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3 Secrets All Top Salespeople Know

Decades of growth in the $114 billion direct sales industry have led to the employment of over 60 million sales consultants. In an effort to increase profits, the sales industry has also introduced many sweeping changes with the advent of new technologies, reports Inc. While these changes no doubt have a positive effect on a … Read More »

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How To Win Against A Competitor’s Low-Ball Price Bid

Sometimes a competitor makes an offer so aggressive that even your loyal customers can’t ignore it. Though they may love your product, your people, your brand, and what you stand for, there is just too much money at stake, reports Forbes. How can you win without dropping your price and playing to their strengths? Our … Read More »

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A Strong Work Ethic Distilled to Its 5 Essential Qualities

The path to producing more, attracting massive numbers of customers, selling more and dominating your industry starts with cultivating a strong work ethic, reports Entrepreneur. Your work ethic is the moral principles that guide you in your job, business and career. A strong work ethic motivates you and your team to do the things that … Read More »

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The Trait That Made Elon Musk and Steve Jobs Fearless

When Elon Musk found out that NASA had no intentions of going to Mars, he decided to invest $100 million of his own funds to develop reusable rockets; if NASA was not going to bring humanity to Mars, he would do it himself. Space industry veterans dismissed him by saying that reusable rockets were impossible. … Read More »

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As Company Culture Improves, So Does Your Business

Here’s something that shouldn’t be particularly surprising: After studying company culture as earnestly as any other business attribute, researchers have decided conclusively that culture is vitally important for the success of any company, reports Forbes. These researchers admit culture is a difficult thing to quantify, but if anything can manage it, it’s the scientific method. … Read More »

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7 Leadership Lessons From U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis

Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis was a well-respected and popular military leader long before most civilians had ever heard of him. Many people have heard stories about Mattis, who currently serves as U.S. Secretary of Defense, particularly during the time of his nomination, reports Entrepreneur. Nicknamed “Mad Dog,” the general is known for his intellect, … Read More »

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