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Dent Wizard Opens New Call Center

ST. LOUIS — Reconditioning and appearance protection provider Dent Wizard International recently moved its F&I division, customer service and claims management team to a new facility near the company’s headquarters there. The move was driven by the continued growth of Dent Wizard’s F&I business, officials said.

The new 3,800-square-foot call center, located just one mile from Dent Wizard’s headquarters, will accommodate all full-time employees who manage phone/online claims and customer inquiries for consumers as well as for Dent Wizard’s major partners, including dealer group and F&I insurance companies.

That team has tripled in four year, with the new space offering room for further growth, officials said.

With the move to the new call center, Dent Wizard has transition to a web-based communications service. The service, from NewVoiceMedia operating on a Salesforce Service Cloud platform, ensures that communications will not be interrupted in the event of a landline phone system failure at the call center.  It also allows Dent Wizard’s multilingual call center agents to work remotely, if necessary.

“We believe our industry-leading products and services are the best because they’re delivered and managed by our staff and techs, with minimal reliance on out-sourced people,” said Corey Schroeder, Dent Wizard’s director of F&I operations. “This investment in our team of dedicated, domestic employees is another example of our commitment to superior customer service and quality control.”

The new call center is located at 1801 Riverport Drive in Maryland Heights, Mo. For more, click here.

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Don’t Let Leasing Put a Dent in Appearance Protection

As reported in a June 2016 Automotive News article, “Leasing made up an all-time high of 31.1% of new-vehicle transactions — including cash deals — in the quarter, compared with 26.7% a year earlier.” To put that in perspective, in 2009 it was about 12%. That’s great for the leasing office but not so great for the F&I office, as most lease agreements include maintenance coverage.

So how can independent agents and their dealer clients make up that lost revenue? One proven option is to sell appearance protection coverage.

Appearance protection plans have evolved considerably in the past 10 years. Mobilized, consolidated service providers, using specially trained technicians capable of performing multiple types of repairs, offer dealerships new levels of efficiency and capability that translate to more revenue and peace of mind for the dealership, and happier customers.

Today’s tiered appearance plans, including those offered by my company and others, give F&I managers the option to present choices to their customers, bundling different types of appearance repair services. Such plans include paintless dent repair (PDR) at the baseline but also include wheel repair, bumper repair, windshield repair and repairs of interior rips, tears and burns. The dings and dents acquired while parked in a parking lot is a fairly universal risk, so PDR is a starting point. But identifying customers who also, for example, often travel on highways and can benefit from a windshield repair plan coupled with PDR, presents an upselling opportunity that wasn’t available a few years ago.

The selling opportunities for appearance plans span all car sales, not just leasing. For new cars and pre-owned sales, consumers want their vehicles to look great. A great-looking vehicle brings better resale value — a factor critical to both the consumer and dealer. Most plans provide warranty coverage where the factory does not. Kelly Blue Book and NADA guides both address the importance of appearance to resale value. Plus, for pre-owned, some plans feature no age or mileage restrictions.

Yet with all of these great improvements and opportunities for selling appearance plans in the F&I office, penetration rates are only slowly improving year to year. The following tips for selling appearance plans may help you change that:

1. The 100% Rule

The customer often doesn’t see a benefit with many programs, so making a personal connection by communicating typical risk scenarios is important. “Have you ever had a major mechanical breakdown? Had a car stolen? Had a ding, windshield chip or scraped wheel? Lost a set of keys?” By going through the list, you’ll find that 100% of customers will acknowledge a need based on their individual experiences with car ownership, and will know they’ll get a benefit from the plan.

2. Planting the Seed

By using a few good interview questions that target specific coverages of an appearance protection plan, customers will envision scenarios that make a plan favorable. “Isn’t it nice to drive a vehicle that feels showroom-new?” “Do you know what the manufacturer’s warranty is on minor cosmetic damage?” “Have you noticed how parking spaces everywhere seem to be getting smaller?” “Have you ever had a shopping cart or car door ding your vehicle?” “Have you ever caught the curb with your wheel while parallel parking?”

3. Thought Tracks

“Thought tracks,” or visuals and analogies, provide a perspective that may awaken desire in customers. One of the more successful props I use is a light metal water bottle. I hit it against the desk to illustrate how cars today dent more easily because they’re made of thinner steel or aluminum. When discussing vehicle trade-in, reference the KBB/ NADA guide, or use a unique picture of trade-in vehicle with damage. Use a cellphone as an example: Most car buyers have a case to protect their expensive phone from damage.

4. Package Presentation and Increasing Product Penetration

The same customer you’re selling paint and fabric protection to is also likely to buy ding and dent coverage, and maybe more. And the opposite applies — if they buy ding and dent, they’ll likely buy paint and fabric. I’ve seen many examples of an F&I manager having paint and fabric on all five levels of the menu, but they have ding and dent on only two levels. This is a missed opportunity. They should always be offered together because it’s the same customer for each program. It’s in their buying DNA, so to speak.

The current leasing market presents one great opportunity for selling appearance protection. Should that market plateau, new and pre-owned will continue to offer revenue opportunities. Appearance protection can keep your clients’ and your revenue numbers looking flawless.

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AutoBodyguard Obtains Exclusive Rights to Zavada Scientific’s Odor Elimination Technology

IRVING, Texas – AutoBodyguard, Inc., a division of Dent Zone Companies, Inc., has announced a newly formed partnership with Zavada Scientific for exclusive rights to Zavada’s organic odor elimination technology for the automotive, recreational vehicle and marine, as well as powersports, markets worldwide.

“The addition of Zavada’s odor eliminator is aligned with our vision for the AutoBodyguard portfolio,” said John Martin, President of AutoBodyguard, Inc. “This proprietary technology, governed under US Trade Secret Laws, distinguishes us as the only provider in the vehicle protection marketplace capable of eliminating organic odors through an environmentally safe and eco-friendly solution.”

Zavada’s Noble Ion™ Technology removes odors by breaking down the chemical bonds and the compounds that cause them, eliminating organic odors at the source. Common competitor products use enzymes, which react to bacteria, or use odor neutralizers or fragrances, which mask the odor for a limited period of time. Over time, as enzymes die out or neutralizers dissipate, the odor returns. Zavada’s technology disrupts the production of the bacteria, which is typically the source of the organic odor, and prevents it from returning.

AutoBodyguard’s Organic Odor Eliminator with Noble Ion™ Technology has been integrated into the line’s Interior Protection program that provides coverage for the carpet, fabric, leather and vinyl surfaces of vehicles. The product is free from harsh chemicals and does not contain toxic ammonia components frequently found in anti-bacterial products. It is eco-friendly as well as safe for children and pets.

“We are pleased to partner with AutoBodyguard to offer dealers greater profits through innovative F&I solutions,” said John Veenstra, Chief Innovation Officer for Zavada Scientific. “We selected AutoBodyguard because of the history, reputation and relationships that Dent Zone Companies, its parent company, has created in the automotive F&I industry over the past twenty-five years.”

“This exciting addition to the AutoBodyguard product line addresses an everyday problem that all drivers experience,” said John Martin. “Our Organic Odor Eliminator provides a tangible, new benefit for dealers to provide to their customers that has never been offered before.”

AutoBodyguard offers full body automotive protection products that range from interior and exterior appearance protection to tire and wheel protection, windshield and dent protection. AutoBodyguard plans to add its Organic Odor Eliminator to future products for the recreational vehicle, marine and powersports markets.

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Dent Zone Launches AutoBodyguard Division for Full Automotive Protection; Acquires Trident Protection Systems

IRVING, Texas – Dent Zone Companies, the leader in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), has announced the creation of AutoBodyguard, Inc., a division offering a complete line of automotive appearance programs and vehicle protection products.

The products, which include interior and exterior vehicle protection, also encompass additional consumer coverage benefits such as tire and wheel, windshield, automobile deductible reimbursement and dent protection.

“The creation of this division puts us in a position to provide a comprehensive portfolio,” explains Troy Good, Dent Zone President and CEO. “We are now able to offer a full suite of products designed to provide consumers with the best vehicle protection available while supporting dealers’ profitability objectives.”

In preparation for this launch, AutoBodyguard acquired Trident Protection Systems, an early pioneer in the use of nanotechnology for interior and exterior automotive protection products. AutoBodyguard now manufactures all chemicals for its automotive protection products in their new, state-of-the-art facility in Irving, Texas, with the capacity to support large volume custom orders, including private label opportunities for vehicle manufacturers, large dealer groups and third party administrators.

Seasoned industry expert John Martin has been named President of AutoBodyguard. Martin has spent nearly 40 years in the business, working first for his father’s company, which became a distributor for CalTex Protective Coatings and later sold to the chemical provider. He ascended in leadership to become the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and later served on the company’s Board of Directors as Chairman.

Martin believes the Trident Protection Systems acquisition was a perfect fit for AutoBodyguard.

“Trident was a great addition for us in many respects,” said Martin. “Not only did they have a loyal customer base with strong revenues, their non-toxic product formulations, particularly in nanotechnology used in exterior paint protection, have been consistently among the best in the industry.”

AutoBodyguard is developing an indirect distribution channel through top performing agents and building its national network under the leadership of Christine DeGuglielmo,

their Vice President of Sales. DeGuglielmo brings over 30 years of industry experience in automotive sales and F&I, including 14 years in the chemical protection business.

“We now have the right products to complete the AutoBodyguard brand and the right leadership in place to drive it,” said Troy Good. “We are expecting growth in the next year to be exponential.”

In addition to the automotive industry, AutoBodyguard products will be available for the recreational vehicle and powersports marketplaces.

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