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Upcoming Conferences – Must Attend Events

Now that Tax season is behind us (at least for most of us) and I have begun planning the remainder of my year, I couldn’t help but notice the next set of conferences on the horizon. Yes, that’s right, I said set (or batch or grouping, if you prefer). On September 26th through 28th of 2011, at the Las Vegas Hilton, the Industry Summit will be held. The Industry Summit is comprised of three conferences The F&I Conference, the Vehicle Service Contract Administrators Conference (VSCAC), and the Special Finance Conference.

The idea behind the Industry Summit couldn’t have been explained better than explained on its website www.IndustrySummit.com, “Success in automotive retail requires close contact between dealers and the finance sources, agents, trainers and product providers that serve as their partners. Industry Summit 2011 represents an important step toward that goal.” It is for this very reason that the Special Financing Conference has decided to join the F&I Conference & Expo and the VSCAC in 2011.

At the Industry Summit, attendees will be able to have access to a wealth of information through both the conference and related workshops and speaking engagements. And the networking and business-to-business opportunities that will exist will be immense. This is going to be a “can’t miss” event.

Once we all have been able to experience the Industry Summit, and make it through the holidays, we have the Agent Summit 2012 to look forward to. For all those who were able to attend the Agent Summit this past spring, you know what a great success it was in its first year off the ground. We have even bigger plans scheduled for 2012 which not only include a great selection of panelists, workshops and exhibitors, there is also in the plans arrangements for pre-conference events such as association meetings and the scheduling of a golf or poker tournament. For additional information on the 2012 Agent Summit you can visit www.AgentSummit.com.

So, mark your calendars for the Industry Summit in September from the 26th through the 28th, at the Las Vegas Hilton, and the Agent Summit in March 2012, from the 12th through the 14th, at Caesar’s Palace – Las Vegas. These are “must attend” events and will definitely make it onto my calendar.

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