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Why You Should Encourage Whistleblowing in Your Organization

The Austin office of a large tech company once had six levels of management between the Austin site president and the global CEO, who was in another state. This separation was not only organizational and geographical, but cultural as well. News did not travel up the org chart very well, if at all, reports Entrepreneur. … Read More »

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8 Foundational Leadership Lessons From An Air Force Veteran Turned CEO

There are very few leadership transitions like being a newly commissioned officer in the military, reports Forbes. Typically, on graduation day from a military academy, ROTC program or Officer Candidate School program, young men and women in their twenties pin on second lieutenant bars and immediately find themselves in charge of huge teams and millions … Read More »

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5 Mega Trends Every Salesperson Should Know in 2017

Email marketing is big business. According to one research report, businesses will spend $6.2 billion a year on email marketing software and services by 2018, reports Inc. Why are companies spending so much? Are they spending that money wisely? The quick answers are 1) because they have no choice, and 2) no, not really. To explain further, here are the … Read More »

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When to Hire Raw Talent vs. Job Experience

You have two candidates for a position. One is experienced and knowledgeable while the other is inexperienced but talented. Which one should you hire? Making the right decision can be a source of competitive advantage for your business, reports Entrepreneur. Here’s a few quick rules of thumb for when to hire for each and the … Read More »

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3 Hiring Strategies That Can Help You Find More Qualified Candidates

As a business owner, employees are your greatest asset. I set out to build a company that everyone wants to work for, and have personally taken ownership of our hiring process to make it happen. A focus on keeping employees happy is not very common in the blue-collar construction industry, as many employers rely on the idea that … Read More »

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5 Really Clever Ideas to Grow Your Business Faster

Growing a business isn’t going to make anyone’s Honey-Do list. It’s stressful, difficult, and all-encompassing. Not only do you need to build a product and staff you can be proud of, you’ve also got to find customers, win their business, and keep them happy. And with limited time and resources, you’re forced to juggle multiple … Read More »

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