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You Know Where The Future Is Headed, So Why Aren’t You There Already?

“Quick, hire some data scientists!” “Let’s fix our mobile app!” “Let’s accumulate data—we will use it later.” When facing the threat of disruption, companies usually respond with a cacophony of digital initiatives—a mixture of big bets for the future and little bets that might yield a win to report on the next quarterly earnings call. … Read More »

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Successful People Always Chase the Impossible — Here’s Why

Vince Lombardi said it best: “We will chase perfection, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.” Successful people are always in the chase for perfection. As Lombardi knew, however, and as I’ve discovered more than once myself, what we chase is often very different from … Read More »

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Google’s Genius Productivity Hack Will Change How You Innovate

At Google X, the company’s “moonshot factory,” the mantra is “#MonkeyFirst.” The idea is that if you want to get a monkey to recite Shakespeare on a pedestal, you start by training the monkey, not building the pedestal, because training the monkey is the hard part. Anyone can build a pedestal. The problem is that … Read More »

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Communication Breakdown At Work? These 5 Hacks Transformed Our 1,000-Person Company

When my company had 20 people, communicating was easy. We were all crammed into a couple rooms at our office. If we needed to share news, we just leaned over to the person next to us or stood up and made an announcement. When there was a major sale or a big win, a slow … Read More »

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7 Ways Modest Leadership Increases Team Success

When we imagine the traits of successful leaders, whether they are managers, high level executives, CEO’s or owners of successful companies we typically view them to be strong, charismatic, enthusiastic and visionary. The one important trait often overlooked in great leaders is modesty, reports Entrepreneur. To be great, leaders need more depth than a loud … Read More »

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3 Skills Martin Luther King, Jr. Mastered to Become a Transformational Leader

The good news for leaders around the world is that there is no shortage of examples on how to be effective. Thus leaders can study the traits of leaders of both yesterday and today for sound guidance on how to handle almost any situation. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of those shining examples. His steady leadership … Read More »

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