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American Auto Guardian, Inc. (“AAGI”) Unveils New Branding

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.– American Auto Guardian, Inc. (“AAGI”) has unveiled a new corporate brand, new logos for existing products, and an innovative new exclusionary vehicle service contract.

AAGI’s 2017 Product Launch included a three-day event in Scottsdale, Arizona, which commemorated 20 years in business by introducing select agents to a bold new look for the company and its product offerings. It also marked the debut of AutoGuard® Plus, AAGI’s best- in-class, system-based VSC designed to simplify programs for dealers and maximize coverage for consumers. The announcements were met with excitement and enthusiasm by all agents in attendance. Updated products and materials are available to new and existing AAGI dealers as of March 1, 2017.


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Ken Acha Joins American Auto Guardian, Inc.

Schaumburg, IL–American Auto Guardian, Inc. (“AAGI”) is pleased to announce that Ken Acha has joined their sales team as Western Regional Vice President.

With over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, Ken’s career began in retail and included time as a Salesperson, Sales Manager and F&I Manager. Prior to joining AAGI, Ken worked at Jim Moran & Associates and Hyundai Capital America, most recently as Regional Director of Sales. In this role, he was responsible for managing a large regional salesforce in thirteen states. In addition, he successfully developed and launched Hyundai Protection Plan in 2013.

Ken will be responsible for developing and managing the western region of the United States for AAGI.

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American Auto Guardian, Inc. Unveils Mobile App

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — American Auto Guardian, Inc. (“AAGI”) announced its newly developed mobile application to its Agents during the Company’s 2015 Product Launch this month.

Storing paper contracts in the glovebox is now a thing of the past! AAGI Mobile is a one of a kind customer-facing mobile application that interacts with all of AAGI’s products. In the first release, available now, users can photograph and register their contracts within the app. AAGI’s system updates the user’s contract details and vehicle information for their electronic convenience. These features, paired with the selling dealer’s contact and location details (including interactive maps) and the ability to immediately connect to the program’s roadside assistance service, allows users to have secure electronic information at their fingertips when they need it most.

AAGI’s creation of the app furthers their technology push for both agents and dealers to utilize AAGI’s online rating/contracting/remitting QR360™, as well as partner Menu and DMS systems. Used together, the app provides a more comprehensive experience for the consumer.

Tim Brugh, AAGI’s President, states, “Our creative team has developed AAGI Mobile to beintuitive and valuable from the consumer’s perspective, while giving our Dealer partners a more visible customer presence. Within the app, one of the first things a customer will see is the dealer’s phone number and address, our goal is to drive the customer back to the selling dealer for repairs, service, questions, and future sales. This is the just the first generation of what is a one of a kind tool for our dealers. I’m proud to offer this product to our agents, dealers, and end users, the car buying public.”

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Hari Subramania Promoted to Chief Financial Officer at American Auto Guardian, Inc. (“AAGI”)

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.–American Auto Guardian, Inc. (“AAGI”) is pleased to announce the promotion of Hari Subramania to Chief Financial Officer.

Hari is a financial professional with more than 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Hari joined AAGI in January 2013, providing a solid financial management background, with expertise in budgeting & planning, management reporting, forecasting, mergers & acquisitions, treasury and cash management.

During his tenure with AAGI he has been responsible for strategic and financial planning, as well as, analyzing data to best serve the needs of AAGI and its business partners. As CFO, he will provide insight and analysis to support Tim Brugh, President of AAGI and other senior managers. Hari will advocate AAGI’s initiatives, while remaining an unbiased voice on the financial performance.

Tim Brugh said, “Hari’s continuous process improvement and resource allocation is a key factor in AAGI’s future. He has the unique ability to evaluate data and provide solutions to AAGI’s business and operations.”

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An Interview with Tim Brugh

Tim Brugh got his start in the automotive industry at age 23, selling cars in Logansport, IN, the town where he grew up. After selling cars for a couple of years, Brugh became the F&I manager at a small Ford and Chrysler/Dodge dealership. There, he was given the chance to work the desk, appraise used cars, and even do a bit of service writing. Brugh credits the store with giving him a valuable, first hand look into all of the operations within the dealership.

Eventually, Brugh moved to a company that had its own administration, direct sales force, and owned its own P&C and life insurance company. Brugh says it was his experience there that paved the way to his current career path. “The company’s focus was on signing up dealers through a direct sales force and teaching income development in the F&I office. By signing and servicing over 30 stores in the central part of Indiana and Ohio, I learned what a dealership needs to do to be successful when it comes to customer service.”

In 1997, Al Ranieri founded American Auto Guardian, Inc. (AAGI). Ranieri gave Brugh “the opportunity of a lifetime” and hired him as a national sales manager. Working for Ranieri, Brugh considers himself fortunate to have learned from the best in the business how to run a successful administration company. “Although I had no experience calling on agents, Al saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.” Brugh has been with the company for more than 15 years. In addition to being the company president, Brugh is now an owner of AAGI.

Family Life

Dealing with the daily pressures of running a successful business is not an easy task. Brugh says spending time with his wife and three kids keep him grounded and provides much needed stress relief. His two oldest children are juniors in college and his youngest is a senior in high school. “Watching my children as they grow into young adults; I‘m always asking myself the question, ‘Are you teaching them the right things?’ Watching my children become young adults and learning to be responsible for their actions is my greatest pleasure.”

When his two older kids left for college, Brugh decided to have a tailgate trailer built so they could spend Saturdays going to college football games as a family. So far, he says their tailgate frenzy has been a big hit. They split their time between Indiana University and the University of Missouri. “Not only do our children enjoy tailgating, but their friends and friends’ families also love it. We take in eight to ten games a year and average 40-60 people a game.”

A Higher Standard

“At AAGI” says Brugh, “we pride ourselves on trying to set a higher standard for the administration of all our products, which consists of AutoGuard and Wheelz brands, as well as, Certified Limited Warranty, GAP, Etch, Excess Wear & Tear and other automotive aftermarket products. We strive to be the industry leader for agents and dealers across the United States. Our goal is to provide personalized service, superior products, and the best tools in the industry for our partners to succeed.”

Brugh is excited about the new website AAGI will soon launch for their agents and dealers. He describes it as a more intuitive system that includes single sign on to their online rating system, QR360™. “Agents and dealers sign in just once for both aagi.com and QR360™ using our newly established single sign on concept.” adds Brugh, “Our partners will be provided with features and functionality which will improve their efficiency and allow them to grow their business.”

In 2012, AAGI successfully completed an independent audit for the SSAE No. 16, Type 2 for the second year. Brugh says, “The SSAE 16 compliance designation affirms AAGI’s commitment to meet the highest industry standards for its administration of automotive aftermarket products. Maintaining this designation takes time and commitment from our entire staff and I’m proud of their continued efforts to do so.”

Over the years, Brugh says the thing that has served him well is getting up every day with a plan. When he is not sure what to do, he says he just keeps moving. “You will find opportunities are out there if you’re constantly moving. The toughest part of any job is becoming a student of the business. First and foremost, you need to make the decision: Is this a career or just a job? If it’s a career then learn everything you can about the auto industry, as well as how your company interacts with auto dealerships. Overall, I think the automotive industry is an exciting industry to be in. I am glad to be a part of it.”

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Nicholas Angelides Joins American Auto Guardian, Inc.

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – American Auto Guardian, Inc. (“AAGI”) is pleased to announce that Nicholas Angelides has joined its sales team as Central Regional Vice President.

Nick received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics from Florida Atlantic University. During college and after graduation, Nick worked at Nation Safe Driver, as an independent account executive, where he initiated and maintained relationships with agents and dealers.

Prior to joining AAGI, Nick was an owner/operator of his own tire inflation maintenance company. Nick developed the product, sourced manufacturers and supplies and then created marketing materials. He coordinated a marketing campaign and developed a distribution network. Nick managed all the day‐to‐day operations of that company. Nick will be responsible for developing and managing the central region of the United States for AAGI.

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