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Sell More and Stay Motivated

By: Joe Verde

Sell More and Stay Motivated

We’ve talked about ‘motivation’ a few times…As a salesperson, it’s easy to become demotivated from being bored waiting for customers to show up, not selling, not making enough money and a host of other things; bills, outside issues, etc. And while ‘selling more’ may be the very short version of the solution, for most people, that is definitely the answer.

When you’re busy, your mind kicks it up a gear and starts working on auto-pilot, and it’s totally focused on selling, not the money you didn’t make last month, not on the fight with the kids about playing too many games on their iPads; it’s just focused on the customer and the sale.

When that happens, you sell more, earn more and find most of those other issues start disappearing. So again, go sell more.

Let’s look at the steps you take that lead to a sale:

  1. You have someone to talk to.
  2. You greet the customer, build rapport and investigate.
  3. You present and demonstrate and close the sale.
  4. You write someone up, close it and send them to F&I.
  5. You make a sale, deliver a vehicle, earn a commission.

Numbers 2, 3 and 4 are the ‘selling activities’ that lead to a sale. But every sale always starts with having someone to talk to, so that has to become the priority.

Solve #1 – and #2 through #5 just fall into place. If you hang with the group and wait for ups, don’t expect much different to happen, it can’t happen because nothing in 1 through 5 changed. But take action, start getting your own customers on the lot and you’ll find everything you dislike disappears, almost overnight…

  • I follow up my unsold customers, I prospect in service, and make 5 to 10 prospecting calls daily, I handle incoming calls and leads correctly, and make my retention calls and contacts on schedule.
  • My appointments show up 70-90% of the time.
  • I deliver over 50%-75% of my own customers.
  • I sell more units and earn higher commissions.
  • I’m pumped, selling cars, having fun and making money.

No rocket science – just a new set of skills and more effective work habits to make #1 a daily priority. You know what needs to be done, that isn’t the question. For the ‘how to’…

You control your career and your income. If you want to sell more, earn more and have more fun, then part ways with the huddle, make # 1 your priority and turn pro in sales.

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