Line 5 is the most comprehensive F&I product finance option available. Line 5 is a great solution when a finance manager gets capped by the auto finance company, has a cash deal or sells F&I products after the initial vehicle sale.

Line 5 offers financing for every product the dealership currently sells. Line 5 offers terms up to 84 months, No Money Down and Instant Approvals for every customer. With super low monthly payments for the customer, Line 5 helps the finance manager close every deal.

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Application to approval in just 3 easy steps

Line 5 is quick and easy to use with instant approvals – guaranteed!


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1. Start the application 2. Select Protections 3. Adjust Loan Terms



Why is Line 5 the Best Option?

Our zero down payment, flexible term financing offers your customers the vehicle protection plans they want and delivers the added sales you’ll love.

  • Everyone is approved - regardless of credit rating.
  • Finance every F & I product you currently offer – no loan limits.
  • No down payment required - ever.
  • Terms for the life of the coverage - even longer.
  • Budget friendly rates - all the way down to 0%.
  • Quick funding process – within 48 hours.
  • Dealership dashboard – manage your deals and customers.




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