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7 Bad Habits You Need to Kill to Be a Better Leader

Just about any leader or entrepreneur who’s ever failed at some point understands the importance of inviting feedback, reports Inc. Yes, it’s powerful because gaining new perspective and wisdom from, perhaps, someone further down the path of success, helps you develop something else: Self-awareness. You see, with self-awareness accountability blooms. Leaders learn more responsibility of … Read More »

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10 Critical Questions To Help You Move Forward When You’re Stuck

Hundreds of times a year, my clients and course members share that, while they know exactly what they don’t want in their lives and work, they just can’t pinpoint what they do want. They know they’re fed up with toxic bosses, crushingly demanding schedules, meaningless and empty work, and using skills they hate to employ, … Read More »

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Why Culture and Purpose Must Align Within the Workplace

Purpose is the why of your organization. Purpose is what gives work meaning. But purpose is in danger of becoming “GWOP” – Goals Without Plans – unless it is aligned with your culture. Putting it another way, purpose is about where your company’s journey is taking you. Culture is the combination of values and habits … Read More »

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Skill Alignment: That’s What Really Counts For Today’s Ambitious Professional

Today’s employment environment is challenging. That’s not a euphemism; it’s just extremely tough to stand out in an age of mass media, citizen journalism and with an ever-growing number of people determined to put themselves ‘out there’, reports Forbes. Inevitably, the ‘why buy?’ question lies behind every decision employers make. Among the deciding factors, there’s … Read More »

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Cameron Herold: How To Make Your Meetings Insanely Productive

If you’re a typical manager, your day is full of meetings, and most of them probably suck. They suck because they go too long, because other meetings get pushed back or because you don’t understand why you’re even present, reports Forbes. Cameron Herold, the founder of COO Alliance, who is known as “the Business Growth Guru,” … Read More »

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5 Habits That Will Make You a More Creative CEO

In 2010, IBM surveyed more than 1,500 chief executive officers from 60 countries and found the No. 1 factor that CEOs use to predict future success is creativity. Being creative allows CEOs to adapt to market changes, adopt innovative new practices and disrupt their industries, reports Entrepreneur. Despite its importance, most CEOs have little time to foster their creative skills. … Read More »

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