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AUL Corp. Announces Charitable Contributions

NAPA, Calif. – AUL Corp., the award-winning and leading warranty and vehicle service contract administrator in America just released a reporting of its recent contributions to charities. Since 2012, AUL Corp. has contributed $173,619.00 to 80 separate non-profit organizations. These organizations range from local Napa food banks and children's charities. AUL has committed to continue this effort through 2017.

In 2012, AUL decided to create a dedicated committee to coordinate these charitable contributions. This committee includes non-management employees who have been tasked with discussing and facilitating the contributions. This group is staffed by people who were identified by their peers as wonderful ambassadors of AUL and our community.

AUL's President and CEO, Luis Nieves, stated, "At AUL, we believe that getting involved in charity programs contributes to strengthened professional skills, team building, thinking creatively, and contributes to job satisfaction overall—that's why we've created this wonderful opportunity within our company."

Jimmy Atkinson, AUL's Chief Operating Officer, agreed and added, "AUL strongly believes that our products are only as great as our people. One of AUL Core Values is 'Appreciation;' if you ever work with us or spend time in our office you will hear 'Thank you' a lot. We always strive to show appreciation to colleagues, partners, customers, clients, etc. We also believe this commitment should be extended to our community. This committee has done a beautiful job."

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NAE Aids Tornado Victims

Strongsville, Ohio — Executives and staff at National Automotive Experts (NAE) spearheaded a campaign that brought in more than 2,700 pounds of items donated to assist victims of the tornadoes that swept through the Midwest in May. The supplies, which included food as well as socks, underwear, work gloves, garbage bags and other items, were collected at the company’s Strongsville headquarters and distributed through a church in Oklahoma.

“We do as much for the community here (in Cleveland) as we can, and when we saw a need in Oklahoma, we thought we should help there as well,” said Kelly Price, president, NAE. “I just called a church and asked if we could ship our donations to them. They had a network set up and they distributed the supplies.”

Kelly Price’s son, Dustin, stands atop supplies stacked in her office. The Price family and NAE donated time and funds to a campaign that collected more than 2,700 pounds of supplies to victims of the tornadoes that ravaged Oklahoma and other states in May.

Price kicked off the donation drive by buying $1,000 worth of goods at a local Costco. She and her staff packed the initial shipment into 80 boxes weighing a total of 2,000 pounds. Price posted updates on Facebook, which led to more donations. A second shipment included more than 700 pounds’ worth of supplies in 20 boxes, all sent by NAE to Oklahoma.

“We shipped it and never even looked at the cost,” Price said. “To me, it’s what God wants us to do.”

The May campaign marked NAE’s second major tornado relief effort. Two years earlier, a massive tornado cut a swath of destruction through the small city of Joplin, Mo. The tornado caused 158 deaths and nearly $3 billion in damage.

NAE’s director of agency development, David Neuenschwander, was a Joplin resident. His home and family were spared, so Neuenschwander worked with his church and a local dealership, Roper Honda, to distribute 1,775 pounds’ worth of supplies donated by NAE and the company’s associates, family and friends.

“We have a generous staff,” Price said. “We try really hard to do what we can.”

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