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Reynolds Now Offers 30 State-Specific F&I Documents Libraries

DAYTON, OH — The Reynolds and Reynolds Co. announced that Reynolds Document Services has developed 30 state-specific Reynolds LAW brand F&I documents libraries, surpassing the midway point of its goal to create LAW F&I libraries for all 50 states.

Reynolds LAW brand F&I libraries contain a comprehensive suite of standardized F&I documents designed to help dealers manage their compliance risk, streamline F&I processes, and increase customer satisfaction. These libraries are also available in electronics form to help a dealer’s transition to econtracting.

“F&I paperwork can be exacting and demanding both for dealerships and for their customers,” said Jerry Kirwan, senior vice president and general manager of Reynolds Document Services. “The F&I forms in use are often sourced from different vendors, may be outdated, or may have other inconsistencies — all of which can raise compliance risk for dealers and add confusion for dealership personnel and car buyers.”

Reynolds LAW brand F&I documents libraries are available for the following states: Alabama; Arizona; Arkansas; California; Colorado; Hawaii; Idaho; Illinois; Indiana; Kentucky; Louisiana; Maryland; Massachusetts; Michigan; Missouri; Nevada; New Jersey; New Mexico; North Carolina; Ohio; Oregon; Pennsylvania; South Carolina; Tennessee; Texas; Utah; Virginia; Washington; West Virginia; and Wyoming.

Kirwan noted that each state-specific LAW forms library is designed to help dealerships manage compliance risk, streamline F&I processes, increase customer satisfaction and smooth the transition to electronic documents.

“With each state-specific F&I forms library, we’ve built a trusted resource for dealers to better manage all of the forms necessary to complete a deal; better meet federal, state, and city F&I paperwork requirements; and deliver a more consistent, rewarding experience to car buyers at the dealership,” Kirwan said.

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Reynolds Launches Standard F&I Forms for Calif. Dealers

DAYTON — The Reynolds and Reynolds Co. and the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) announced the launch of the LAW® California F&I Library, a comprehensive catalog of standardized, legally reviewed F&I documents for California motor vehicle dealers.

The LAW California F&I Library, which is an outgrowth of the strategic alliance formed between Reynolds and the CNCDA in October 2011, offers dealers a set of standard F&I forms designed to help manage risk, provide common defenses in litigation, and streamline processes.

“In today’s constantly evolving regulatory environment, automobile dealerships, state agencies, and financial institutions continue to look for ways to ensure appropriate levels of compliance and to gain efficiencies in their F&I processes,” said Jerry Kirwan, senior vice president of Document Solutions at Reynolds and Reynolds. “The LAW California F&I Library is a big step forward in helping dealerships manage risk and maintain compliance, while also streamlining the F&I process.”

The LAW California F&I Library was developed and will be maintained using the combined legal expertise of Reynolds’ Director of Compliance Terry O’Loughlin and the CNCDA legal department. Additional support for the project was provided by Manning, Leaver, Bruder & Berberich, Rob Cohen of Auto Advisory Services, Robert Robards of Automotive System Analysis, and Hudson Cook, LLP.

“At the CNCDA, one of our highest priorities is to help dealers reduce litigation risk by providing legally reviewed documents that help standardize the F&I process,” CNCDA President Peter Welch said. “The CNCDA board chose Reynolds for this project because they share the same vision and bring to the table the expertise necessary to create and maintain these standard documents.”

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