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2012 Objective: Agent Summit and Developing New Business

By: Cindy Sly

2012 Objective: Agent Summit and Developing New Business

Another New Year is upon us giving way to contemplate, plan and execute innovative ideas for maintaining current accounts and developing new business.

Is attending the Agent Summit on your list of objectives for 2012? If not, it should be. The 2-day information filled conference devoted specifically to your business is the place to move all those objectives into action. The event delivers the latest training techniques, trends and challenges to assist top GAs on better serving their dealer clients.

Agent Summit 2012 presented by Agent Entrepreneur in partnership with F&I and Showroom will feature top trainers of the industry and executives from leading product providers and agencies:

  • Paul Webb, Paul Webb Training

Paul Webb will deliver one of the event’s opening keynote address.
A 20-year industry veteran, Webb is principal of Paul Webb Training, a nationally recognized firm that counts many of the nation’s top auto dealers among its clients. A highly sought-after speaker, Webb has addressed crowds ranging from dealer seminars to NADA conventions and 20 Groups.

“I’m excited to speak at the Agent Summit in 2012,” Webb said. “Change starts with education, and each summit provides new and exciting ideas to assist agents with the management of change. Communication skills are critical in presenting products and services. We’ll address the decision process so you’ll understand how to change your mind and keep the change. I look forward to seeing everyone in 2012.”

  • John Braganini, Great Lakes Companies

John Braganini, principal of Great Lakes Companies, will present the events evening keynote address. Braganini told F&I and Showroom that his address, titled “Smart Today, Success Tomorrow,” will focus on long-term strategies for success. “I will identify 10 agency operations and management strategies that we have used to build and develop the Great Lakes Companies over a 25-year period,” he said.

  • Ron Reahard, Reahard & Associates

Reahard is the president of Reahard & Associates and the author of the firm’s customized, in-dealership training programs. He also is a highly sought-after speaker, having led training sessions for the NADA, state and local dealer associations and the annual F&I Conference, among others.

Reahard plans to share his thoughts on the importance of general agents to their dealer clients. “The focus is on bringing value to dealers,” he told F&I and Showroom, noting that agents are particularly well-positioned to help dealers respond to changes in the economic climate and the industry itself. “That’s what agents have to do: help dealers,” he said.

This event to help you improve your dealers’ F&I performance and profits takes place March 12–14, 2012, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

For more information or to register, visit

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