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A Simple Equation to Create a Healthy Culture

Whether you acknowledge it or not, your company’s culture is its vitality. An overwhelming amount of CEOs and HR leaders now recognize culture as a key driver of employee’s behavior, business innovation, and customer service. In Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends survey, 82 percent of respondents indicated that culture is a competitive advantage, reports Inc.  It’s … Read More »

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7 Skills That Are Hard To Learn But Pay Off Forever

The act of learning is every bit as important as what you learn. Believing that you can improve yourself and do things in the future that are beyond your current possibilities is exciting and fulfilling, reports Forbes. Still, your time is finite, and you should dedicate yourself to learning skills that will yield the greatest … Read More »

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5 Practical Resolutions That Can Make You A Stronger Manager In 2017

If management were easy, then 98% of managers wouldn’t feel other managers need more training, as a recent survey shows. But that’s the reality – effective management is challenging. There’s always ample room for improvement, reports Forbes. Given that you’ll probably be bombarded by New Year’s resolution suggestions as the month progresses, figured I’d try to get ahead … Read More »

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6 Things Leaders Must Do to Earn Trust

As the nation recovers from an angry and divisive election season, one of the hallmarks will surely be not just the hate and hateful rhetoric on both sides but how little trust anyone put in the other side’s candidate – or even their own candidate, reports Entrepreneur. Unfortunately, trust is in rare supply everywhere these days. The Washington … Read More »

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8 Ways to Adapt to Change Faster Than Your Competitors

Things change so fast these days in business that your first priority as an entrepreneur is to stay current, by talking to customers, peers, and experts, reports Inc. Your second priority is to constantly communicate suggested changes to your team, implement necessary pivots, and realign all the elements of your business, including partners, investors, and vendors. No change … Read More »

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4 Things Successful Leaders Need To Know About Their Own LinkedIn Profile

Let’s just call it evolution. Take a quick trip to the other side of town, the other side of the country, or even the other side of the world, and it quickly becomes evident that our lives have drastically evolved due to technology, reports Forbes.  Gone are the days of walking into any old restaurant … Read More »

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