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GMAC Teams with DealerTrack, Expands Reach of Retail Auto Financing

DETROIT – GMAC Financial Services will be added to the DealerTrack credit application network of more than 17,000 dealers as a financing option for their customers.

GMAC will use the strategic relationship to broaden its customer base. The agreement will provide GMAC with access to retail financing applications from essentially all U.S. and Canadian dealers across all manufacturers. The company’s existing dealer customers will benefit from the addition of another application channel. GMAC will also continue to accept applications through the RouteOne system.

“GMAC has taken a series of steps to support the auto industry during the past year, particularly in extending credit to the market,” said Tim Russi, executive vice president for GMAC’s North American Operations. “Our presence on DealerTrack will allow us to bring the nearly 90 years of experience we have in auto finance to a broad and diverse group of dealers seeking vehicle financing for their customers.”

“Our strategy has always been to attract new financing sources, expand our subscribing dealer base and add value to our software applications,” said DealerTrack Chairman and CEO Mark O’Neil. “This will help us achieve all three objectives.”

Russi pointed to the development as further proof of GMAC’s commitment to the industry. “This is a meaningful step in the ongoing growth of our company that will diversify our auto business while helping dealers and their customers obtain broader financing opportunities in a more competitive market,” he said.

Dealers who do not currently have capability to submit retail applications to GMAC through DealerTrack will be invited to enroll. The invitation process will be staggered to reach the large volume of dealers who use DealerTrack, and is expected to be complete in a few months. GMAC will accept financing applications for both new- and used-vehicle sales.

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First Advantage Delivers Employment Screening Solutions to DealerTrack DMS Dealers

POWAY, Calif. – First Advantage, a global risk mitigation and business solutions provider, and a wholly owned subsidiary of The First American Corporation, has integrated its Employment Screening and Background Verification solutions with the DealerTrack Dealer Management System (DMS).

Under the new agreement, First Advantage will deliver a suite of comprehensive pre- and post-employment screening solutions that will help ensure the staffing integrity of participating U.S. automotive dealerships by helping them make informed, confident staffing decisions.

The Employer Services Suite offers solutions that are ideal for screening candidates and employees at all levels, including general support, sales, service, finance and management. First Advantage’s complete range of industry-leading employment screening solutions includes federal, state and county criminal searches, federal and state civil searches, motor vehicle records, and employment and education verifications.

“We’re pleased to offer our DealerTrack DMS customers an effective, integrated solution for hiring and workforce screening,” said Todd Mavis, executive vice president of operations for First Advantage. “Participating dealers can now access an even broader range of information solutions through First Advantage, giving dealers a distinct hiring advantage in an increasingly competitive industry.”

Employer Services Suite

Employment screening solutions are designed for regular, contingent and contract employees. Each product option delivers a specialty search-based on-job function and includes:

  • Valet Package: For personnel who do not have access to company funds
  • Mechanic Package: For non-management service and parts personnel who have access to sensitive data and company funds
  • Sales Package: For non-management sales personnel who have access to sensitive data and company funds
  • Finance/Manager Package: For management personnel who have access to sensitive consumer data and company funds

“We are pleased to offer these state-of-the-art employment screening solutions from First Advantage—conveniently integrated, at no extra cost, within the Payroll and Personnel Management application of the DealerTrack DMS,” said Rich Holland, vice president and general manager of DealerTrack DMS. “Our customers can leverage these tools to help them hire and retain the most qualified, competent employees.”

Providing over 9 million employment background verifications annually, First Advantage leads the industry in delivering screening solutions to global and local organizations worldwide. Utilizing integrated, Web-based tools for ordering and delivery, providing Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance support and offering industry-specific screening solutions, First Advantage streamlines the hiring process for employers.

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DealerTrack Canada Completes Acquisition of Trade Tracker, Inc.

TORONTO – DealerTrack Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings, Inc., has acquired Trade Tracker, Inc. for approximately $1.2 million (CDN) in cash.

Trade Tracker, a privately held company based in Mississauga, Ontario, has about 300 dealer customers across Canada that use its online trade appraisal tool. The appraisal tool enables dealers to review, appraise and track used vehicles sourced via retail trades more efficiently and accurately.

Trade Tracker provides Canadian dealers with a systematic web-based process for vehicle appraisals, helping to eliminate costly errors. The Trade Tracker application also provides significant follow-up and management reporting tools for sales representatives and dealer managers.

In addition, Trade Tracker is MVDA-compliant, incorporating the questions about a vehicle’s history that dealers must ask and document to meet the requirements of Ontario’s new Motor Vehicle Dealer Act regulations that took effect on January 1, 2010.

“Trade Tracker’s brand, its product and especially its people are all very highly regarded by dealers,” said Michael Collins, general manager of DealerTrack Canada, Inc. “Trade Tracker is an easy-to-use, economical solution that can bring greater accountability and accuracy to any dealer’s vehicle appraisal process. The acquisition of Trade Tracker is strategic for DealerTrack Canada as it adds an important and complementary product to our total inventory management offering.

“DealerTrack remains committed to helping dealers in many facets of their operations,” Collins added. “By creating an easy work flow as well as comprehensive records of trade inventory and appraisals through Trade Tracker, we can further deliver on our vision of increasing the efficiency and profitability of our dealer customers.”

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DealerTrack Launches Program to Reduce DMS Costs

Launching its largest and most aggressive DMS marketing program to date, DealerTrack is putting its money where its mouth is, claiming it can save most DMS customers at least 50 percent – or it will pick up the bill.

The new “DealerTrack DMS Switch and Save 50% Program” began on Monday. Under the program, DealerTrack says it will save users of competing DMS systems* at least 50 percent compared with the cost of their current DMS. If it cannot, DealerTrack will pay for one month of the dealer’s current DMS service.

*Qualifying competitive systems include ADP (Elite, Drive, ARG/EDS, Web Suite 2006, Web Suite 2007) or Reynolds & Reynolds (Power/UCS, ERA excluding ERA ES).

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DealerTrack, Inc.

1111 Marcus Avenue Suite MO4
Lake Success, New York 11042

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SmartMenu Complete Integrates with DealerTrack DMS

IAS, a provider of F&I software and aftermarket programs, announced the completion of a certification process by DealerTrack, giving SmartMenu Complete dealers the ability to integrate with the DealerTrack DMS (formerly Arkona) in real time.

The addition of DealerTrack DMS integration makes SmartMenu Complete the first F&I software application to have certified interfaces to the nation’s three largest DMS providers.

“Several years ago we decided that it only makes sense to integrate with a DMS where we can have a direct relationship with the DMS provider,” said Matt Nowicki, director of IT for IAS. “When a dealer that utilizes the DealerTrack DMS wants to establish real-time integration with SmartMenu Complete, we can have the dealer up and running almost immediately thanks to our OpenTrack certification.”

OpenTrack is an interface into the DealerTrack DMS. It gives third-party solution providers real-time, bi-directional access to a dealership’s data.

SmartMenu Complete is a fully Web-based approach, meaning there is no special software for a dealer to install. F&I managers see a real time “what you see is what you get” menu preview, showing each package payment as well as base payments and final menu previews. F&I managers can utilize advanced functionality such as payment rolling, dynamic sales tools, and electronic rating and contracting of warranty products from many of the largest F&I product providers.

SmartMenu Complete is available to new dealers on a first-year free basis. A free, self guided demo is available 24/7 at www.smartmenucomplete.com/demo.

For more information or to schedule an in person or online demonstration, contact Kris Wiley with IAS at (800) 346-6469 extension 8989.

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