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CDK Global, CarGurus Partner on New Marketing Solutions

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. — CDK Global today announced a strategic relationship with online automotive marketplace CarGurus. Through this collaboration, users of CDK websites will gain exposure for their inventory on CarGurus.com as well as leads from CarGurus shoppers.

CDK will also leverage CarGurus’ anonymized, aggregated data in its suite of automotive digital marketing solutions, allowing the company to create personalized shopping experiences and cross-site consumer behavior attribution.

“We are excited to be able to offer our dealers more leads and more inventory exposure through CarGurus based on our new integration,” stated Max Steckler, product officer for CDK Global. “The CDK Customer Cloud becomes that much more powerful in being able to deliver more targeted and personalized messaging with the addition of CarGurus data.”

The integration also allows dealers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of anonymous in-market consumer behavior across the CDK website eco-system, the CarGurus.com website, and manufacturer, regional and group websites. Car dealers with CDK websites will now be able to precisely target personalized content on their own websites to interested shoppers who previously visited CarGurus – even if they never looked at a specific car on the dealer’s site.

CarGurus uses proprietary technology and data analytics to help shoppers search more than five million car listings and quickly identify great deals from top-rated dealers in their local areas. CarGurus.com now attracts more than 23 million monthly unique visitors in the United States, positioning CDK dealers to reach a significant audience of in-market shoppers.

“Car shoppers rely on CarGurus for transparency and validation, and we are excited to be working closely with CDK Global to enhance that experience,” stated Marty Blue, senior vice president of business development at CarGurus. “Through our relationship with CDK Global, we’re able to unleash even more power to assist shoppers and drive dealers’ business results.”

As an approved participant in the CDK Global Partner Program, CarGurus reporting will be integrated into the CDK Dealer Command Center. Dealers can expect the integrated solutions to be available in early October.

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Texas DMV Closes Case Against CarGurus

AUSTIN, Texas — On Monday, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement Division determined that CarGurus’ online advertisements are now in compliance with state law — after the vehicle-shopping site revised its practices.

In April, the Texas DMV issued a letter to CarGurus advising that the way it lists used-car prices on its website violated a law prohibiting savings claims or discount offers in used-vehicle advertisements. CarGurus was given 30 days to remove the content before the department said it would subject dealers with listings on the site to fines of up to $10,000 each day a violation occurs. The department later pulled back on its threat of enforcement action against dealers after a meeting with CarGurus officials.

As a result of that discussion, on May 8 — 15 days after the original notice was issued — CarGurus submitted revisions to the department. “The revisions included removal of the savings data connected to the historical price information and the Instant Market value, as well as disclaimer language added to the Instant Market Value section,” according to a letter issued by the DMV on Monday.

“The department reviewed the revised content and has determined that the Texas used motor vehicle advertisements appearing on CarGurus are now in compliance with the department rule,” the letter read, in part. “With this decision, the case file is being closed.”

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Texas DMV Halts Plan to Fine Dealers with CarGurus Listings

AUSTIN, Texas — After the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement Division took a call from shopping site CarGurus on April 30, the department hit the brakes on its plan to fine dealers who have listings on the CarGurus website. As part of an agreement reached over the phone, CarGurus must submit suggested revisions to its advertising practices, which the department will consider no later than May 7.

The DMV’s Enforcement Division announced in a letter to CarGurus and the Texas Automotive Dealers Association April 23 that it would fine dealers with listings on the shopping site $10,000 in administrative penalties each day a violation occurs. The department claims that the way CarGurus lists the prices of used vehicles on its website — including projected savings below market value and price drops — is in violation of state law.

“… A savings claim or discount offer is prohibited except to advertise a new motor vehicle,” the department’s letter, obtained by F&I and Showroom, read, in part. “No person may advertise a savings claim or discount offer on used motor vehicles.”

Now, the department is actively working with CarGurus to ensure that its advertisements are in compliance with state law and has put possible enforcement actions on hold. It will issue a decision on the proposed changes by May 7.

“In the interim, the department will abate any enforcement action relating to used motor vehicle savings claim advertisements appearing on the CarGurus website,” the department’s Director of Enforcement William P. Harbeson told CarGurus in a letter following yesterday’s call. “Again, thank you for your cooperation in this matter and I am hoping we can quickly resolve this matter in an amicable manner.”

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Survey: Consumers Won’t Travel Far for Warranty Services

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – CarGurus, an online automotive community, found in its latest survey that 59 percent of respondents are willing to travel an average of 125 miles to visit a dealer while shopping for a new car. Recent auto dealership closings do not appear to be an issue affecting consumer automotive shopping behavior and sales. However, when it comes to long-term ownership issues like warranty service, the majority of consumers (61 percent) are only willing to drive an average of 27 miles.

CarGurus’ survey results suggest those dealership closings may not matter to consumers while they’re shopping for a car.

“Consumers are willing to travel long and far to shop for a new car. In fact, 61 percent of respondents in our survey want to visit four or more dealerships when shopping for a new car,” said Langley Steinert, CEO and founder of CarGurus. “In the long run, however, manufacturers need to keep a close eye on dealership density in important geographic markets, as having too few service dealerships in a given market could hurt a manufacturer’s brand image and loyalty. Consumers will travel long and far to buy a car, but not to have it serviced.”

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