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Companies Throw Years of Effort and Marketing Dollars Down the Drain By Doing This 1 Thing Poorly

There’s lots of talk among business leaders about metrics such as customer lifetime value and return on investment (ROI). In many instances, rarely does a new initiative see the light of day if it doesn’t contribute positively to these markers, reports Inc. Even though these metrics tend to be practical ways to manage your bottom line, they are not the … Read More »

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A Counterintuitive Approach To Beat Burnout — Connect Not Disconnect

Entrepreneurs seek success at the cost of getting sucked into working 12 to16-hour days (with the majority of the hours connected to their phone and computers). They find themselves in a daily whirlwind of back-to-back meetings and projects, while sacrificing self-care, reports Forbes. This is the quickest way to find yourself burned out. The term burnout was … Read More »

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Why Communicating Company Goals Is Key For Employee Growth

Business transparency toward customers helps build loyalty and increase sales, but such transparency also matters for employees to build their trust in the company and encourage their growth. The mission statement of a business shares its dedication to service and particular goals, and everyone in the company needs to be on board, reports Forbes. Staff … Read More »

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Your Clients Have Decision Fatigue, You Caused It and It’s Killing Sales

Prisoners up for parole have the highest likelihood of being released based on one surprising factor, reports Entrepreneur. It has nothing to do with the potential parolee’s ethnicity, behavior, length of sentence or severity of crime. It has nothing to do with the prisoner at all and everything to do with the time of day … Read More »

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8 Ways to Make Sure Your Sales Emails Never Go to Spam

It’s no secret that the marketing landscape has drastically transformed in recent years. Yet, one thing that has remained constant is the importance of email outreach in outbound marketing strategies. From Fortune 500 companies to scrappy startups, sending sales emails on a regular basis is a reality, so a large amount of time, strategy and effort goes into the process of sending … Read More »

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Employers Open To Ditching Degree Requirements When Hiring

Nine in 10 employers report being ready to accept candidates without four-year college degrees to fill positions in an increasingly tight labor market, reports Forbes. Companies are open to hiring candidates with a recognized certification (66 percent), a certificate (66 percent), an online degree from massive open online courses (47 percent) or a digital badge … Read More »

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