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DealerSocket Announces Integration With FetchAQuote.com

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — DealerSocket’s newly launched iDMS platform for independent dealers is now integrated with FetchAQuote.com (Fetch), an electronic auto insurance service, the companies announced this week.

Independent dealers can use Fetch, which offers a large selection of nonstandard insurers that specialize in insuring customers with poor credit and bad driving histories, to help their customers secure affordable car insurance quotes in a matter of seconds, according to the companies.

“Our independent dealers often work with customers who have no insurance or are extremely difficult to insure. One of the biggest benefits of offering Fetch to iDMS users is that it helps buyers get insured quickly, cheaply and at all hours of the day. We focus on integrations that will save our dealers time and money. Fetch does both, so we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership,” said Jennifer Lee, vice president, product development at DealerSocket.

Fetch is accessible to iDMS users without a login or password. They can simply click on the “More” icon and select “Save Customers Money on Car Insurance” within the Deals module in iDMS. From start to finish, according to the companies, the entire process takes less than six minutes.

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Libra Systems Adds DealerSocket Integration

PHOENIX, Az. – Libra Systems has announced that it has integrated with DealerSocket. The partnership, the company stated, enables a more efficient workflow for users of DealerSocket Dealership Desking that wish to also leverage Libra’s advanced credit reading analytics.

Libra’s patent-pending Risk-to-Roll software “intelligently” reads credit based on the non-discriminatory credit profile characteristics of each deal to guide users to the most profitable deal structure within APR and advance guidelines. By using Libra, dealers can increase profit potential in a manner that also offers dealers a more comprehensive approach to fair credit compliance.

“I am very pleased to offer this integration to our users,” said Jonathan Ord, DealerSocket co-founder and CEO. “For many of our dealers, Libra has become a valuable tool from both a profitability and a compliance standpoint. By making Libra more accessible to our dealers, DealerSocket continues its commitment to provide our customers with innovate new technology.”

“Libra does not replace current desking technology or users of that technology, but is intended to help dealers maximize profitability in a legally compliant manner,” said Michael Maledon, CEO of Libra Systems. “Libra offers dealers protection by replacing the subjectivity of reading credit with an automated process. And the result is increased speed of the deal, higher front and backend gross profits, and significantly fewer unwinds and resigns.”

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DealerSocket Partners with Private Equity Firm

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SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – Billed as a “true partnership in every sense of the word,” software-as-a-service relationship management solution provider DealerSocket entered into a strategic investment relationship on Tuesday with Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm with more than $12 billion in committed capital focused on investments in software and technology-enabled services companies.

DealerSocket recapped that it has grown from a startup software company in a garage 13 years ago to a firm with 450 employees supporting the CRM platform for franchised and independent dealerships.

DealerSocket partnered with Vista to accelerate growth and to continue to invest in product, service and operational scale.

Chief executive officer and co-founder Jonathan Ord explained the new relationship with Vista will serve as a platform to continue the DealerSocket traditions of great culture, innovation and customer service and couple it with an increased ability to scale and grow well into the future.

Ord added DealerSocket’s current management team will remain in place and continue to hold a significant ownership stake in the company in a situation he deemed as a “true partnership with Vista in every sense of the word.”

Ord went on to say, “DealerSocket is a great company with tremendous potential. We looked long and hard for a partner that could provide the type of strategic and operational support for our leadership team that would enable us to realize our full potential.

“We did not want to be acquired. Rather, we sought to find a partner that would not dilute our brand or de-energize our employees or customers as well as help us capitalize on all available opportunities for growth. This relationship with Vista accomplishes that goal and more,” he continued.

Vista founder and managing principal Robert Smith said, “We are tremendously excited about partnering with DealerSocket. We are convinced that DealerSocket is a wonderful platform company in a space that is in need of thoughtful innovation and attention to customer satisfaction.

“The company is led by a passionate management team that loves automotive and loves their customers and desires to continue the legacy of DealerSocket,” Smith went on to say.

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DealerSocket Partners With FEX DMS

San Clemente, Calif. – DealerSocket announced a new integration with Finance Express (FEX) DMS. In an effort to meet mutual customer demands, the companies have made it easier for dealers to manage and communicate with their customers, they said in a statement.

Through this integration, DealerSocket now accepts a nightly customer file from FEX DMS, which allows dealers to schedule automated processes such as vehicle buy back, happy birthday and anniversary follow-ups to encourage repeat business.

By utilizing FEX’s Web-based DMS, dealers can expect to have more accurate ROI reporting on sold business due to the Deal Recap information feeding from FEX to DealerSocket on a nightly basis.

DealerSocket will also create master customer records showing the total customer value of each customer, which will help dealers know and understand who their customers are in all stages of the follow up process. “This solution addresses the needs of our dealers to have an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Like FEX DMS, DealerSocket is an industry-leading provider designed to enable dealerships to manage their dealership, not their software. We are pleased to partner with DealerSocket as we continue to enhance the value of the FEX DMS platform,” said David Huber, president and CEO, Finance Express.

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DealerSocket Names DMEautomotive Exclusive Call Center Provider

Daytona Beach, Fla. —DMEautomotive announced a partnership with CRM provider DealerSocket that will give DealerSocket users direct integration with DMEautomotive’s call center service, MasterCall, and its mobile app, DriverConnect.

“Our users will hugely benefit from a secure and seamless connection with DMEautomotive’s call center and scheduling services,” said Jonathan Ord, founder and CEO, DealerSocket. “And as mobile marketing becomes so crucial for today’s dealerships, having direct access to DriverConnect, the leading dealership mobile app, gives our users a real edge in the marketplace.”

In addition to the integration with MasterCall, DealerSocket will also enable service scheduling and connectivity through Driver Connect. This direct integration means user data, including service and sales appointments, will seamlessly feed directly into DealerSocket CRM.

“We are thrilled that DealerSocket has chosen DMEa as its primary provider of call center services,” said Mike Walther, CEO, DMEautomotive. “DealerSocket is our preferred CRM provider and we look forward to introducing more of our dealer customers to this indispensable tool.”

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DealerSocket Partnering With String Auto Integration

San Clemente, Calif. – DealerSocket added String Automotive to its DealerSocket Certified Partners (DCP) program. Now, clients of DealerSocket who also use String’s business intelligence platform, the Dealer Positioning System (DPS), will have near real-time access to insight about their CRM leads.

Through this partnership, DealerSocket will now provide reporting on a dealership’s received leads to the String DPS. The technical integration is almost real-time and will allow dealerships using both the DealerSocket CRM and the String DPS to save time and money – no data exports or manual uploads needed.

Dealers will be able to categorize leads by source – including primary, secondary and third-party sites – as well as check accuracy of leads by comparing CRM-entered leads to actual phone and chat data. The end result: A clearer picture of what marketing activities, vendors and employees are producing the most ROI.

String’s DDPS empowers car dealers to make better decisions and improve ROI by visualizing their data. Their solution analyzes multiple sources of data from inside and outside the dealership to provide an actionable picture of local markets and an objective view of what – and who – is working for each dealership.

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