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RoadVantage Taps F&I Administration Solutions for F&I Software Administration

AUSTIN – RoadVantage announced a partnership with F&I Administration Solutions, LLC that was signed in August 2011. They recently went live with F&I Admin’s SCS Auto software solution with various RoadVantage F&I products including: GAP, tire and wheel, appearance protection, key replacement & anti-theft.  

“Our solution presents many opportunities and efficiencies for a company like RoadVantage,” said David Trinder, CEO of F&I Administration Solutions. “RoadVantage is building innovative products, and our solution provides the ability to quickly develop and implement fresh approaches that will drive value.”

F&I Administration Solutions is a leading provider of software for the automotive F&I industry. Built specifically for automotive F&I product and service providers, the SCS Auto platform is a fully integrated, web-based solution that automates and streamlines the F&I product administration process.

In addition to being a complete solution that gives F&I product providers the necessary tools to run their back offices, SCS Auto is also connected to 15 menu systems for electronic rating and contracting.

“F&I Admin delivers an efficient administration of F&I products and at the same time allows us to be electronically connected to our dealers, said Garret Lacour, CEO of RoadVantage. “In an evolving F&I industry, and with a growing business such as ours, these requirements help us maintain our competitive edge.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, RoadVantage offers dealers choices among the most popular and well-presented products and programs available including: Key Replacement, Tire & Wheel, GAP, Windshield, Interior/Exterior and a Multi-Shield offering. All programs are backed by an “A” rated insurance company and administered with high level customer service.

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Intersection Technologies Adds Protective VSCs and GAP Products to e-Contracting Platform

PALOS VERDES – Intersection Technologies, Inc. announced it has aligned with Protective Life’s Asset Protection Division to add Protective’s finance and insurance products to Intersection Technologies’ aftermarket, e-contracting platform: F&I Express.

This e-contracting platform enhances the dealership’s ability to electronically rate and sign up a customer for one of Protective’s products during a sale.

Dealer customers of F&I Express will have online access to Protective’s VSC and GAP products through F&I Express. The process requires no redundant data entry for the dealer, and offers an intuitive user interface.

Protective was voted the 2011 Diamond Award winner by Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine positioning them as one of the premier VSC companies in the United States.

“F&I Express is very pleased to offer full e-contracting capabilities to Protective and its distribution network,” said Brian Reed, CEO and President of Intersection Technologies. “We make the F&I Express platform the easiest way for Protective dealers to e-contract their aftermarket products.”

”F&I Express has proven itself one of the premier technology providers to auto dealers,” said Rick Kurtz, VP – Dealer Services. “Their commitment to providing the highest quality service is a strong compliment to our 49-year history of service to our dealers across the Unites States and Canada.”

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Industry Veteran Garret Lacour Launches New Aftermarket Company

AUSTIN – RoadVantage, the first aftermarket company to offer dealers the advantage of 90-days free aftermarket programs, announced the launch of its new business operation.

Founded by industry veteran Garret Lacour, the co-founder and former CEO of IAS (Innovative Aftermarket Systems), RoadVantage offers dealerships a host of traditional aftermarket programs with an innovative approach of 90-days free consumer warranty offerings while adding value across the sales channel.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, RoadVantage offers dealers choices among the most popular and well-presented products and programs available including: Key Replacement, Tire & Wheel, GAP, Windshield, Interior/Exterior and a Multi-Shield offering.

All programs are backed by an “A” rated insurance company and administered with high level customer service.

The fresh approach to value-added F&I allows dealers to offer their customers 90-days free programs at a low cost and low risk for the dealership.

This instant built-in dealership differentiator can increase F&I sales and has caused several dealers to implement the RoadVantage 90-days free programs to maximize efforts during the high selling season.

“We are assembling a team of highly seasoned executives and qualified agents who combine successful automotive experience with proven track records in aftermarket sales,” said Garret Lacour, President and CEO at RoadVantage.

“Our business model can help both agents and dealerships navigate the obstacles that they will inevitably face in fundamentally invigorating their F&I departments in a continued challenging environment. Our 90-days free programs can increase F&I penetration and at the same time add value in the sales channel making it a win-win for dealerships.”

RoadVantage currently has openings in limited territories across the United States for agent representation. The company is hosting a National Expansion meeting this week in Austin, Texas for new agency representation.

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GAPWise Joins the Provider Exchange Network for F&I Product eContracting

TROY – Provider Exchange Network (PEN), a division of Open Dealer Exchange, LLC, announced it has launched an integration project with GAPWise® to offer dealers the ability to rate and contract for Wise F&I products.

GAPWise® is one of the oldest and longest running GAP insurance companies in the United States.

This connectivity enables F&I Aftermarket Product eContracting directly from dealer software. Embedded into the system, eContracting functions eliminate the need for the dealership user to access multiple applications or have to re-enter critical deal data in order to complete the transaction.

Currently, ADP Menu – previously MenuVantage – and The Impact Group Fusion menu integrate to PEN. This same technology will be made available direct from the dealership F&I software from Reynolds and Reynolds and Automatic Data Processing (ADP).

“Doing business electronically must be easy for dealers to adopt,” stated Rob Berger, Vice President of Operations for Wise F&I. “PEN fits well into our comprehensive strategy focused on streamlining the entire origination process from registration through remittance. “

“GAPWise® is a strong and recognized partner in the industry, poised for significant growth,” said Mark Virag, Managing Director of PEN. “PEN is happy to represent their products and expand our network to better serve the industry.”

PEN is an electronic data exchange that streamlines the sales process by integrating the F&I product provider with dealers’ point-of-sale systems, whether through a menu or directly with the DMS.

This unique integration approach eliminates the need for separate applications to enable eContracting for aftermarket products. Functions include electronic ratings, forms preparation and contract origination.

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LoJack Turns 25 This Month

WESTWOOD – Stolen vehicle recovery company LoJack Corporation celebrates its 25th anniversary this month. Since being introduced in 1986, the LoJack system has recovered more than 300,000 stolen cars, SUVs, light trucks, motorcycles, heavy equipment and construction equipment worth nearly $4 billion globally.

The current recovery rate for stolen LoJack-equipped assets that are reported stolen remains at 90 percent, while the national recovery rate is at nearly 57 percent, according to the company.

The LoJack System was originally founded by former Medfield, Mass., police commissioner and selectman Bill Reagan as a way to protect vehicles from theft and help keep police officers safe during routine traffic stops or during high-speed chases when pursuing stolen vehicles. In testing, Reagan’s prototype solution proved to be successful 100 percent of the time and was called “the promise of the future” by former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis, according to the company.

“It earned our respect because it worked time and time again,” said Lou Koven, former Los Angeles Police Department officer and member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) “It’s amazing how auto theft changed as LoJack gained acceptance.”

The system currently operates in 28 states and the District of Columbia, and in more than 30 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Also, more than 1,900 law enforcement agencies across the country use LoJack Police Tracking Computers.

“New, old, used cars, construction equipment and even classic cars are now recovered because of LoJack,” Koven said. “It’s true that we would never have recovered the number of cars we have if it weren’t for the LoJack System.”

The company is currently offering customers the opportunity to enter into LoJack’s 25th anniversary free ride event, in which one winner will receive $25,000 and 25 other entrants will receive free LoJack units.

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ClassicTrak Partners With VisionMenu On Menu System

OLDSMAR – Norman & Company Inc., a provider of aftermarket products, has selected VisionMenu Inc., a provider of training, menu and software development tools, to provide its agents and their dealerships with the ClassicTrak Menu System.

The ClassicTrak Menu System, which is created by Norman & Company, offers dealerships the sales and compliance tools available specifically designed to enhance F&I sales and profits. The ClassicTrak Menu System includes menu, desking, and reporting tools that integrate with DMS and product providers. It also integrates both product rating and enrollment with ClassicTrak’s extensive lines of products. The menu system also includes over 12 hours of online F&I sales and compliance training that is delivered directly to the F&I person’s desktop.

“The ClassicTrak Menu System allows us to provide to our agents electronic sales and compliance tools to compliment our competitively priced, high quality aftermarket products,” said Jerry Davis, vice president of Classic. “We now have the ability to give the highest quality menu away to the dealerships that do business with us. We are pleased to partner with VisionMenu on this endeavor and truly appreciate the high level of support they provide to our organization and client dealers.”

Norman & Company offers aftermarket products for automotive, powersports, marine and recreational vehicle dealerships.

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