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What You Need to Do to Become a Better Leader This Year

As I recently wrote, researchers estimate that only 3 percent of a leader’s time is spent envisioning the future. Adding insult to injury, this alarming research concludes that global organizations just don’t have the people in the pipeline to lead well in the future, reports Inc.  We’re talking about leaders from every level not having the capacity to display even … Read More »

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How To Identify And Prioritize Your Career Goals To Advance Quickly

Do you have multiple career goals? Or can’t identify even one goal? Whether you have identified 50 career goals or none, you can be left paralyzed. It can be challenging to know the next steps to take or where to start. The sooner you can see your path forward, the sooner you will have control … Read More »

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50 Rules for Being a Great Leader

Becoming a great leader isn’t something that happens overnight, but it can be achieved through discipline, hard work and a commitment to improvement through experience. Great leaders aren’t born, as some people suggest; instead, they are shaped over time. And, while what makes a “great” leader in one application doesn’t always apply to others, there are some … Read More »

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7 Effective Ways to Establish Transparency in Your Business and Why it’s Important

In today’s world employees and customers alike want to work and support a company with good values so it’s critical that you be as transparent about your business as possible. So what does being transparent mean? Do you have to show the team your bank statements? Do you have to show them how much you pay yourself? … Read More »

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3 Ways To Build And Engage Your “All-In” Workforce

“All-in” employees do what it takes to win. That’s why I’m incredibly passionate about both how we create all-in employees and HR’s role in doing so. But 68 percent of workers consider themselves “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work, according to a Gallup employee engagement survey from earlier this year. So we’re clearly not doing enough, reports Forbes.  Imagine … Read More »

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8 Tips for Handling Hostility Wisely

It’s amazing how poorly people can behave, especially when it comes to money. Passions run high and manifest through their speech. You would think when something is so important that people would behave wisely, but the opposite tends to be true. Money stirs issues of being not important, which stirs emotions, which stirs vicious speech. … Read More »

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