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MaximTrak Certified for Integration with Reynolds

WAYNE – MaximTrak Technologies announced that it has been certified for integration with the Reynolds and Reynolds ERA® Dealer Management System (DMS) through the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) Program. The certification allows MaximTrak to retrieve data from a dealer’s Reynolds ERA DMS using standard data interfaces developed as part of the RCI Program. These interfaces help ensure dealer information security, privacy, confidentiality, integrity, and supportability.

Michael Brown, Chief Operating Officer for the Staluppi Autogroup, stated “We are very happy to see MaximTrak and Reynolds complete the certified interface, which we will use in our dealerships operations. The speed of performance and the broad range of enhancements including security, stability and control that an RCI interface offers our group of dealerships are significant. Our F&I Departments run on MaximTrak and the Reynolds ERA® DMS, so we are excited to see our primary partners work together on this integration.”

“DMS Integration is of primary importance to dealers because it eliminates double entry of data and saves the F&I Manager time on each transaction while reducing errors. The customer impact is less wait time at the point-of-sale which has dramatic implications on Customer Satisfaction Scores”, said Paul Manili, MaximTrak’s Chief Technical Officer. “Higher CSI Scores and more profitable transactions are something that every dealer and manufacturer wants to see a trend toward and we are glad to be helping in this area,” Manili added.

MaximTrak frees up dealership Finance Managers to focus on the customer and eliminates wasted time on administrative functions by consolidating many of the tasks into one application interface. MaximTrak’s fully-automated and paperless workflow solution greatly improves the efficiency of the selling process for auto dealers by providing access to real-time rates, menu presentation tools and electronic contract submissions with industry providers.

With the launch of its newest product called eTRAK™, MaximTrak™ has enabled electronic product rating, contracting, signature capture and registration, eliminating paper and significantly streamlining the F& I process for dealership customers nationwide. Dealers can electronically register all F&I related contracts directly with applicable administrators. The system reduces errors in contracting, increases productivity and sales volume and greatly enhances the quality of time consumers spend in the F&I Office.

The web-based platform is designed to enhance the presentation of value-added aftermarket options to consumers and drive increases in F&I product sales and customer satisfaction ratings.  The MaximTrak Dashboards™ reporting application automates the management of the department and provides dealers with real-time sales and performance statistics.    

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ADP Connects 10,000th Vendor to DMS

HOFFMAN ESTATES — ADP Dealer Services announced that its Third Party Access Program has certified 10,000th vendor, providing users of its dealership management system (DMS) with access to more than 10,000 technology solutions.

“ADP’s continuing goal is to offer an open system, and we’re excited to see our Third Party Access Program expand beyond this significant milestone,” said Dan McCray, vice president of product marketing for ADP Dealer Services.

The company’s Third Party Access Program provides open integration for third-party vendors wanting to access the ADP DMS. The program includes several levels of integration, with the highest level featuring ADP-managed bi-directional interfaces with real-time read and write access on a 24/7 basis, reported F&I and Showroom magazine.

“The bi-directional offering of the ADP Third Party Access program involves authenticating every vendor every time they access a dealer’s DMS data,” McCray said. “With this process we can provide a system that is secure as well as open.”

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Auto/Mate eBook Provides “10 Steps” on DMS Data Conversion

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. — Auto/Mate has released a new eBook called, “The Auto Dealer’s 10-Step Guide for a Successful DMS Data Conversion,” which is designed to help dealers set up processes that will reduce complications associated with data conversions, regardless of which DMS vendor the dealer is switching to or from.

“Most dealers have heard a horror story or two about DMS conversions, and they mistakenly think it’s an inevitable part of the process — or that success is solely the responsibility of the DMS vendor,” said Mike Esposito, CEO of Auto/Mate. “Yet with adequate planning there are concrete steps dealers can take to protect their data and make the transition to a new system relatively smooth.”

Top industry experts contribute tips and anecdotes based on consulting experiences with hundreds of dealership clients that have switched DMS vendors. The eBook benefits dealers who have already chosen a new DMS provider, as well as dealers who are considering a change but are hesitant due to fears of losing data, loss of productivity, employee resistance, and other factors often associated with data conversions.

“It’s important to realize that data is not only one of the most valuable assets that a dealership has, but is irreplaceable once lost or destroyed,” said Esposito. “This guide will help dealers identify and successfully convert all the critical data and processes necessary for uninterrupted operations.”

The Auto/Mate eBook is available for a free download at, http://www.automate.com/downloads/ConversionGuide.pdf.

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DealerTrack Launches Program to Reduce DMS Costs

Launching its largest and most aggressive DMS marketing program to date, DealerTrack is putting its money where its mouth is, claiming it can save most DMS customers at least 50 percent – or it will pick up the bill.

The new “DealerTrack DMS Switch and Save 50% Program” began on Monday. Under the program, DealerTrack says it will save users of competing DMS systems* at least 50 percent compared with the cost of their current DMS. If it cannot, DealerTrack will pay for one month of the dealer’s current DMS service.

*Qualifying competitive systems include ADP (Elite, Drive, ARG/EDS, Web Suite 2006, Web Suite 2007) or Reynolds & Reynolds (Power/UCS, ERA excluding ERA ES).

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