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9 Ways To Show Your People You Value Them

Your people need more than a salary and fulfilling work to be their best. They need to know that you see the value in them as individuals and in the work they deliver, reports Forbes. Here are nine ways to show them you care: 1. Be interested. Getting to know what your people can do, … Read More »

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6 Steps to Managing Your Overwhelming Workload

Let’s be clear, being a successful entrepreneur is hard work — very hard work. From learning new tasks to managing employees and planning for future growth, there isn’t a lot of time in the day to make huge errors. That said, entrepreneurs can learn to work smarter, not harder, reports Entrepreneur. Here are six tips … Read More »

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Want to Be a Mentally Tough Leader? Develop These 6 Habits

Mentally strong individuals are also some of the best leaders. Not because of a specific style, but because the traits of a mentally strong individual are transferable across multiple spectrums of life, reports Inc. When it comes to leadership, it can be executed through a multitude of models and styles. With that said, at the … Read More »

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How Leaders Inspire Change In The 21st Century

Successfully leading lasting change in any organization is more complicated than ever before. And mastering the art of organizational transformation is a necessity in today’s more volatile, uncertain and complex global business landscape, reports Forbes. The workplace has become more digital, more diverse and more reliant on advanced technology, yet most organizations and their leaders … Read More »

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The Role Managers Play In Shaping Employee Well-Being

Management support is crucial to the success of any workplace wellness program. As leaders, managers have the opportunity to build supportive work environments that promote employee health and well-being. Employee wellness is a smart investment for today’s managers. Research has shown the link connecting employee health behaviors with healthcare costs and the bottom line, reports … Read More »

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From Crisis to Crushing It: How to Bounce Back From Disaster

Some companies pass every test with flying colors. Others fold. In most cases, management makes the difference between those that make it and those that don’t — especially during times of crisis. Every crisis is a two-sided coin. One side is a destroyer and the other is a creator. In other words, there is both folly and opportunity … Read More »

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