Survey: Most Employees Want to Work from Home

So much for company culture. A new survey finds that a majority of employees would prefer to work from home at least some of the time, AOL Small Business reported.

According to Microsoft’s 2010 U.S. Remote Working Research survey, 62 percent of employees express interest in working remotely, yet more than half of their companies do not have a formal policy in place to allow it. Just 15 percent of employees felt their companies support such flexible arrangements. On the other hand, 29 percent admitted that they think other employees working remotely do less work than in-office employees, and another 26 percent cite a lack of accountability — perhaps underscoring a concern among employers.

Employees cited work/life balance, saving on gas, avoiding traffic and higher productivity as their top reasons for wanting to work from home.

The survey also had some interesting findings about where and when remote employees work. Thirty-seven percent said they sometimes work on family vacations, and another 21 percent work on planes, but 9 percent also admitted they have conducted business in the bathroom. Others fessed up to working at funerals, during worship services, at amusement parks, movie theaters and sporting events.

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