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StoneEagle Integrates with Auto/Mate DMS

ALBANY — StoneEagle has completed integration with Auto/Mate’s Dealership Management System (DMS), the companies announced this week. Dealer groups using Auto/Mate’s DMS and StoneEagle’s web-based applications will now benefit from seamless and real-time data updates in both systems.

“Auto/Mate believes that the more technology vendors we integrate with, the more choices our dealers have, allowing them to lower costs and increase efficiencies,” said Mike Esposito, president and CEO of Auto/Mate. “Our Open/Mate program offers vendors an affordable and easy way to integrate their applications with Auto/Mate’s Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS).”

StoneEagle offers a range of web-based applications to help dealers manage performance, accountability and production across their F&I and service departments. StoneEagle solutions are designed to automate manual tasks, deliver accurate information, increase profitability, and maximize customer satisfaction, officials said.

“Integrating with Auto/Mate greatly increases efficiencies for our dealers using the AMPS DMS,” said Jason Gillette, vice president of sales and marketing for StoneEagle. “Seamless integration keeps all data in both systems up to date and accurate, eliminating double entry and manually generating reports from different DMS systems.”

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Autosoft, Inc. Certifies StoneEagle Technology Solutions For Integration with FLEX DMS

WEST MIDDLESEX, Penn. – Autosoft, Inc., a leading national dealer management systems (DMS) provider, announced that StoneEagle has completed the certification process for integration with the FLEX DMS as part of Autosoft’s FLEX Connect program.

StoneEagle offers fully supported web-based applications that help dealers manage performance, accountability and production across their F&I and service operations. These solutions are designed to automate manual tasks, deliver accurate information to drive performance improvements, increase profitability, and maximize customer satisfaction:

  • SEcureMetrics: Tracks F&I, sales and service profitability by individual dealer, dealer group and dealer personnel. SEcureMetrics generates powerful reports, accessible by authorized users, to accurately gauge trends, develop clear forecasts and identify performance issues that require immediate attention.
  • SEcureMenu: Enables F&I managers to deliver a simplified, consistent and compliant F&I product presentation to every customer on any type of PC or mobile device. SEcureMenu includes auto eRating, eContracting and eRemittance functionality, configurable presentation templates, dynamic sales tools, and robust reporting to monitor all usage statistics and transaction details.

“StoneEagle is pleased to forge a partnership with Autosoft and obtain FLEX Connect certification for our SEcureMetrics and SEcureMenu applications,” said Jason Gillette, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for StoneEagle. “The FLEX Connect program facilitates secure and reliable data integration to our applications that increases efficiency and enhances the overall user experience for dealers using the Autosoft FLEX DMS platform and the fee structure is both reasonable and straightforward for the value provided.”

“We’re pleased to add StoneEagle to our growing list of FLEX Connect partners. Our dealers now can seamlessly integrate with applications from another industry leader,” said Christopher Morris, Senior Vice President of Autosoft.

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Open Dealer Exchange Partners with VW Credit to Launch First Two Phases of FinanceSource Dealer Program

SOUTHFIELD – Open Dealer Exchange, LLC, announced a partnership for integration with VW Credit, Inc., the captive finance company which provides financial products and services specifically to Volkswagen and Audi dealers and their customers throughout the U.S.

The partnership includes processing credit application and contract data within the dealer management system (DMS) as part of VCI’s FinanceSource™ dealer program. The FinanceSource program allows VCI and various dealer service providers (DSPs)—like ADP Dealer Services, Inc. and The Reynolds and Reynolds Company—to streamline the F&I process within the DMS to expedite application processing and ensure accurate and validated contracts.

“This integrated solution will help our dealers improve profitability and the overall sales experience by creating a more efficient and smooth funding process,” said David Wicks, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for VCI.

Successful pilot programs with Audi and Volkswagen dealers using ADP and Reynolds and Reynolds systems in California and Massachusetts have showed promising results. Full dealer rollouts will continue on a state-by-state basis over the next 24 months.

“Open Dealer Exchange is proud to partner with an industry leader like VCI to provide technology solutions that allow the dealer and lender to interact seamlessly within the DMS. There’s no need for their dealers to ever leave the DMS in the first place,” said Steve Luyckx, General Manager for Open Dealer Exchange.

“And, with our solutions, a dealer doesn’t have to worry about the integration costs associated with third-party portals that go outside their normal workflow.”

Open Dealer Exchange, founded in 2009 as a joint venture between ADP Dealer Services and Reynolds and Reynolds, integrates a finance source or F&I product provider directly within an auto dealership’s DMS.

By eliminating the need for dealers to log into multiple systems or re-key data into various applications during a vehicle sale, this innovative process results in increased operational efficiencies, reduced contract errors and a more streamlined process with a lender or provider’s franchised dealerships.

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ADP to Become DMS Provider for Asbury

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. — The Dealer Services Group of Automatic Data Processing Inc. has signed a letter of intent to become the sole DMS solutions provider for Asbury Automotive Group Inc.

Asbury’s 80 dealer locations, representing 107 franchises, plan to begin the transition to ADP’s dealership management system (DMS) towards the end of 2010.

“Asbury is pleased to partner with ADP, which offers the experience, depth of product, and extensive client support organization that remain important attributes to our company,” stated Charles R. Oglesby, president and chief executive officer of Asbury Automotive Group.

“We are extremely excited to have Asbury choose ADP as sole provider of its dealer management system. Securing an account with the size and market reputation of Asbury is a significant accomplishment for us. We pride ourselves in having a deep understanding of how to meet the needs of dealerships of all sizes, including large dealer groups,” said Steve Anenen, president of ADP Dealer Services. “I believe our reliable, easy to use, and scalable technology solutions, along with our commitment to client service excellence were important considerations in Asbury’s overall IT strategy. We look forward to providing increased value for Asbury and its customers.”

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Jaguar Land Rover Intends to Integrate Dealer Communication Systems with the DealerTrack DMS

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. – Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC intends to integrate its dealer communications platform with DealerTrack Systems, Inc.’s Dealer Management System (DMS) during 2010.

“We are looking forward to partnering with Jaguar Land Rover to provide full integration with its dealer communication systems, which should significantly enhance the appeal of the DealerTrack DMS to all Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships across North America,” said Rich Holland, vice president and general manager, DealerTrack DMS. “Jaguar and Land Rover dealers considering our DMS will be able to proceed with confidence that the DealerTrack DMS can meet their technology needs, consistent with all OEM communication requirements.”

Following the planned integration, dealers using the DealerTrack DMS with the new factory communication interface will be able to expedite critical transaction processes and eliminate many potential data errors. Information will transfer seamlessly from one system to another without having to be re-keyed.

Dealers will be able to electronically transfer or receive a wide variety of communications, including financial statements, parts orders, warranty claims and reconciliations, and labor time guides.

“Jaguar and Land Rover dealers are increasingly interested in the DealerTrack DMS because of its competitive pricing and ‘Software as a Service’ model, as well as the open access it provides to other vendors,” said Russ Miller, Retailer Systems Manager at Jaguar Land Rover North America. “We will work closely with DealerTrack to ensure that our integrated communications solution creates new efficiencies and enhances the flow of information to and from our dealer base – consistent with our ongoing commitment to help drive sales, profitability and customer satisfaction at Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships across North America.”

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DealerTrack Provides Update on OpenTrack Program

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. – DealerTrack Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings, Inc., provided an update on the success of its OpenTrack program, which gives dealerships and participating third-party solution providers real-time and bi-directional access to data within the DealerTrack Dealer Management System (DMS).

Since its launch last year, the OpenTrack initiative has been received with significant enthusiasm by many of the industry’s most prominent technology vendors – over 130 vendors have expressed interest in participating in the program. As a result, solution options featuring seamless, secure integration with the DealerTrack DMS are now available across virtually every segment of dealership operations. To mention just a few, DealerTrack has executed OpenTrack agreements with the following providers:

  • CRM – DealerSocket, VinSolutions, eLEAD, iMagiclab, The Higher Gear Group
  • Desking – Advent Resources, ProMax
  • Menu – MenuVantage, Ristken Software, MaximTrak
  • Multi-channel marketing – DME, @utoRevenue, DealerMine, Intelligent Automotive Advertising (IAA)
  • Service appointments – Xtime, AutoEforms, TimeHighway

 Of course, the DealerTrack AAX inventory management platform and other DealerTrack solutions are also integrated.

“Our dealers have expressed great support of our OpenTrack strategy and we are working as fast as possible to get all partners connected,” said Raj Sundaram, senior vice president, solutions and services group at DealerTrack. “The partners share and support our commitment to creating an effective, easy and affordable integration platform for our mutual dealer customers. OpenTrack clearly substantiates our vision of an open platform approach designed to give dealers the maximum flexibility to use the solutions that best meet their needs.”

“The OpenTrack program has enabled us to take our enhanced CRM functionality to a whole new level,” said Doug Kinney, CEO of VinSolutions. “Our customers with the DealerTrack DMS can now take advantage of real-time, bi-directional integration made possible by OpenTrack, allowing them to make critical decisions based on the most timely and accurate information available. In addition, the OpenTrack platform has been very easy to work with, and completely reliable from a systems standpoint.”

Additionally, some of the nation’s leading dealer groups have selected OpenTrack as the integration portal for their proprietary application development. For example, the Rydell Group, which operates 64 dealerships, is using OpenTrack to increase their operational efficiency and profitability. The increased flexibility dealerships get with the OpenTrack solution allows them to use a wide variety of software vendors that meet their specific needs.

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