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Universal Lenders Extends the ZERO Plan to AUL Dealers

NAPA — AUL Corp., a used-car service contract provider, and Universal Lenders LLC, creator of The ZERO Plan, announced that they will be working together to allow dealers to provide premium financing through The ZERO Plan to customers who purchase an AUL vehicle service contract.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with Universal Lenders so that our agents and dealers can benefit from The ZERO Plan,” said Jimmy Atkinson, COO of AUL. “We believe it provides a great tool for our agents to compete in the marketplace as well as provides key dealer benefits.”

Founded by a high-volume dealer with six franchises who had been in the business for 20 years, Universal Lenders LLC created “The ZERO Plan” to serve the automotive industry by offering zero percent financing for most F&I products, reported F&I and Showroom magazine. The benefits of “The ZERO Plan” include helping dealerships increase their aftermarket product sales, providing payment to dealers within seven days with cancellation rates under five percent, and providing a financing option for consumers.

“The team at Universal Lenders is excited to be partnering with AUL, whom we recognize as a leader in our industry,” said Jeff Jacobs, president of Universal Lenders. “The ZERO Plan will offer the AUL dealer client a powerful closing tool that is also the most dealer-friendly in the industry. Our goal is to drive incremental sales for both AUL and our dealers.”

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AUL Corp. Partners With OptionSoft Technologies

NAPA – AUL Corp., a provider of service contracts for used vehicles, has partnered with OptionSoft Technologies, a provider of automotive software solutions. The goal of the partnership is to allow both companies to continue offering their dealer networks the most advanced electronic business solutions.

“Partnering with OptionSoft will provide our mutual clients nationwide a simplified suite of F&I electronic business solutions that will streamline their F&I process and positively affect their profitability. It will also allow for a seamless integration with AUL’s Web portal for a paperless e-rating and remittance procedure,” said Jimmy Atkinson, COO of AUL.

“OptionSoft is very pleased to be part of AUL’s national provider network,” said Ken Tomaro, president of OptionSoft. “AUL is a leader in the vehicle service contract industry and are widely recognized for their innovative products and outstanding customer service. OptionSoft shares in those same product innovation and customer service ideals.”

Both companies said they will continue to find ways to assist dealers in selling F&I products and increasing profits on a compliant, customer-friendly platform. OptionSoft menus are specifically designed to increase the speed and accuracy of all information for improved remittance while decreasing the time and resources typically associated with sales, F&I and service drive sales operations.

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AUL Corp. Appoints Jimmy Atkinson Chief Operating Officer

NAPA, Calif. – AUL Corp., a national provider of used-car service contracts, has hired Jimmy Atkinson as chief operating officer and senior vice president.

In announcing the appointment, Luis Nieves, president and CEO of AUL Corp., said: “We were determined to introduce someone to the company with a strong history of excellence in leadership, but also with down-to-earth qualities and communication skills. Jimmy fits that bill perfectly. He’ll be a great asset to all of our employees, and a key to raising the next generation of leadership.”

Upon accepting the appointment, Atkinson said: “AUL has a pristine reputation. The company is the leader in its field, due in large part to its solid infrastructure. I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to join the team. I’m committed to contributing to the growth of a great company.”

Atkinson most recently served as senior vice president of Assurant Solutions, Vehicle Service Contract Business Division, in Atlanta. During his seven years at Assurant, he completed tours of duty as director of training, director of sales, and senior vice president of the Vehicle Service Contract Business Division. Before joining Assurant, Atkinson held a number of retail auto positions, and developed a sterling reputation as one of the top sales and management trainers in the auto industry.

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AUL Corp. Announces Strong Recovery Indicators

NAPA, Calif. – AUL Corp., America’s largest national provider of used-car service contracts announces a 20-year record result in three key metric areas, suggesting an upturn in its industry and in the American economy in general.

The findings are based on a consistent and sustained increase in the following 3 areas:

  • the number of new and used car dealerships signed to market AUL Corp.’s Vehicle Service Contracts
  • the number of Agents committed to making AUL’s VSCs their key growth lever
  • the number of new and used car dealers that sold AUL’s VSCs in the last 12 months.

According to Luis Nieves, AUL’s President, CEO and Founder, record performance in these 3 areas, at this time, validates AUL’s 20 year focus on customer relationships, adequate premium, outstanding claims handling, and common sense underwriting.

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