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Millennials Are Not the Only Ones Who Want Feedback

When millennials first entered the workforce in the early 2010s, the response from their older colleagues was less than enthusiastic. A stigma evolved that painted ’90s babies as slackers, who needed their hands held; who required constant attention and reassurance from managers and would rather have free beer on Thursdays than a competitive 401(k) plan, reports … Read More »

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Four Ways To Create An Amazing Workplace

We spend a third of our life at work, so who wants to eat up that much time at a mediocre company? Nobody. Following are four strategies (demonstrated by four real companies) that could transform a so-so culture into something amazing, reports Forbes. Support employees’ quests to achieve and fulfill a greater sense of purpose. Coyote, … Read More »

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2 Ways Successful People Learn Faster

Years ago, Chuck Yeager (the first person to break the sound barrier) sent me on the wrong path. Okay, maybe it was my fault. I read Chuck’s autobiography and somehow came away with the mistaken impression that a good pilot becomes a great pilot by taking great risks. Superior skills can only be acquired by constantly pushing the envelope, intentionally crossing the line between control and potential … Read More »

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How to Get Paid As a Speaker

Remember way back when you were just getting started in your industry?  That eagerness you felt, that secret lack of confidence because you really weren’t as sure of what you were doing as you wanted people to believe you were, that thirst to learn? Right now, there are entire groups of people who would trade … Read More »

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How To Handle Pressure Like An Olympian

With the Olympics underway, elite athletes across the world are in an arena that they have likely dreamed about for a lifetime. Imagine the pressure of knowing that your shot comes once every four years. Most will get only one chance to achieve their goals. One opportunity to demonstrate what they have been training for their entire lives. This … Read More »

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19 Things Really Productive People Refuse to Do

Next year marks a full decade since the debut of Tim Ferriss’s massive bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek. If you haven’t read it, you pretty much need to go download it now, reports Inc. If I had to characterize the book, I’d say it’s less of a “how-to” guide to success and productivity than a “how not to” book. It’s largely about eliminating the things that … Read More »

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