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1212 N 96th St
Omaha, NE 68114

Toll-free: 800-826-6587
Phone: 402-397-1111
Fax: 402-399-3448

About CSO

CSO is the leading provider of credit insurance to the automobile dealership market, servicing over 3,000 dealerships with our products. Equally as impressive, CSO, through our family of companies, has the necessary infrastructure and systems to allow for efficient administration of debt cancellation programs.

Our programs may be available on reinsurance structures to cover your risk, providing flexibility to help you achieve your product performance objectives.

Our network of independent general agents is given exceptional service from our home office team of industry professionals. Our company founder, T.L. Kizer, always inspired his employees to approach their responsibilities with a sense of compassion and high degree of integrity. These principals were paramount to the success and growth of our company and remain the guiding philosophy behind how we conduct business with all those we serve.

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