Your Career Development For 2014

Success is just around the corner by following these simple steps.
By: Joe Verde

Your Career Development For 2014

2014 Will Be Great; if you haven’t already, then let’s start working on you now so you can have your best year ever. Without getting bogged down in the numbers that go with the categories below, in real life, based on your unit sales and income are you:

  • Terrible at selling
  • A Below Average Salesperson
  • An Average Salesperson
  • An Above Average Salesperson
  • A Very High Achiever In Sales

The most important thing to understand about success in sales is that your level of success is not controlled by the market or decided by someone else. Your success in sales is up to you. Of course it is true that product, weather and economy affect your sales, but you control your sales and income.

So what really determines how far you get in sales? That is pretty simple; your success in sales is determined and controlled by just three basic things:

  1. Your attitude
  2. What you learn (more skills)
  3. What you do with what you learn

If you have a stinky little attitude, #2 and #3 still can’t pull you to the top. If you have a great attitude, but don’t learn anything or learn ‘next to nothing’, then obviously you won’t get very far. And even if you have a terrific attitude and learn a great deal, but don’t do anything with it, then it is still all a moot point. You will only get out of sales what you put into it, nothing more.

But do all three – plus one more – and continue to do those the rest of your career, and the sky’s the limit for you in sales.

The +1 Secret To Success: You Need a Customer Base
Hope is not a strategy, and with 25 years left to work and an extra $2.5 million at stake, you can’t afford to hang around and hope somebody will show up and just hope they can actually buy. I talk about our company growth because we break records. We have had 24 record years out of 27 years in business. But we cheat – 90% of our business every year is from our base of repeat customers and referrals.

From the first day I started knocking on doors to help dealers improve with our training, my goal was always to develop a solid, long-term, loyal customer base who sees us as their friend and mentor when it comes to helping them grow in sales, year after year. You need to do the same thing and turn every sale into a long-term relationship. Do a better job on their sale, stay in touch like no one else ever has and just become their friend in the car business.

Your four steps to consistent growth:

  1. Believe in YOU – it’s always first.
  2. Develop your skills, so you can.
  3. Build solid work habits so you will.
  4. Build a solid loyal customer base.

More success is just up ahead, and so are your own record years in sales. The catch: You have to earn success. It won’t come to you just because you want it!

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