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GSFSGroup® Names Jeff M. Parent New President

HOUSTON – GSFSGroup announced the appointment of Jeff M. Parent as President on February 1, 2017. Jeff succeeds Steve Amos, who is retiring after a nine year tenure as President. Under his leadership, GSFSGroup became a nationwide provider of all five participation structures to dealers. In addition, he championed the launch of eContracting and Dealer Executive Dashboard, a flexible online data solution to help maximize dealer profitability.

Jeff starts his tenure at GSFSGroup with 26 years of experience in the automotive business. He held executive management positions at the VW Group where he was Director of Sales and Marketing for VW Credit, Inc., Director of Sales Operations and Regional Vice President for the Volkswagen Brand.  In 2007 he moved to Nissan Canada, assuming the role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

He joined the Friedkin Group in 2010 as the Vice President of Strategy and Planning.  His most recent assignment was Senior Vice President and Assistant General Manager of Gulf States Toyota where his responsibilities included Marketing and Supply Chain.  He also serves on the Board of Directors for GS Marketing.

Jeff has a passion for community involvement and currently holds positions at Saint John XXIII College Preparatory School and the American Heart Association Heart Ball. He is a graduate of Saint Michael’s College and received his MBA from the University of Michigan.

“I am honored to serve as the new President of GSFSGroup,” said Jeff. “My focus is to continue to grow and transform GSFSGroup by utilizing the emerging technologies shaping today’s automotive industry to drive F&I product sales and awareness for our dealers.”

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Pearl Technology Completes Integration With RouteOne

DALLAS — Pearl Technology Holdings LLC today announced that its ShowroomXpress (SRX) digital retail platform is now integrated with RouteOne, allowing dealers to offer vehicle buyers a true streamlined express retail experience.

The integration enables consumers to complete a purchase online or in the showroom. And through RouteOne’s online credit application and econtracting platform, ShowroomXpress will now give dealers the ability to contract customers on mobile devices and websites.

“The integration with RouteOne is a critical final step in creating a complete express retail platform,” said Pearl founder and CEO Bruce Thompson. “ShowroomXpress will first pencil both purchase and lease transactions to the dollar without a Social Security number on mobile devices or desktop. Once the customer agrees to the terms, we pass the deal structure to RouteOne behind the scenes. The customer can then complete the credit application and RouteOne will electronically obtain the finance source’s decision. Dealership personnel login to their RouteOne account and verify the terms and the transaction is ready for signatures.”

ShowroomXpress incorporates Experian pre-qualification technology, allowing a customer to get pre-qualified without a hard inquiry or Social Security number. SRX also incorporates the rates of every U.S. auto finance source, allowing dealers to select the finance sources they utilize and the Top 3 finance source quotes are displayed to the consumer for both purchase and lease transactions.

The SRX platform has been developed for both one-price and negotiation stores, Thompson noted.

The system allows a desk manager or salesperson to adjust terms and roll payments in seconds. SRX provides instant two-way communication from a salesperson’s tablet or desktop to the sales tower so customers are never left alone. All negotiated terms and deal structure are communicated and displayed, allowing a sales manager to make instant adjustments in seconds.

“We’re very excited to be able to provide our technology to Pearl for its ShowroomXpress product,” said RouteOne COO Brad Rogers. “It continues to build upon our philosophy of streamlining the vehicle-buying process and allowing the dealers to select their systems and services of choice. By integrating RouteOne’s online credit application and econtracting capabilities with ShowroomXpress, Pearl has created a true express retail solution that has potential to change the way dealers and consumers think about automotive retailing.”

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RouteOne’s Econtracting Platform Now Features Remote Document Delivery

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — RouteOne announced the launch of remote document delivery, a new technology that securely and compliantly gives consumers electronic access to their econtracted documents. The new feature also reduces printing costs and paper shuffling for dealers.

Econtracting was supposed to usher in the paperless deal, but paper has remained part of the process due, in part, to regulations that require that dealers provide consumers with copies of their contracts. With RouteOne’s remote document delivery technology, the need to print review and final copies of retail and lease contracts is alleviated.

Now with a click of a button and the consumer’s email address, dealers can send their customers a secure link to access their files. As an option, customers can review the documents in the dealership on their own smartphone or tablet. They can also log in at home to review, save or print them for later reference.

“We listened, we heard and we responded,” said RouteOne CEO Justin Oesterle. “Our dealers told us they love econtracting, but they wanted less paper. Remote document delivery came from listening to our customers. We often refer to RouteOne as the company that is ‘Designed by Dealers for Dealers,’ and this is a great example of how we strive to make that happen.”

The new technology, led by Toyota Financial Services and Ford Motor Credit, is now available on the RouteOne econtracting platform at no additional charge. According to officials, RouteOne will continue expanding the documents available in remote document delivery.

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DominionACCESS Integrates with F&I Express

Norfolk, VA  – Dominion DMS, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, announced today that their ACCESS® Dealer Management System has completed its integration with F&I Express’ aftermarket data solution. This new collaboration streamlines the F&I process, providing time savings to automotive dealership customers nationwide through DominionACCESS DMS.

“F&I Express’ eContracting for aftermarket products completes the transition from impact printing to our new laser printing solution,” noted Van Koppersmith, president of Dominion DMS. “Our customers now have the option of using the ACCESS menu or one of many that F&I Express offers to accurately rate, contract and register a wide variety of aftermarket products.”

Through DominionACCESS’ seamless integration with F&I Express, dealers partner with the leading provider of digital F&I aftermarket product solutions. Automotive dealers nationwide can rate more than 120 different aftermarket vendors per vehicle. Products can then be selected, added to the menu and signed. F&I Express eliminates the need for programmable forms since laser forms are included within the F&I Express eContracting platform. They can be printed for the selected aftermarket products, letting vendors receive the product selections directly through F&I Express.

Dealers using DominionACCESS now have access to eRating, eContracting, eRegistering and remittance right at their fingertips. With more than 100 providers, this integration guarantees access to the largest aftermarket network in the automotive industry, saving dealers’ time and improving efficiencies.

“As we continue to advance digital contracting, companies must co-innovate to solve tough problems for their customers,” said Brian Reed, president and CEO of F&I Express. “This integration represents a combination of Dominion’s expertise in improving business performance and F&I Express’ vision of simplifying the F&I process with innovative technology solutions.”

Dominion Dealer Solutions offers two DMS solutions to the automotive marketplace — DominionACCESS and the Microsoft DynamicsAX-based DominionDMX. For more information on how DominionACCESS can supply F&I Express aftermarket product solutions to your dealership, call 877.421.1040 or contact our support staff.

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AssurancePlus Is Now Integrated With F&I Express eContracting Platform

GRAPEVINE, Texas – F&I Express® is pleased to welcome AssurancePlus to its growing network of aftermarket F&I providers. The addition of AssurancePlus to F&I Express will allow dealers the ability to eRate, eContract and eRegister all of AssurancePlus’ services and products.

For over 7 years AssurancePlus has been providing dynamic Auto Advantage (Auto Deductible Reimbursement) Programs. The creation of RapidFire AutoTM brought technological advancement into dealerships with two-way text communication between dealers and customers. The newest AssurancePlus product, Auto Protection Plan, allows Dealers to sell a low cost / high value protection plan that includes Auto Deductible Reimbursement, Auto Repair Reimbursement, 24 Hour Roadside Assistance, Auto Expert Opinion and Emergency Travel.

“By offering innovative insurance products and services that enhance the customer experience, AssurancePlus is a fantastic addition to our growing provider network,” said Brian Reed, President and CEO F&I Express. “We are excited to bring AssurancePlus on board for our many customers!”

Greg Lankfer, President of AssurancePlus, agreed. “Partnering with F&I Express allows AssurancePlus to remove barriers, streamline the process for Dealers to utilize our Programs and increase efficiencies for our Dealer Clients”

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Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Adds F&I Express eContracting To AppOne, Creating Comprehensive Auto Finance Platform For Dealers

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services announced today it has teamed with F&I Express, a leading provider of digital F&I aftermarket product solutions to automotive dealers nationwide, to integrate F&I Express® eContracting with its AppOne indirect loan origination platform. The joint solution creates a comprehensive auto finance platform for dealers to originate compliant auto loans, verify pricing of aftermarket products, including extended warranties and vehicle accessories, and complete the contract process electronically.

Through AppOne, dealers have access to F&I Express eContracting via single sign-on and will see the same user interface and navigation features currently available in their standard F&I Express log-in. All the capabilities of the eContracting solution have been integrated into AppOne to provide automotive dealers a single point of access. From AppOne auto dealers can electronically create compliant auto loan packages, verify the pricing of aftermarket products, and eContract to completion for customers.

“Consumers purchasing a vehicle today, especially the next generation of automotive buyers, expect the buying process to be quick and seamless,” said Brian Reed, President and CEO of F&I Express. “The combination of F&I Express eContracting with AppOne gives auto dealers the tools to meet customers’ buying expectations while simplifying the financing process. The joint solution does this by integrating the verification of aftermarket product pricing and contract development into the loan origination platform.”

AppOne offers automotive dealers a single platform to easily and quickly create compliant loan packages and find financing for customers. Its web-based interface connects directly to dealer management systems (DMS) to automate the transfer of data and the completion of loan applications, or AppOne can be used as a standalone portal for dealers to manually complete loan applications electronically. By making the loan application process electronic, AppOne is able to help auto dealers quickly find a lender partner and secure financing for their customers.

Auto dealers can submit loan packages to multiple lenders for review and approval with a single click from AppOne. They also have access to a network of lenders who are looking to finance automotive, marine, recreational vehicle and other retail installment contracts. The integration of F&I Express eContracting expands AppOne’s auto finance capabilities to give dealers the capability to electronically quote, price and complete contracts for aftermarket products.

“U.S. auto dealers have had a great year,” said Brad Fleener, senior director and general manager of Indirect Lending at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services. “To build on this momentum, they will have to manage their growth opportunities against today’s continually evolving regulatory environment. Our alliance with F&I Express gives auto dealers a comprehensive auto finance and compliance platform to grow their business across the entire sales lifecycle, from the vehicle to aftermarket products.”

F&I Express eContracting is accessible through AppOne today to all AppOne auto dealer customers at no additional cost. Marine, power sports and recreational vehicle dealers will receive access to the integrated functionality early next year. More information on AppOne is available here.

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