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Employees, Not Consultants or Executives, Are Your Best Innovators

The insurance industry gets a bad rap as outdated and inefficient. But one insurance firm, CSAA Insurance Group, is bucking the stereotype with a strikingly modern approach to innovation, reports Entrepreneur. This American Automobile Association-affiliated insurer caught the attention of the Harvard Business Review last August due to its all-hands-on-deck innovation strategy. As the article described, CSAA … Read More »

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Why Grateful People Always Succeed

Being Grateful Is A Choice, Not A Result To begin I’d like to preface with the idea that gratefulness is a choice, not a result. I hear all the time that it is so easy to be grateful when you’ve made it to the top. It is easy to be grateful when your career, mission, … Read More »

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4 Ways to Effortlessly Train Your Employees

One of the keys to developing my business was focusing on the growth of not only the company, but most importantly the growth of my employees. As our team began to learn together and gain experience in our positions, the company ran exponentially more efficiently, reports Inc.  Training your employees within their own environment is not a … Read More »

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This Growing Company Realized It Was Time for the Founder to Step Aside — Here’s How They Made It Work.

Changing the nameplate on your top executive’s door is never easy. Even more difficult is when the previous CEO is also the founder and has a strong emotional connection to the company’s mission and history. And far more complex is navigating that change while maintaining a sharp focus on customer relationships and company culture, all … Read More »

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The Business That’s Now Only Interested In Customer Retention

Our 2018 business strategy looks like this: customer retention. We’ve spent a decade putting new business first, plowing our efforts and resources into marketing and advertising, reports Forbes. And it’s a strategy that, until now, has worked. Customer acquisition has fuelled our growth and our revenue rose to $5.6million this financial year, up from $3.75million … Read More »

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3 Unlikely Signs You’re a Good Leader

When your employee calls a meeting to tell you they’re bored, your first reaction may be to roll your eyes. It’s natural to feel shocked, annoyed, and frustrated. You may even start feeling anxious that they could quit if you don’t do something about it. And fast, reports Inc. It’s hard not to take these kinds … Read More »

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