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The Leadership Skill Everybody Needs — And 90% Of Managers Lack

There are good reasons it’s easy to find lousy managers in virtually every industry and function. It is no surprise that nearly every working person has one Bad Boss story ready to share, if not a collection of them, reports Forbes. New managers typically receive little to no training in “people management,” although it is the crux of their … Read More »

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3 Growth Strategies You Can Learn From the New England Patriots

NFL training camps are underway, and when it comes to football, I may be from California but I gravitate toward the New England Patriots – the disruptors of the NFL and perhaps its most hated team. Yet in their disruption, the Patriots in the Robert Kraft-Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era have, like my music heroes, created … Read More »

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7 Bad Habits You Need to Kill to Be a Better Leader

Just about any leader or entrepreneur who’s ever failed at some point understands the importance of inviting feedback, reports Inc. Yes, it’s powerful because gaining new perspective and wisdom from, perhaps, someone further down the path of success, helps you develop something else: Self-awareness. You see, with self-awareness accountability blooms. Leaders learn more responsibility of … Read More »

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10 Critical Questions To Help You Move Forward When You’re Stuck

Hundreds of times a year, my clients and course members share that, while they know exactly what they don’t want in their lives and work, they just can’t pinpoint what they do want. They know they’re fed up with toxic bosses, crushingly demanding schedules, meaningless and empty work, and using skills they hate to employ, … Read More »

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Why Culture and Purpose Must Align Within the Workplace

Purpose is the why of your organization. Purpose is what gives work meaning. But purpose is in danger of becoming “GWOP” – Goals Without Plans – unless it is aligned with your culture. Putting it another way, purpose is about where your company’s journey is taking you. Culture is the combination of values and habits … Read More »

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Skill Alignment: That’s What Really Counts For Today’s Ambitious Professional

Today’s employment environment is challenging. That’s not a euphemism; it’s just extremely tough to stand out in an age of mass media, citizen journalism and with an ever-growing number of people determined to put themselves ‘out there’, reports Forbes. Inevitably, the ‘why buy?’ question lies behind every decision employers make. Among the deciding factors, there’s … Read More »

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