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A 3-Step Process to Making Better Decisions

No area of leadership exposes a CEO’s weaknesses quicker than his or her approach to decision making. Some CEOs procrastinate for fear of making a wrong decision. Others spend too much time trying to build consensus. Some want to make every decision no matter how small. Still others dictate decisions without consulting anyone. As a … Read More »

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How To Negotiate When The Other Person Won’t Play Fair

Recently I spent some time with my friends and their toddler, Sam. Sam told his mom he wanted to do a somersault. His mom said he could do just one. “One somersault, Sam. How many somersaults are you allowed to do?” He grinned mischievously and said “Two somersaults!” She repeated, “One somersault.” “OK,” he said, … Read More »

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Ten Guaranteed Ways To Appear Smarter Than You Are

It’s great to be smart, but intelligence is a hard thing to pin down. In many cases, how smart people think you are is just as important as how smart you actually are. “I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.” -Woodrow Wilson As it turns out, intelligence only … Read More »

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20 Management Tips That Will Transform You Into An Amazing Leader

A successful career doesn’t just require great ideas and a good work ethic — it also takes the right people. In order to work well with others, you’ll need to become a pro at leadership and management. In my 18 years of professional experience, I’ve had to learn a lot of things the hard way. … Read More »

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What You Need to Do to Become a Better Leader This Year

As I recently wrote, researchers estimate that only 3 percent of a leader’s time is spent envisioning the future. Adding insult to injury, this alarming research concludes that global organizations just don’t have the people in the pipeline to lead well in the future, reports Inc.  We’re talking about leaders from every level not having the capacity to display even … Read More »

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How To Identify And Prioritize Your Career Goals To Advance Quickly

Do you have multiple career goals? Or can’t identify even one goal? Whether you have identified 50 career goals or none, you can be left paralyzed. It can be challenging to know the next steps to take or where to start. The sooner you can see your path forward, the sooner you will have control … Read More »

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