of our products significantly reduces the time it takes to present the menu, and therefore increases the likelihood of making a sale.”

“For our discerning clients, easy access and accuracy are expected in every component of our system. Having the ability to interface with F&I Administration Solutions’ SCS Auto eRating service enables us to meet those expectations in exciting new ways, and for a much larger audience,” said Mark Thorpe, President, The Impact Group, Inc.

“The integration with the FUSION menu is part of our ongoing commitment to provide electronic connectivity to other systems for the benefit of our provider customers and their dealers,” continued Trinder. “More announcements will follow shortly as we continue to deliver to this strategy.”

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