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7 Steps to Compromising Effectively as a Business Leader

As an entrepreneur, you’ll likely be involved in multiple types of negotiations and discussions: You’ll argue with your partners about upcoming business decisions. You’ll negotiate salaries with your newest employees. You’ll create mutually agreeable contracts with your clients, and you’ll attempt to resolve complaints both within and outside your organization, especially as you gain more exposure, reports … Read More »

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The Velocity Of Change And New Customer Expectations

As we know, change has been the one constant of existence on planet Earth. Each generation gives way to the next, so that over time fire became electricity and the wheel morphed into a computer, reports Forbes. For most of the history of the marketplace, change progressed at a pace slow enough to allow the … Read More »

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Creative Ways to Delight Your Customers and Make Them Loyal to Your Brand

Gone are the days when troubleshooting and call centers were enough to make your customers brand-loyal. Today, with so many ways to connect and establish relationships online, combined with the noise of competitors vying for attention, standing out in the crowd means you’ll need to not just help customers when they need it, but wow … Read More »

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4 Things the Most Respected Leaders Do for Their Employees

Whenever I conduct workshops for leadership teams, I break them into groups of three and ask the question, “Think of a time when you worked for the best boss you ever had, reports Inc. What made him or her so great?” After processing and discussion in their small groups, I instruct them to reconvene and share … Read More »

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The Leadership Skill Everybody Needs — And 90% Of Managers Lack

There are good reasons it’s easy to find lousy managers in virtually every industry and function. It is no surprise that nearly every working person has one Bad Boss story ready to share, if not a collection of them, reports Forbes. New managers typically receive little to no training in “people management,” although it is the crux of their … Read More »

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3 Growth Strategies You Can Learn From the New England Patriots

NFL training camps are underway, and when it comes to football, I may be from California but I gravitate toward the New England Patriots – the disruptors of the NFL and perhaps its most hated team. Yet in their disruption, the Patriots in the Robert Kraft-Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era have, like my music heroes, created … Read More »

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