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3 Strategies for Projecting Success and Confidence as a Leader

An old friend called me yesterday. We hadn’t spoken in a while, and when I asked him about his job, he said, “I can’t believe the idiots I have to put up with at the office.” “Well,” I responded without too much thought, “you can either put up with all of the extra headaches that … Read More »

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The Five Secret Steps To Building Resilience

My sister recently sent me the obituary Dr. George Diaz, our next-door neighbor from our childhood in Florida. Dr. Diaz was our dentist and it always seemed as if he was always there at the right moments I needed him in my life. He was available to perform emergency surgery on my sixth birthday when … Read More »

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3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Maximize Their Time During Conferences

January marks the start of conference season, and while I always look forward to it, I’ve found that it can be overwhelming if it isn’t managed well, reports Forbes. I’ve attended over 100 conferences in my career, all of them spanning the globe and in industries as varied as brand marketing, automotive and fintech. At … Read More »

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80 Percent of CEOs Share This Trait

Poised for success. That is how I would describe an acquaintance of mine. Let’s call him Peter. His product had a meaningful chance to impact a key aspect of the financial services industry. He had a good plan and a motivated team. But there was one thing that continued to hold Peter back–the unknown, reports Inc.  The problems began … Read More »

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Why You Should Encourage Whistleblowing in Your Organization

The Austin office of a large tech company once had six levels of management between the Austin site president and the global CEO, who was in another state. This separation was not only organizational and geographical, but cultural as well. News did not travel up the org chart very well, if at all, reports Entrepreneur. … Read More »

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8 Foundational Leadership Lessons From An Air Force Veteran Turned CEO

There are very few leadership transitions like being a newly commissioned officer in the military, reports Forbes. Typically, on graduation day from a military academy, ROTC program or Officer Candidate School program, young men and women in their twenties pin on second lieutenant bars and immediately find themselves in charge of huge teams and millions … Read More »

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