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SmartMenu Complete Integrates with DealerTrack DMS

IAS, a provider of F&I software and aftermarket programs, announced the completion of a certification process by DealerTrack, giving SmartMenu Complete dealers the ability to integrate with the DealerTrack DMS (formerly Arkona) in real time.

The addition of DealerTrack DMS integration makes SmartMenu Complete the first F&I software application to have certified interfaces to the nation’s three largest DMS providers.

“Several years ago we decided that it only makes sense to integrate with a DMS where we can have a direct relationship with the DMS provider,” said Matt Nowicki, director of IT for IAS. “When a dealer that utilizes the DealerTrack DMS wants to establish real-time integration with SmartMenu Complete, we can have the dealer up and running almost immediately thanks to our OpenTrack certification.”

OpenTrack is an interface into the DealerTrack DMS. It gives third-party solution providers real-time, bi-directional access to a dealership’s data.

SmartMenu Complete is a fully Web-based approach, meaning there is no special software for a dealer to install. F&I managers see a real time “what you see is what you get” menu preview, showing each package payment as well as base payments and final menu previews. F&I managers can utilize advanced functionality such as payment rolling, dynamic sales tools, and electronic rating and contracting of warranty products from many of the largest F&I product providers.

SmartMenu Complete is available to new dealers on a first-year free basis. A free, self guided demo is available 24/7 at www.smartmenucomplete.com/demo.

For more information or to schedule an in person or online demonstration, contact Kris Wiley with IAS at (800) 346-6469 extension 8989.

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DealerTrack Connects 800th Financing Source to Network

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. – DealerTrack, Inc.’s number of active financing sources connected to the DealerTrack network has reached 800.

“In today’s credit-challenged market, dealers clearly see the benefit of working with a diversified group of lenders, from national and regional banks to finance companies and credit unions,” said Mark O’Neil, chairman and CEO of DealerTrack. “By providing dealers free online access to the large and growing number of lenders on our network, DealerTrack helps dealers expand their financing relationships and close more vehicle sales.”

O’Neil continued: “And in fact, the pace at which we have added the last 50 new lenders to our platform has accelerated significantly versus the time to add the prior 50 new lenders. We believe that this is both an indication that the U.S. automotive market is improving and an ongoing expression of the strength of the DealerTrack network.”

Through DealerTrack, dealers can electronically submit credit applications to the industry’s largest and most diverse network of banks, independent finance companies, captive finance companies, credit unions and regional banks. DealerTrack subscription and other transaction-based products integrate with the credit application process and provide an end-to-end dealership technology solution.

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DataCube Integrates With DealerTrack’s DMS

SWEDESBORO, N.J. — The DataCube, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, has formed a partnership with software provider DealerTrack, and created the integrated solution OpenTrack software, which interfaces with the DealerTrack Dealer Management System (DMS).

Using its OpenTrack integration solution, DealerTrack will provide The DataCube with seamless, secure integration and real-time, bi-directional access to data in the DealerTrack’s Arkona DMS.

“Utilizing The DataCube and its OpenTrack integration, we now can explore real-time inventory integration from the DMS to consumer-facing Web sites such as XIGroup, Dealerskins or Dealer Specialties,” said Glen Garvin, group general manager, Dominion Dealer Solutions. “This is a win-win for dealers, giving dealers the flexibility to use best-in-class solutions, while providing third-party vendors such as The DataCube with secure, bi-directional integration.”

The DataCube provides a software solution for companies that assist dealers in marketing and utilizing their DMS data.

“With OpenTrack, we are truly delivering on our promise to the marketplace that the DealerTrack DMS is an open and cost-effective platform,” said Raj Sundaram, senior vice president, solutions and services group at DealerTrack.

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DealerTrack Names Bridget Townsend GM of Inventory Solutions Business

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. – DealerTrack, Inc. has named Bridget Townsend senior director and general manager of the DealerTrack Inventory Optimization suite of solutions, with responsibility for product strategy and development as well as the unit’s financial performance.

Townsend, 36, joined DealerTrack’s Chrome Systems subsidiary in 2000 and progressed through a variety of leadership roles. Most recently, she was senior director of engineering, product and client services at Chrome. Over the years, Townsend has led the design, delivery and positioning of Chrome’s Internet marketing and remarketing solutions for manufacturers, dealer service providers, advertising channels and financial institutions.

She played an integral role in taking Chrome’s services platform from inception to an over-1-million-transactions-a-day business, offering 24/7 service and support to top technology providers in the automotive sector.

“With her track record of success in driving customers’ business results and overall satisfaction at Chrome, Bridget brings a fresh perspective – and clearly a strong background in automotive marketing – to the leadership of our inventory solutions business,” said Raj Sundaram, senior vice president, solutions and services group at DealerTrack.

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