Your Previous Customers Are Great Prospects

By: Joe Verde

Your Previous Customers Are Great Prospects

Remember the facts, and share them with your dealers:

  1. 71% buy because they liked their salesperson.
  2. 78% would buy where they have their vehicle serviced.
  3. 50+% will be product loyal.
  4. 30% have a family member who will be buying or trading a vehicle within the next 90 days.
  5. Each family will purchase 36 vehicles on average.

These customers should be extremely easy sales, especially if you’ve been in regular contact with them. If your dealers understand the stats, their ‘probabilities’ in sales increase enormously. Let’s say they have been selling for five years, and sell 12 units per month. That means they have 720 previous customers who already know them and that they can start contacting today. If they make just five calls every day to previous customers, that’s 25 contacts per week and 100 contacts per month. At that rate, it’ll take them 7 months to contact all 720.

Make sure your dealers remember that, on prospecting calls, no matter who answers, it’s a contact. Reaching Bob or Betty isn’t a requirement of the call. They aren’t calling to talk to only one specific person, they are prospecting with anybody who answers the phone. That means every time someone answers, it’s their opportunity to work prospecting questions into the conversation.

And since 30% of those prospects have a buyer in the family now, that’s 30 buyers they will bump into each month just by making five 5-minute prospecting calls to previous customers every day.

Five 5-minute calls per day = 25 per week = 100 per month.

Multiply that by 30% who have a family member ready to buy in 90 days = 30 buyers every month your dealers will talk to = 360 buyers they will talk to every year, just by making prospecting a priority.

No sales person can bump into 360 buyers every year and not sell more cars, and in turn sell more F&I products. The best part of prospecting with sold customers is the majority of them are not price shoppers. They’ll come back in to the dealership to see a specific salesperson because they like that person and the product, and because they’re having their vehicle serviced there.

This is also especially true when you get them interested in coming into the dealership before they’ve started actively looking for a new or used vehicle. It’s a win for everyone in the dealership when the sales team is bringing in more customers, so get them started prospecting today.

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