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AutoLoop Achieves Reynolds Vendor Certification

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Automotive marketing solutions provider AutoLoop announced it has completed the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) program for the Reynolds and Reynolds POWER Dealer Management System (DMS). This new certification allows data to be exchanged safely and securely from a POWER DMS to AutoLoop’s next-generation software.

“We’re thrilled to be a designated RCI partner,” said Matt Rodeghero, AutoLoop Chief Product Officer. “Data drives everything we do, and this certification helps ensure that we can securely access the information needed to deliver the best user experience — for both dealers and their customers.”

AutoLoop offers dealers a comprehensive marketing and engagement solution through the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite, and the new Reynolds and Reynolds certification further enhances its offering.

“By synchronizing the AutoLoop platform and Reynolds and Reynolds products, we’re able to offer real-time access and updates for customers who use products from each organization,” Rodeghero said. “It’s a big win for everyone.”

AutoLoop is also certified as an RCI partner for the Reynolds and Reynolds ERA DMS.

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Autosoft, Inc. Certifies MaximTrak F&I Platform for Integration with FLEX DMS

WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa. – Autosoft, Inc., a leading national dealer management systems (DMS) provider, announces that the MaximTrak Technologies’ F&I suite has completed the certification process for integration with FLEX DMS as part of Autosoft’s FLEX Connect program.

The MaximTrak F&I suite helps dealers transform the vehicle delivery process into a more customer-friendly experience that drives greater profitability. This integration certification means that over 2,000 dealers using Autosoft to manage their dealerships can now benefit from the power and innovation of MaximTrak.

The many F&I process efficiencies MaximTrak delivers contribute to improved aftermarket products’ penetration and higher per-vehicle retail revenue. These leading digital technologies help F&I staff build rapport with customers by engaging them with customer-centric videos, visual sales presentations, interactive surveys, and more. These services also help build the value of the dealership and its F&I products by improving F&I performance.

The MaximTrak F&I suite includes:

  • MENUTRAK: Simplifies process flow, speeds up the deal, appeals to the consumer and makes more money for the dealership. In dealership studies, deals done using MenuTrak out performed non-menu deals by $538 per vehicle sold and almost doubled vehicle service contract penetration rates.
  • DASHBOARDS: Give F&I managers and their dealers quick-view reporting so they can make quick, easy and informed decisions. Meets the demand of even the most analytical CFOs.
  • E-TRAK: Streamline the administration and sales processes with access to electronic forms, digital signature capture, e-rating, and digital remittance.
  • FLITE: Speed transaction processes while delivering the complete F&I story through touch, tablet, and tablet-to-TV technology.

“MaximTrak is excited about this partnership with Autosoft,” said Jim Maxim, Jr., president and CEO of MaximTrak. “We’re bringing unique digital F&I tools to dealers using the Autosoft DMS, enabling them to deliver thorough, compliant, and transparent F&I experiences to their customers while helping boost F&I profits for their dealerships.”

Christopher Morris, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Autosoft added, “MaximTrak is an F&I industry leader. We are delighted to have them as a participant in our FLEX Connect program, giving Autosoft customers a broader choice of integrated solutions that help them manage their business.”

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Autosoft, Inc. Certifies StoneEagle Technology Solutions For Integration with FLEX DMS

WEST MIDDLESEX, Penn. – Autosoft, Inc., a leading national dealer management systems (DMS) provider, announced that StoneEagle has completed the certification process for integration with the FLEX DMS as part of Autosoft’s FLEX Connect program.

StoneEagle offers fully supported web-based applications that help dealers manage performance, accountability and production across their F&I and service operations. These solutions are designed to automate manual tasks, deliver accurate information to drive performance improvements, increase profitability, and maximize customer satisfaction:

  • SEcureMetrics: Tracks F&I, sales and service profitability by individual dealer, dealer group and dealer personnel. SEcureMetrics generates powerful reports, accessible by authorized users, to accurately gauge trends, develop clear forecasts and identify performance issues that require immediate attention.
  • SEcureMenu: Enables F&I managers to deliver a simplified, consistent and compliant F&I product presentation to every customer on any type of PC or mobile device. SEcureMenu includes auto eRating, eContracting and eRemittance functionality, configurable presentation templates, dynamic sales tools, and robust reporting to monitor all usage statistics and transaction details.

“StoneEagle is pleased to forge a partnership with Autosoft and obtain FLEX Connect certification for our SEcureMetrics and SEcureMenu applications,” said Jason Gillette, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for StoneEagle. “The FLEX Connect program facilitates secure and reliable data integration to our applications that increases efficiency and enhances the overall user experience for dealers using the Autosoft FLEX DMS platform and the fee structure is both reasonable and straightforward for the value provided.”

“We’re pleased to add StoneEagle to our growing list of FLEX Connect partners. Our dealers now can seamlessly integrate with applications from another industry leader,” said Christopher Morris, Senior Vice President of Autosoft.

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EFG Companies First F&I Provider to Achieve BenchmarkPortal Certification

DALLAS – EFG Companies, the innovator behind the award-winning Hyundai Assurance program, announced its status today as the only F&I product provider to be certified as a Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal. The Center of Excellence recognition is one of the most prestigious awards in the customer service and support industry.

BenchmarkPortal only awards the Center of Excellence designation to customer service call centers that rank in the top ten percent of the call centers surveyed. To earn this award, EFG demonstrated a commitment to achieving service excellence, as well as superior performance on quality-related metrics.

EFG continuously strives to raise the industry bar when it comes to providing superior products, administration and compliance. Earlier this year, EFG was awarded the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Blue Seal of Excellence with close to 100 percent of its claims organization ASE certified. The company was also recognized as being the only product provider of size to AFIP certify 100 percent of its field team. With these three certifications, the EFG sets the industry example for leadership in training, auditing and administering their clients’ business to whom its services are a critical priority.

“Our clients rely on our expertise and quality customer service when it comes to administering customer claims,” said John Pappanastos, President and CEO, EFG Companies. “We operate knowing that our claims administration reflects back on our clients’ business and brand. By demonstrating our high level of expertise with this certification, we are giving our clients the highest confidence that all claims will be handled expertly, efficiently and respectfully, promoting a positive overall customer experience and driving greater customer loyalty for their business.”

Founded in 1995, BenchmarkPortal is a global leader in the contact center industry, providing benchmarking, certification, training, consulting, research and industry reports. Contact centers achieve the Center of Excellence distinction based on an intense onsite evaluation and audit as well as best-practice metrics drawn from the world’s largest database of objective and quantitative data that is audited and validated by researchers from BenchmarkPortal.

“The achievement of the Center of Excellence designation represents EFG Companies’ commitment to delivering expert and professional customer service,” said Bruce Belfore, CEO, BenchmarkPortal. “EFG’s certification is a direct result of its leadership’s commitment to best-in-class service performance that is both effective and efficient from a business standpoint. It’s an achievement of distinction.”

Throughout its 37-year history, EFG has continually demonstrated their commitment to exceed customer expectations. Customer service and claims administration standards and real-time performance is continuously projected on the company’s walls as a constant measure of performance. 95.88 percent of claims calls are answered within 90 seconds, and 96 percent of all claims are paid by corporate credit card within one hour of receipt of invoice.

EFG believes longevity and success is ultimately measured by a simple premise: keeping a promise to a customer at a time when they need it most. EFG prides itself on being a claims-honoring third-party administrator and this certification only enhances the company’s commitment to fulfill that promise.

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Dealertrack CRM Receives Reynolds Certification

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. — Dealertrack Technologies has received certification from Reynolds and Reynolds for its CRM. The certification is part of the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) Program and applies to the ERA dealership management system (DMS).

The RCI Program provides a standardized approach to handling dealership data from a Reynolds DMS in a safe, secure and verifiable manner, improving the security and supportability of interfaces for both dealerships and third-party vendors. In addition to this new interface, Dealertrack has certified interfaces between Reynolds’ ERA DMS and Dealertrack’s Credit Application Network, as well as its inventory management, eMenu, SalesMaker, DealTransfer and econtracting solutions.

“Dealertrack is committed to supporting dealers’ technology needs by enabling secure, real-time and seamless integration between systems running in a dealership and Dealertrack systems and solutions,” said Robert Granados, senior vice president and general manager of Inventory and CRM Solutions for Dealertrack. “With this new certification, dealers can confidently and easily exchange information between our CRM and the Reynolds and Reynolds ERA DMS.”

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Performance Services Offered by AAGI

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS – American Auto Guardian, Inc. (“AAGI”) announced its partnership with United Development Systems, Inc. (“UDS”). This strategic affiliation will provide a more local presence of the seven-year winner of Top F&I Trainer in the nation.

As part of its corporate evolution, AAGI’s Performance Services department has been created. This department will encompass the on-going, two-day Agent Certification workshop held throughout the calendar year, as well as, the F&I Certification Training.

AAGI has planned three F&I Certification Training sessions at their Arlington Heights, IL location. Each session will be five days in length, taught by UDS staff. The program will include a focus on presentation skills and techniques, lender relations and advanced management skills. Additionally, participants will engage in role playing and critiquing of their performance by UDS staff.

Jeff Teuscher, Vice President of Sales and head of AAGI’s Performance Services, said, “This is the most comprehensive training available in the market, and we are pleased to be able to present the program as part of our services to our agent and dealer base. Our responsibility is not strictly to administer contracts, but to assist our client base with gaining the tools necessary for success. AAGI’s adage continues to be…We Succeed Only When You Do!®”

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