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Learn the Vocabulary of Great Leadership: 5 Words That Will Help

Great leaders tend to define words differently. They understand the deeper meanings and don’t live according to the well-accepted rules of the dictionary, reports Inc. They write their own Webster’s. Here are a few good examples: 1. Role When you look up this word in a dictionary, you find an interesting definition. It says the “assumed” function. Grab a … Read More »

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7 Habits That Undermine Entrepreneurial Leadership

Leadership plays a major role in the success or failure of any business, reports Entrepreneur. In the early stages of a startup, a leader could inspire dedication and commitment from their employees, or alienate them forever. In the late stages of a massive corporation, it’s a leader’s job to set the tone for the organization … Read More »

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Do You Have A Fatal Flaw?

Roughly one out of four leaders does, reports Forbes. The problem is that those who have such flaws are the ones colleagues hesitate to tell. Worse yet, they are the executives most reluctant to listen or take the message seriously. But it is serious. Their performance is in the cellar. Based on more than one … Read More »

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How to Know When to Be Assertive With Your Team

During the course of your professional career how many leaders have you come across that could be best described as a bully? How many were absolute pushovers? The fact is, being either a bully or a pushover doesn’t make for a good leader, reports Entrepreneur. Leaders with these characteristics don’t have a team that supports them. … Read More »

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How to Be More Productive On the Road Than Anywhere Else

Waiting in an airport security line for an hour and a half is a perfect, albeit unwanted, opportunity to reflect on the trying conditions faced by the modern business traveler, reports Inc.  Even if you’re a glass-half-full type, thinking of all the work you’re not getting done while stuck in line can cause your natural … Read More »

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4 Things You Need To Know About Working With Teams Today

Businesses today are compelled to keep up with the rapid pace of change if they want to survive, reports Forbes. If they want to stay competitive, however, they must get ahead of that change curve. Companies—and the people who run them—must adapt to change by finding new ways of working for which there are no … Read More »

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