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Auto/Mate Integrates DMS With Oplogic’s Dealer Operator

ALBANY, N.Y. — Auto/Mate Dealership Systems’ dealer management system is now fully integrated with Oplogic’s Dealer Operator CRM solution. Dealers using both offerings will benefit from the increased sales and operations intelligence shared in real time between the two systems.

“Oplogic offers a comprehensive product suite to manage leads and customer contacts to increase sales; including CRM, desking, equity mining, call tracking, ILM, compliance and direct marketing,” said Mike Esposito, president and CEO of Auto/Mate.

Auto/Mate designed its Open/Mate program using open standards to provide an affordable integration experience for third-party vendors. The more vendors that integrate with each other, the greater cost savings dealerships are able to achieve.

“We’re happy our customers have choices when it comes to dealership management system (DMS) providers,” said John Parent, president of Oplogic. “Auto/Mate’s DMS is one of the best choices for software and support, and their integration program is relatively inexpensive, so we can pass those cost savings and efficiencies directly to our dealership clients.”

Auto/Mate is a DMS vendor servicing 1,350 dealerships, including large auto groups and single-store franchises. For more information, visit www.automate.com.

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CRM Usage a Struggle for Average Dealerships, Study Shows

MISSION, Kan. — A recent study co-released by VinSolutions and DealerKnows analyzed customer relationship management (CRM) software usage at dealerships and found some notable differences between average and best-in-class dealers.

The two firms found that effective CRM usage is tied to overall dealership success, but that the average dealership struggles to use its CRM effectively in several key areas. One of the areas that saw the biggest disparity between the average dealer and a best-in-class was in the automated reporting.

The firms found that 83% of best-in-class dealers received regular automated reports from their CRM; for average dealerships, the number fell to 44%.

“At VinSolutions, we’ve always believed that the CRM is the most important piece of technology for the modern dealership,” said Mark Vickery, senior director of performance management at VinSolutions. “This study proves that using the CRM well is essential for dealers’ success. Although many dealers still have some work to do to get the most value out of their system, we hope this research will be the inspiration they need to start using their CRM more effectively.”

Among other findings, the firms found best-in-class dealers replied to emails sent through their CRM 18% of the time, while average dealers replied 11% of the time. Average dealers were also found to set less appointments per day than best-in-class dealerships, which, according to the firms, led to fewer opportunities, missed customer connections and lower profit.

The full report can be found here.

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Traffic Control’s Product Suite Now Available Through Auto/Mate’s DMS

ALBANY, N.Y. — Auto/Mate announced this week plans to integrate Traffic Control’s customer relationship management (CRM), internet lead management (ILM) and employee activity management (EAM) systems into its own dealership management system (DMS).

The integration, officials claimed, should deliver enhanced sales, lead and productivity management capabilities to users of both Auto/Mate and Traffic Control solutions.

“Traffic Control’s employee activity management system takes CRM and ILM functionality to another level, because it gives dealership employees both a destination and directions on how to get there,” said Mike Esposito, president and CEO of Auto/Mate Dealership Systems. “Employees are assigned specific tasks so their productivity has a purpose, instead of just doing busywork that doesn’t get results.”

According to Traffic Control Founder Brendan Hurley, users of both companies’ solutions should not expect to see higher costs for the products due to the integration of their systems.

“Auto/Mate’s integration process is very affordable which is great because we don’t have to pass high integration and certification costs through to our dealer customers,” Hurley said. “We share Auto/Mate’s roots: we are car people. The familiarity and ease that dealers experience using Auto/Mate is shared by Traffic Control users.”

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DealerPeak Chooses Flick Fusion for Video Marketing

URBANDALE, Iowa — Flick Fusion was chosen as the preferred video marketing provider for DealerPeak’s full system CRM, website and desking solutions, the company announced, reported by F&I and Showroom.

Dealerships using DealerPeak solutions will have the option to access the Flick Fusion video marketing platform as part of the deal. Dealers will be able to use Flick Fusion’s analytics to track video performance and user behavior from within the DealerPeak CRM.

“Many dealers like the idea of having videos but without fully integrated analytics, it’s difficult to track and compare views, clicks, leads and appointments in the same way other marketing analytics can be measured,” said Brian Cox, president and CEO of Flick Fusion. “Our API communicates with DealerPeak’s system, providing a richer video experience for the user and information for the CRM so the dealer can literally see who is watching what.”

When a dealership uploads video or chooses to use stock footage from the Flick Fusion platform, custom-branded videos are automatically created and distributed across dozens of websites including the dealership’s Facebook inventory page, YouTube channel and third-party listing sites. Analytics is not limited to just a dealer’s website and will be available from every distribution point within the CRM.

“Having video translates into more consumer engagement, better conversion ratios and longer site visit time,” said Jock Schowalter, president of DealerPeak. “It’s becoming one of the must-have components of a good website.”

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A1 Software Announces Mobile Focused CRM

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A1 Software Group announced its new dealership CRM, Selly, a mobile focused, lightweight CRM for automotive sales. Selly is designed for small to medium sized dealerships and was initially distributed as a mobile app.

“The majority of vendors have built complicated systems that have been selling for years with minimal updates and modernization,” said Zach Klempf, CEO of A1 Software Group. “Selly for Automotive will have a simple SaaS pricing structure at a fraction of the cost of other dealership CRM tools.”

Selly automates much of the data entry process by using social media integration and is accessible through the cloud or offline. Because of the mobile nature of the software, the CRM can be used while out in the lot. It is also localized in nine different languages to cater to bilingual sales reps.

A1 is currently looking for small and medium sized dealerships to participate in the beta test for Selly. In order to participate in the program, visit SellyDealer.com.

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Dealertrack CRM Receives Reynolds Certification

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. — Dealertrack Technologies has received certification from Reynolds and Reynolds for its CRM. The certification is part of the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) Program and applies to the ERA dealership management system (DMS).

The RCI Program provides a standardized approach to handling dealership data from a Reynolds DMS in a safe, secure and verifiable manner, improving the security and supportability of interfaces for both dealerships and third-party vendors. In addition to this new interface, Dealertrack has certified interfaces between Reynolds’ ERA DMS and Dealertrack’s Credit Application Network, as well as its inventory management, eMenu, SalesMaker, DealTransfer and econtracting solutions.

“Dealertrack is committed to supporting dealers’ technology needs by enabling secure, real-time and seamless integration between systems running in a dealership and Dealertrack systems and solutions,” said Robert Granados, senior vice president and general manager of Inventory and CRM Solutions for Dealertrack. “With this new certification, dealers can confidently and easily exchange information between our CRM and the Reynolds and Reynolds ERA DMS.”

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