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Seven Ways To Show Skills Without Experience On A Resume

As a new graduate or a professional changing careers or industries, the most difficult aspect of finding that new job is showing that you have the skills to perform without the experience that is required for the position. You only have a few short seconds to grab a hiring manager’s attention, and without relevant experience, … Read More »

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3 Things Every Innovator Needs to Know about Influence

I love reading artists writing about other artists who influenced them. It’s a pleasant, reassuring reminder that no great strides in business or culture happened in a vacuum. When we approach the great iconoclasts of our industries we often cower in their shadows, unsure of our own ability to follow in their seemingly distinctive, unrepeatable, entirely unique vision, … Read More »

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6 Ways to Create a Successful Intern Program

College interns can be an effective source of labor as well as prospective employees for smaller businesses. According to Steven Rothberg of College Recruiter, approximately 75 percent of college students participate in an internship or co-op program, reports Entrepreneur. With more than 20 million college students, that means that more than 15 million students are available each … Read More »

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Top CEOs Place High Value On Corporate Ethics And Social Responsibility To Drive Business

Remember Gordon Gecko from the movie Wall Street? Little did we know then how closely life could imitate art when the likes of Enron, Bernie Madoff and a worldwide financial crisis lambasted the world’s economy a few years ago. But it also vaulted companies like the Ethisphere Institute, which since 2007 has annually compiled a list of World’s … Read More »

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Why Business Owners Need A Relationship-Selling Strategy

In a world of Face-Snaps, Twitter-Books and Insta-Whatever’s, digital marketing has taken center stage in how businesses are communicating with, and reaching out to, their potential and established client base, reports Forbes. Though digital plays an undeniably important role in how a business communicates with the world, it’s imperative that owners, and employees, never lose … Read More »

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How to Set Goals That Will Turn an Average Team Into All-Stars

Whether we’re limiting the times we hit the snooze button, increasing our attendance at the gym or improving our work performance, setting goals is essential in order to generate change. Yet, goals don’t always work: According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, a mere 9.2 percentof participants the institute surveyed said they’d successfully achieved their New Year’s resolutions … Read More »

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